Love That Bob!

  • 1957-1959

Romance wasn't always a snap for a suave ladies' man who worked as a photographer in Hollywood, shooting (and often dating) beautiful models, while his widowed sister wished he would just settle down... More


Love That Bob!

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Bob Clashes with Ken
Ep37 The King vs. the Chorus Girl
Ep36 Bob, the Last Bachelor
Ep35 Bob Gets Hypnotized
Ep34 Bob and the Pediatrician
Ep33 Bob Helps Von Zell
Ep32 Bob Helps Martha
Ep31 Grandpa Runs Away
Ep30 Grandpa Strikes Oil
Ep29 Bob and the Ballerina
Ep28 Bob and the Ballet
Ep27 Bob Goes to Sea
Ep26 Bob Tangles with Engel
Ep25 Bob Goes Western
Ep24 Bob Gets Zodiac-ed
Ep23 Bob, the Matchmaker
Ep22 Bob Buys a Dog
Ep21 Bob Seeks a Wife
Ep20 Bob, the Baby Sitter
Ep19 Bob Meets Mamie Van Doren
Ep18 Bob vs. Linkletter
Ep17 Bob Clashes with Steve Allen
Ep16 Bob, the Ideal Boss
Ep15 Bob's Boyhood Love Image
Ep14 Grandpa Moves West
Ep13 Bob Plays Margaret's Game
Ep12 Bob Judges a Beauty Contest
Ep11 Collins the Crooner
Ep10 Bob Butters Beck
Ep9 Bob Becomes a Stage Uncle
Ep8 Bob in Orbit
Ep7 Grandpa Clobbers the Air Force
Ep6 Bob in Surgery
Ep5 Bob Restores Male Supremacy
Ep4 Bob and the Ravishing Realtor
Ep3 Bob Helps Anna Maria
Ep2 Bob and the Dumb Blonde
Ep1 Bob and Schultzy Reunite

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 Bob's Forgotten Fiancee
Ep35 Bob Frees Schultzy for Romance
Ep34 Colonel Goldbrick
Ep33 Bob Digs Rock 'n' Roll
Ep32 Grandpa's Old Buddy
Ep31 Grandpa Attends the Convention
Ep30 Bob and Schultzy at Sea
Ep29 Bob Sails for Hawaii
Ep28 Bob Retrenches
Ep27 Bob Goes to the Moon
Ep26 Bob Goes Birdwatching
Ep25 Bob Saves Harvey
Ep24 Bob Gets Harvey a Raise
Ep23 Bob Gives SRO Performance
Ep22 Bob and Automation
Ep21 Bob's Italian Past Moves In
Ep20 Bob's Italian Past
Ep19 Bob Falls for Schultzy
Ep18 Bob Goes Hillbilly
Ep17 Bob, the Gorilla Trainer
Ep16 Bob and Harvey Get Ambushed
Ep15 Bob and Harvey Go Hunting
Ep14 Bob Gives Chuck a Psychology Lesson
Ep13 Bob's Christmas Party
Ep12 Bob and the New Receptionist
Ep11 Bob, the Gunslinger
Ep10 Bob Wins the Olympics
Ep9 Thanksgiving at Grandpa's
Ep8 Bob Meets Bill Lear
Ep7 Bob, the Body Builder
Ep6 Bob Slows Down
Ep5 Bob Hires a Maid
Ep4 Bob for Mayor
Ep3 Bob Gets Neighborly
Ep2 Bob Gets Schultzy into Pictures
Ep1 The Air Force Calls Bob---Grandpa Answers

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 Bob Gets Out-Uncled
Ep33 Bob Ages Margaret
Ep32 Bob Calls Kay's Bluff
Ep31 Bob Goes Fishing, Gets Caught
Ep30 Bob Enters a Photography Contest
Ep29 Bob Meets Miss Sweden
Ep28 Bob's Economy Wave
Ep27 Bob Plays Gigolo
Ep26 Bob Escapes Schultzy's Trap
Ep25 Bob Handles the College Boys
Ep24 Bob Meets the Mortons
Ep23 Bob Meets Schultzy's Cousin
Ep22 Bob Clashes with His Landlady
Ep21 Chuck at College
Ep20 Bob Picks a College
Ep19 Bob Tangles with Ruthie
Ep18 Bob Becomes Chuck's First Patient
Ep17 Bob Saves Doctor Chuck
Ep16 The Models Revolt
Ep15 Bob Gives Pamela the Bird
Ep14 Beach Bandit
Ep13 Bob Traps a Wolf
Ep12 Bob Uncovers Ruthie's Past
Ep11 How to Handle Women
Ep10 Chuck Buys a Hot Rod
Ep9 The Air Force vs. Ruthie
Ep8 Schultzy Says No
Ep7 Double Date
Ep6 Miss Joplin Arrives
Ep5 The Boston Mother Returns
Ep4 The Beautiful Psychologist
Ep3 Bob Batches It
Ep2 Bob Buys a Plane
Ep1 Grandpa Meets Zsa Zsa

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep37 Margaret Becomes Sadie Thompson
Ep36 Bob, the Chaperone
Ep35 Masquerade Party
Ep34 Scramble for Grandpa
Ep33 The Sergeant Wore Skirts
Ep32 The Boys Join Up
Ep31 The Air Force vs. the Navy
Ep30 The Trouble with Henry
Ep29 The Con Man
Ep28 The Petticoat Derby
Ep27 Chuck Visits Grandpa
Ep26 Hail to Thee, O' Alma Mater
Ep25 The Wolf Who Came to Dinner
Ep24 The Fallen Idol
Ep23 Long Live the King
Ep22 Snowbound
Ep21 Too Many Women
Ep20 The Dominant Sex
Ep19 The Acid Test
Ep18 Bob Joins the Drama Group
Ep17 The School Play
Ep16 The Letter
Ep15 The Sheik
Ep14 Grandpa's Christmas Visit
Ep13 The Christmas Spirit
Ep12 The Wolf Sitter
Ep11 Bob Avoids Another Niece
Ep10 Bob's One Day to Relax
Ep9 Wedding, Wedding, Who's Having a Wedding?
Ep8 Hawaii Stays
Ep7 Hawaii Comes Calling
Ep6 Hawaii Calls
Ep5 Bob Falls in Love
Ep4 Too Many Cooks
Ep3 Bob Meets Fonda's Sister
Ep2 Bob Saves the Day
Ep1 Bob Rescues Mrs. Neemeyer

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Bob Glamorizes Schultzy
Ep27 Chuck Goes Hollywood
Ep26 El Lobo Strikes Again
Ep25 The Return of the Wolf
Ep24 Bob's Birthday
Ep23 The Silver-Tongued Orator
Ep22 Uncle Bob-Bob
Ep21 Bob Plays Cupid
Ep20 Schultzy's Dream World
Ep19 A Boyfriend for Schultzy
Ep18 Choosing Miss Coffee Break
Ep17 Advice to the Lovelorn
Ep16 The Air Force vs. Marriage
Ep15 Bob to the Rescue
Ep14 Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Cummings
Ep13 Mrs. Montague's Niece
Ep12 Bachelor Apartment
Ep11 The Rival Photographer
Ep10 Ideal Husband
Ep9 The Girl from France
Ep8 The Eyes of Texas
Ep7 Bob Gives Up Girls
Ep6 Date for Margaret
Ep5 Bob Becomes a Genius
Ep4 Chuck Falls for His English Teacher
Ep3 It's Later Than You Think
Ep2 Hiring a Receptionist
Ep1 Calling Dr. Baxter

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Girls Revolt
Chuck's First Patient
Eleven Angry Women
Afraid of Girls
Old Jenny
Mrs. Neemeyer's Niece

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