Love Thy Neighbor

  • 2013
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A sitcom following the daily goings-on at the fictional Love's Diner.


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Second Thoughts
Ep10 Why's Hattie Happy
Ep9 Hattie's Uncle
Ep8 A Fresh Bath
Ep7 Danny's Wife
Ep6 Hattie Still Got It
Ep5 One Mama of a Nightmare
Ep4 A Pregnant Wife
Ep3 Enough of This
Ep2 Three Is a Crowd
Ep1 A Mother's Heartbreak

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Vegas
Ep10 Troy
Ep9 I Got You Baby
Ep8 The Promotion
Ep7 Love Thy Decorator
Ep6 An Empty Palate
Ep5 Spring Cleaning
Ep4 Ronald and Maggie
Ep3 Caroline and P.J.
Ep2 Drew's Feelings
Ep1 Ella and Curtis

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Love for Linda
Ep10 Just the Way You Are
Ep9 The Ring
Ep8 The Ring
Ep7 Don't Feel Pressured
Ep6 Linda's Silence
Ep5 When She Was a Little Girl
Ep4 Madea and Hattie
Ep3 Madea's Pressure Is Up
Ep2 Linda's Hormones
Ep1 Sarah

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Did Philip Get Away
Ep25 Morning Sickness
Ep24 A Night Away
Ep23 Make Love To Me
Ep22 Gotcha - Part 2
Ep21 Gotcha - Part 1
Ep20 The Make Up
Ep19 Lucky Socks
Ep18 A Tornado Named Linda
Ep17 Love Thy Competition
Ep16 Will And Philip
Ep15 Love Thy Condiments
Ep14 Love Thy Kiss
Ep13 The Kiss
Ep12 I Don't See You That Way
Ep11 Permission Granted
Ep10 Danny Meets Philip
Ep9 Missed Calls
Ep8 Fair to Middlin'
Ep7 Linda to the Rescue
Ep6 Duped
Ep5 Duped
Ep4 An Unfortunate Circumstance
Ep3 The Predator
Ep2 The Internet Suitor
Ep1 Take Your Pick

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Love Thy Family
Ep25 Love Thy Courage
Ep24 Love Thy Children
Ep23 Love Thy Youth
Ep22 Love Thy Self
Ep21 Love Thy Mortality
Ep20 Love Thy Wager
Ep19 My First Love
Ep18 Love That Surprise
Ep17 Love Thy Patient
Ep16 Love Thy Baby
Ep15 Love Thy Doctor
Ep14 Love Thy Boss
Ep13 Love That Bracelet
Ep12 Love Thy Compromise
Ep11 The Black Tie Affair
Ep10 Love Thy Celibacy
Ep9 Don't Mess With That White Lightning
Ep8 Love Thy Partnership
Ep7 Love Thy Vindication
Ep6 Love Thy Journey
Ep5 Where's My Mamma
Ep4 Love Ain't Opening This Door
Ep3 Love Thy Privacy
Ep2 Love Thy Independence
Ep1 What's Love Got to Do With It

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Can Danny's Marriage Survive His Childlike Behavior?
111 sec
Clip Did Hattie Con Philip Out of 14 Grand?
118 sec
Clip Hattie's Foray into Baby Fashion
74 sec
Clip Drew Dishes Danny's Dirt, and Hattie Takes Action
71 sec
Clip Danny to Sam: Either You Move Out, or Troy and I Will
104 sec
Clip Troy Confronts Her Unwelcoming Mother-in-Law
108 sec
Clip Danny's Mama Haunts His Dreams
100 sec
Clip Danny Stands Up to His Family for Troy
116 sec
Clip A Panicked Philip Calls Hattie for Marital Advice
118 sec
Clip Danny's Secret Wedding Enrages Linda
102 sec
Clip Sam Comes Between Danny and Troy
118 sec
Preview The Love Family Is Back in Action
15 sec
Clip Lovesick Danny Runs Off with Troy
93 sec
Clip Danny Falls Head Over Heels for His New Wife
120 sec
Clip Linda Is Afraid to Move Out
88 sec
Clip Drew's Cousin Is Not an Ugly Duckling Anymore
96 sec
Clip Does Philip Know How to Care for a Newborn?
111 sec
Clip Drew Ditches Her Cousin with the Guys
2 min 1 sec
Clip The Family Tries to Endure the Gaudy Furniture
104 sec
Clip Danny Gets a Promotion...but No Raise
99 sec
Clip Philip Admits That He Hates the New Furniture
2 min 7 sec
Clip Will Linda Wear Hattie's Black Wedding Dress?
2 min 4 sec
Clip Hattie Says Men Don't Like "Ultomatoes"
80 sec
Clip Linda Demands Philip Buy New Furniture
117 sec
Clip Hattie Shows Linda How to Twerk It
113 sec
Clip Will Linda Call Off the Wedding?
2 min 6 sec
Clip Will Philip's Kids Think Linda Is a Brussels Sprout?
2 min 2 sec
Clip Hattie Thinks Two Months Is Too Long
83 sec
Clip Philip's Former In-Laws Insult the Diner
89 sec
Clip Should Linda Meet Philip's Former In-Laws?
2 min 1 sec
Clip Floyd Owes Curtis Serious Money
79 sec
Clip Ella Payne Won't Judge Linda
2 min 4 sec
Clip Danny's Just Not That Into Drew
110 sec
Clip Drew's Got It Bad for Danny
117 sec
Clip 4 Times Linda Needed Her Mamma
2 min 2 sec
Preview Love Thy Neighbor
32 sec
Clip Linda Refuses to Believe That Her Boyfriend Scammed Her
2 min 3 sec
Preview Preview: Linda Got Swindled
30 sec
Preview Preview: Linda's Moving Out
30 sec
Preview Preview: Was Everyone Wrong About Will?
30 sec
Preview 5 Times Danny Finished Last For Being a Nice Guy
120 sec
Preview Preview: Linda's Boyfriend Has a Secret
30 sec
Preview Preview: Your Favorite Neighbors Are Back
30 sec
Preview Love Thy Neighbor Returns in January
15 sec
Preview Preview: The Season Finale of Love Thy Neighbor
30 sec
Preview Preview: Sam as a Mentor?
30 sec
Preview Preview: Mama Hattie Is Misunderstood
30 sec
Preview Preview: Does Sam Talk to God?
30 sec
Preview Preview: You Know Hattie's Packin'!
30 sec
Preview Preview: Hattie Wants to Be Baptized
30 sec
Preview Preview: Meet Danny's New Boss
30 sec
Preview Preview: Hattie's Not That Kind of Grandmother
30 sec
Preview Preview: Miss Hattie Knows Her "Mens"
30 sec
Preview Preview: Get Your Sweet Hattie Love
30 sec
Preview Preview: "Being Broke Is Inappropriate"
30 sec
Preview See What People are Saying About Love Thy Neighbor
30 sec
Preview Preview: Don't Give Your Mom a Key to Your Party Pad
30 sec
Clip Tyler Perry Explains the Origin of Love Thy Neighbor
60 sec
Clip What Madea Thinks of Mama Hattie
30 sec
Clip First Look: Love Thy Neighbor
30 sec
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Can Danny's Marriage Survive His Childlike Behavior?

Fecha al aire:
Troy and Danny's marriage is on the rocks, so Troy turns to Hattie as a last-ditch effort to save it.

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