Mad Hungry With Lucinda Scala Quinn

  • 2010-2011

Chef and radio-show host Lucinda Scala Quinn offers tips for feeding families in this cooking show.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep47 Mexicana Comida Autentica
Ep46 Wonder Years Dinner
Ep45 Christmas Morning
Ep44 Cocktail Party
Ep43 Restaurant Rendition
Ep42 Weekend Cook
Ep41 A Taste of Italy
Ep40 Fuss Free Entertaining
Ep39 Vietnamese Take-Out
Ep38 Girl's Movie Night
Ep37 Thanksgiving With Friends
Ep36 Greek Night
Ep35 Lone Star Steak Night
Ep34 Game Day
Ep33 Sunday Cook
Ep32 Brasilia Gostosa
Ep31 My First Job
Ep30 Cast Iron Pans
Ep29 Fuss Free Weeknight
Ep28 Southern Cooking
Ep27 Chinese Take-Out
Ep26 State Fair
Ep25 What's for Dinner? My Son's Cravings
Ep24 NY Street Cart
Ep23 New York Diner Food
Ep22 Thai Take Out
Ep21 Autumn Brunch Do Ahead
Ep20 Mad Healthy
Ep19 College Chow
Ep18 Hungry Boys
Ep17 Autumn Comfort
Ep16 Freezer Friendly
Ep15 Indoor BBQ
Ep14 Road House Dinner
Ep13 Improvisational Pantry
Ep12 Healthy Burger Shack
Ep11 Japanese Night
Ep10 Make Ahead Strategy
Ep9 Wontons Three Ways
Ep8 Healthy Breakfast
Ep7 Packable Lunches: Grains to Go
Ep6 Easy Exotic Entertaining
Ep5 Italian Comfort Food
Ep4 Vegetarian Italian Dinner
Ep3 Busy Day Breakfast
Ep2 Simple Entertaining
Ep1 American Classics

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep140 All-American Recipes
Ep139 Summer Classics
Ep138 July 4th Barbecue
Ep137 Father's Day Dinner
Ep136 Favorite Philadelphia Dishes
Ep135 Karaoke Night Party Food
Ep134 Nostalgic Summer Menu
Ep133 Alfresco Dinner
Ep132 Summer Grilling
Ep131 Authentic Southern Dishes
Ep130 Julia Child Redux
Ep129 Movie Night Menu
Ep128 Easy Weeknight Entertaining
Ep127 Weeknight Dinner Challenge Winner
Ep126 Put an Egg on It
Ep125 Learn From Friends: Eggplant Rollatini
Ep124 Spring Pasta Recipes
Ep123 Make-Ahead Family Meal
Ep122 Quick Dinner for Two
Ep121 Easy Indian Meal
Ep120 Favorite Birthday Dinner
Ep119 Lucinda's Favorite Recipes
Ep118 Authentic Albanian Family Recipes
Ep117 Mother's Day Menu
Ep116 Traditional Israeli Family Cooking
Ep115 Do-Ahead Brunch
Ep114 Shepherd's Pie
Ep113 Improvising in the Kitchen
Ep112 Pork Schnitzel Dinner
Ep111 Meatless Meal: Quick Shrimp Masala
Ep110 Easter Feast
Ep109 Boy Salads
Ep108 Freezer-Friendly Cannelloni Crepes
Ep107 Summer-Inspired Menu
Ep106 Cuban-Style Pork Roast Dinner
Ep105 First-Date Dinner Menu
Ep104 Indulgent Breakfast
Ep103 Pans 101: Love Thy Pans
Ep102 Easy Exotic Entertaining
Ep101 Portobello Mushroom Steak Dinner
Ep100 All About Pork
Ep99 Sunday Dinner: Italian Osso Buco
Ep98 Breakfast on the Run
Ep97 Lunch Party
Ep96 Mad Healthy Food for Colds
Ep95 Richie's Famous Ribs
Ep94 Happy Accidents: Recipes for Leftovers
Ep93 New Twist on Roast Chicken
Ep92 Weeknight Seafood Dinner
Ep91 Parmesan Romano Chicken
Ep90 Get Ready for the Week: Beef Patties
Ep89 Hungry Boy Breakfast
Ep88 New Orleans Menu
Ep87 Weeknight Meatless Dinner: Mushroom Pasta
Ep86 Mad for Bananas
Ep85 Asian-Inspired Menu
Ep84 Sunday's Brunch, Monday's Lunch
Ep83 St. Patrick's Day Feast
Ep82 Go-to Rigatoni Meal
Ep81 Between-Meal Snacks
Ep80 Salty-Sweet Meal
Ep79 Rice Two Ways
Ep78 Eggs for Dinner
Ep77 Greek Cuisine
Ep76 Simple Japanese Restaurant Menu
Ep75 Seafood Paella Dinner
Ep74 Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Ep73 The Perfect Burger
Ep72 Spaghetti Bolognese
Ep71 Better With Beans
Ep70 The Perfect Chicken Dinner
Ep69 Classic Pot Roast
Ep68 Minestrone Soup
Ep67 Quick Pasta Menu
Ep66 Simple French Cooking at Home
Ep65 Meatless Dinners: Fritters and Stew
Ep64 Mexican-Style Turkey Dinner
Ep63 Pantry-Raid Puttanesca Meal
Ep62 Easy BBQ Menu
Ep61 Valentine's Day Dinner
Ep60 Chicken Fricassee
Ep59 Cast-Iron Skillet Recipes
Ep58 Indian Vegetarian Dinner
Ep57 Holiday Brunch
Ep56 Edible Gift Ideas
Ep55 Fuss-Free Party Recipes
Ep54 Christmas Ham Dinner
Ep53 One-Pot Holiday Cooking
Ep52 Holiday Cocktail Party
Ep51 Christmas Eve Dinner Menu
Ep50 Big Game Party Dishes
Ep49 Fondue Night
Ep48 Chicken Parmesan Menu
Ep47 Freezable Make-Ahead Recipes
Ep46 Roasted Chicken Dinner
Ep45 Thanksgiving Leftovers
Ep44 Traditional Thanksgiving Dinner
Ep43 Thanksgiving Side Dishes
Ep42 Homemade Soup Recipes
Ep41 Steak Night Menu
Ep40 Short Ribs Menu
Ep39 Simple Southern Cooking
Ep38 Light and Easy Recipes
Ep37 Asian-Inspired Dishes
Ep36 Chicken Milanese
Ep35 Kid-Friendly Menu
Ep34 Spaghetti and Meatballs
Ep33 Chinese Takeout
Ep32 Easy Pantry Recipes
Ep31 Stuffed Pasta Shells
Ep30 Indoor BBQ Recipes
Ep29 Classic Mediterranean Dishes
Ep28 Restaurant Food at Home
Ep27 Chicken and Dumplings
Ep26 Italian Comfort Food
Ep25 Company's Coming
Ep24 Fall Feast
Ep23 Lunch on the Go
Ep22 Taco Night
Ep21 Rustic Italian Recipes
Ep20 Burger Night
Ep19 Favorite Italian Recipes
Ep18 Elegant Weeknight Meal
Ep17 Jamaican Dinner
Ep16 Easy Chicken Menu
Ep15 Pizza Night
Ep14 Chicken Chili Menu
Ep13 Steak House Supper
Ep12 Breakfast for Dinner
Ep11 Steak and Potatoes Menu
Ep10 Freezer-Friendly Recipes
Ep9 Men Love Pie
Ep8 Fried Chicken
Ep7 Breakfast Favorites
Ep7 Cooking With Hot Sauce
Ep6 Game-Day Recipes
Ep5 Chicken Three Ways
Ep4 Breakfast Favorites
Ep3 Bacon Recipes
Ep2 Roast Chicken Menu
Ep1 Pork Chops Menu

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Mad Hungry for the Holidays
Chicken Inspired Dishes
Classic Ham and Cheese Quiche

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