• 1985-1986

Sci-fi animation pitting a fleet of sophisticated vehicles against ominous forces called VENOM (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem). M.A.S.K. stands for Mobil Armored Strike Kommand.



Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Cliff Hanger
Ep9 The Battle for Baja
Ep8 High Noon
Ep7 For One Shining Moment
Ep6 Challenge of the Masters
Ep5 Race Against Time
Ep4 The Battle of the Giants
Ep3 Homeward Bound
Ep2 Where Eagles Dare
Ep1 Demolition Duel to the Death

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep65 Raiders of the Orient Express
Ep64 The Manakara Giant
Ep63 Gate of Darkness
Ep62 Disappearing Act
Ep61 Treasure of the Nazca Plain
Ep60 Venice Menace
Ep59 The Scarlet Empress
Ep58 The Creeping Desert
Ep57 Incident in Istanbul
Ep56 Stone Trees
Ep55 Plunder of Glowworm Grotto
Ep54 Fog on Boulder Hill
Ep53 The Patchwork Puzzle
Ep52 The Royal Cape Caper
Ep51 Dragonfire
Ep50 The Everglades Oddity
Ep49 Follow the Rainbow
Ep48 Quest of the Canyon
Ep47 The Lost Fleet
Ep46 The Secret of the Stones
Ep45 The Spectre of Captain Kidd
Ep44 Riddle of the Raven Master
Ep43 The Chinese Scorpion
Ep42 The Artemis Enigma
Ep41 Stop Motion
Ep40 Eyes of the Skull
Ep39 Green Nightmare
Ep38 Curse of Solomon's Gorge
Ep37 The Sacred Rock
Ep36 The Lippizaner Mystery
Ep35 In Dutch
Ep34 Peril in Paris
Ep33 Caesar's Sword
Ep32 The Currency Conspiracy
Ep31 Deadly Blue Slime
Ep30 The Lost Riches of Rio
Ep29 A Matter of Gravity
Ep28 Blackout
Ep27 Panda Power
Ep26 Secret of the Andes
Ep25 The Plant Show
Ep24 Counter-Clockwise Caper
Ep23 Vanishing Point
Ep22 The Secret of Life
Ep21 Mardi Gras Mystery
Ep20 Cold Fever
Ep19 Ghost Bomb
Ep18 Bad Vibrations
Ep17 Mystery of the Rings
Ep16 The Golden Goddess
Ep15 The Sceptre of Rajim
Ep14 Assault on Liberty
Ep13 The Creeping Terror
Ep12 Solaria Park
Ep11 The Magma Mole
Ep10 Death from The Sky
Ep9 The Oz Effect
Ep8 The Roteks
Ep7 The Ultimate Weapon
Ep6 Dinosaur Boy
Ep5 Video VENOM
Ep4 Highway to Terror
Ep3 The Book of Power
Ep2 The Star Chariot
Ep1 The Deathstone

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