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Documentary-style reports with in-depth explorations of news issues, including politics, crime, public service and social activism.


MSNBC Investigates

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep250 Warrior Nation 2
Ep249 Warrior Nation
Ep248 The Whole Truth?
Ep247 Death and the Dentist
Ep246 Models NYC 2
Ep245 Models NYC
Ep244 Face to Face
Ep243 Justice Delayed
Ep242 Catch Him If You Can
Ep241 Circle of Friends
Ep240 Lost Innocence
Ep239 Killing on Keithwood Court
Ep238 Nightmare on 31st Street
Ep237 Nightmare Behind Closed Doors
Ep236 Lockup: Inside Indiana State Prison
Ep235 For God and Country: A Marine Sniper's Story
Ep234 Honeymoon From Hell
Ep233 Lockup: Inside Holman
Ep232 Beyond Conviction
Ep231 Lockup: Inside Brushy Mountain
Ep230 Flesh and Blood
Ep229 A Case of Abuse?
Ep228 Tracking a Killer
Ep227 The Milkshake Murder
Ep226 The Predator Next Door
Ep225 Taking the Bait
Ep224 Abducted
Ep223 The Pretender
Ep222 Lockup: Inside Alaska
Ep221 Lockup: Inside Iowa State Penitentiary
Ep220 Lockup: Inside Kern Valley
Ep219 Lockup: Return to Pelican Bay
Ep218 Lockup: Louisana
Ep217 Lockup: New Mexico
Ep216 Lockup: Miami
Ep215 Lockup: Wabash
Ep214 Lockup: Return to Corcoran
Ep213 Use of Force---Cops Caught on Tape 2
Ep212 Lockup: Inside Anamosa
Ep211 Critical Choices
Ep210 Lockup: Inside Kentucky's State Penitentiary
Ep209 Lockup: Return to Riker's Island
Ep208 Searching for Allen
Ep207 Lockup: N.C. Women's Prison
Ep206 Shadows of Suspicion
Ep205 Lockup: San Quentin
Ep204 Lockup: Utah State Pen
Ep203 Lockup: Return to Valley State
Ep202 Lockup: Riverbend
Ep201 Shock Incarceration
Ep200 Inside Pelican Bay
Ep199 Drunk Driving
Ep198 Girls in Trouble
Ep197 Crimes Caught on Tape
Ep196 Desert Trauma
Ep195 Pentecostals - Moving Millions
Ep194 Lockup: Getting Out
Ep193 Lockup: Inside L.A. County
Ep192 Wildfires
Ep191 Arizona Fugitive
Ep190 Nature's Weapon: The Hidden Plague
Ep189 Saddam Hussein
Ep188 Lockup: Inside San Quentin
Ep187 Lockup: Inside Folsom
Ep186 The Inmate Diaries
Ep185 Monster Trucks
Ep184 Danger on the Highway
Ep183 Cops Caught on Tape 2
Ep182 Caught in the Crosshairs
Ep181 23 Days in October
Ep180 The Counterterrorist
Ep179 White Collar Boxing
Ep178 The Sniper Attacks
Ep177 The Mystery of the Boston Strangler
Ep176 Soaring Spirits
Ep175 Disaster on Track 2
Ep174 Target: Manhattan
Ep173 Constant Burn
Ep172 Buried Alive
Ep171 Crossroads of Death
Ep170 Dangerous Beauty
Ep169 Hamas
Ep168 Special Forces
Ep167 Sex Crime Detectives
Ep166 Hypnosis
Ep165 Vanished
Ep164 The Lifestyle
Ep163 Amnesia
Ep162 Invisible People
Ep161 The Obsessed
Ep160 Sky-High Trauma
Ep159 Partying 101
Ep158 Dangerous Crossings
Ep157 Thieves Caught on Tape
Ep156 A Murderous Career
Ep155 Las Vegas Trauma
Ep154 Assassin's Work
Ep153 In Terror's Wake
Ep152 Witness to War: Assignment Israel
Ep151 Vegas Trauma
Ep150 Eyewitness to Murder
Ep149 The Games Behind the Games
Ep148 Witness to War 2
Ep147 Afghan Journal 5
Ep146 Afghan Journal 4
Ep145 Weapon of War: The USS Enterprise
Ep144 Power Plays-Clinton & Bush in Transition
Ep143 Afghan Journal 3
Ep142 Mail Crime Forensics
Ep141 Afghan Journal 2
Ep140 Back to Ground Zero
Ep139 The World's Most Wanted
Ep138 Tip of the Spear
Ep137 Witness to War
Ep136 Out of the Rubble
Ep135 Afghan Journal
Ep134 Inside the Taliban
Ep133 Holy War, Holy Land
Ep132 The Mind of a Suicide Bomber
Ep131 Bio Terror: The New War
Ep130 Fear of Flying
Ep129 Task Force Ranger
Ep128 The Heroes of Flight 93
Ep127 Bin Laden's Trail of Terror
Ep126 The Miracle of Ladder Co. 6
Ep125 Attack on America: A Doctor's Tale
Ep124 24 Hours at Ground Zero
Ep123 Inside Afghanistan
Ep122 Brain Surgery
Ep121 People Magazine Miracle Children
Ep120 Driver Beware
Ep119 Heartland ER
Ep118 The Man with Many Wives
Ep117 Heart Hospital
Ep116 Underwater Killers
Ep115 A Killer Speaks
Ep114 Battle at the Border
Ep113 Phoenix ICU
Ep112 Lethal Lovers
Ep111 Heartland Drug War
Ep110 Missing or Murdered?
Ep109 Deceased Unknown
Ep108 Master Blasters
Ep107 Miracle Babies
Ep106 Murder in the Fast Lane
Ep105 Death on the Street
Ep104 Baltimore Shock Trauma
Ep103 A Murderous Obsession
Ep102 Sudden Death
Ep101 Is My Mother a Monster?
Ep100 Saving Bella
Ep99 Rampage Killers
Ep98 Death Scene Detectives
Ep97 Terror Rides
Ep96 Danger Beach
Ep95 Fallen Star
Ep94 Mean Dogs
Ep93 Pot Wars
Ep92 Murder for Hire
Ep91 Big Game/Big Money
Ep90 True Believers
Ep89 Animal Smugglers
Ep88 Out for Revenge
Ep87 Anatomy of a Riot
Ep86 Gloria Trevi
Ep85 A Hollywood Murder Mystery
Ep84 The McVeigh Execution
Ep83 The .50 Caliber Militia
Ep82 Lockup: Survival Behind Bars
Ep81 Shades of Obsession
Ep80 The Last Chance?
Ep79 A Mother's Confession
Ep78 On the Beat
Ep77 I Hear Dead People
Ep76 Ancient Secrets Revealed
Ep75 Back from the Dead
Ep74 Exorcism
Ep73 Death Row Diary
Ep72 A Drug Called Ecstasy
Ep71 The Vampire Killings
Ep70 The Runaways
Ep69 Extreme Plastic Surgery
Ep68 Body of Work
Ep67 Tattooed Women
Ep66 The Crash of Flight 232
Ep65 Getting Away with Murder?
Ep64 Hot Pursuit
Ep63 Lockup: The Criminal Mind
Ep62 Little Boy Lost
Ep61 Special Delivery
Ep60 The War on Rats
Ep59 Sleep Terrors
Ep58 Cops Caught on Tape
Ep57 Crimes on Tape
Ep56 Vegas Eyes
Ep55 Busted in the Big Easy
Ep54 The Real Mob
Ep53 The Secret Wardrobe
Ep52 Honor, Country, Murder
Ep51 The Mating Game
Ep50 Mercy for a Murderer?
Ep49 Inside Stark
Ep48 The Texas 7
Ep47 Moxley Murder Mystery
Ep46 Broken Promises
Ep45 The Ultimate Betrayal
Ep44 High Court, High Drama
Ep43 Eight Times a Killer
Ep42 Night Court
Ep41 Deadly Behavior
Ep40 Guards at Risk
Ep39 Violence Behind Bars
Ep38 To Catch a Killer
Ep37 Death on the Nile
Ep36 The Vanishing
Ep35 Witch Hunt in Wenatchee
Ep34 Jekyll and Hyde
Ep33 Diagnosis Murder
Ep32 Blood Brothers
Ep31 Extreme Fighting
Ep30 Lockup: Inside Pelican Bay
Ep29 The Grifters
Ep28 Cabin Pressure
Ep27 Under Suspicion
Ep26 The Hitman Tapes
Ep25 Terror in North Hollywood
Ep24 Anger in the Air
Ep23 Lockup: Women Inside Valley State
Ep22 A Change of Gender
Ep21 Chance of a Lifetime
Ep20 Wildfire
Ep19 The Weapon Is Fire
Ep18 Extreme Choppers
Ep17 Crime Scene Detectives
Ep16 Babies for Sale
Ep15 Hollywood Vice
Ep14 Conjoined Twins
Ep13 SWAT: On the Front Lines
Ep12 Fireworks: Fast Burn
Ep11 Red Light Survivors
Ep10 Road Rebels
Ep9 Terror in the Deep
Ep8 Storm Chasers
Ep7 Held Hostage
Ep6 House of the Dead
Ep5 Inside Colorado State Pen
Ep4 Out of Control: Why Cars Crash
Ep3 The Search for UFOs
Ep2 Air Shows: Flying On the Edge
Ep1 The JonBenet Murder Mystery
Serial Killers
Serial Killers
Nature's Fury
Memphis Homicide
Spring Break
Look at Me! Web Cam Explosion
Sex, Laws & Videotape
Heavy Metal-The Big Rigs
Tattoos: Skin Deep
Bomb Squads
Rodeo, House of Pain
Who's Watching You
The American Justice System: Bounty Hunters
Inside Riker's Island
An Eye for an Eye
Terror in Central Park
To Love and To Kill
Pamela Smart - A Deadly Affair
Hand Rocked Cradle
The Martha Moxley Murder
Inside Joliet
Bob Crane: Murder of a TV Star
The Women Inside Valley State
To Love and to Murder
Terror on the Tracks
Hannibal & Serial Killers
Catching Cops
Fast Track to Disaster
Witness to the Execution
Inside Corcoran
Use of Force
Lockup: Inside Stateville
Final Minutes: Why Airplanes Crash

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