Make Room for Daddy

  • 1964

Long-running sitcom about Danny Williams, a nightclub entertainer with a wife and two kids. The series made several changes during its 11-year run, including its title (it started as "Make Room for... More


Season 11

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 The Persistent Cop
Ep27 Rusty and the Chorus Girl
Ep26 Call Off the Hounds
Ep25 Beautiful Lady
Ep24 Pupa Loves Rusty
Ep23 Pupa's Pooch
Ep22 Pupa from Italy
Ep21 The Leprechaun
Ep20 Tonoose Gets a Job
Ep19 Sense of Humor
Ep18 Bunny Gets into the Act
Ep17 The Antique Dealer
Ep16 Howdy Neighbors
Ep15 The Quiz Show
Ep14 Kathy, the Secretary
Ep13 Linda's Crush
Ep12 The Bowling Partners
Ep11 Peaceful Co-Existence
Ep10 The Christmas Show
Ep9 The Two Musketeers
Ep8 The Hex
Ep7 Oh, The Clancys
Ep6 Shy Alfie
Ep5 My Fair Uncle
Ep4 The Woman Behind the Jokes
Ep3 Here's the $50 Back
Ep2 The Perfect Crime
Ep1 The Country Squire

Season 10

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Jose's Rival
Ep31 Tonoose's Brother
Ep30 Homecoming
Ep29 Linda, the Grown Up
Ep28 Charley My Boy
Ep27 Venetian Melody
Ep26 Louise to the Rescue
Ep25 That Old Feeling
Ep24 When in Rome
Ep23 Bunny's Cousin
Ep22 Jose's Guided Tour
Ep21 The Roman Patriot
Ep20 Charley the Tiger
Ep19 Rusty's Birthday
Ep18 Million Dollar Dress
Ep17 Tonoose Needs Glasses
Ep16 Jose, the Dogsitter
Ep15 Lost French Boy
Ep14 Charley, the Artist
Ep13 Bunny, the Brownie Leader
Ep12 Danny's English Friend
Ep11 Tonoose, Life of the Party
Ep10 Ould Sod
Ep9 Jose, the Scholar
Ep8 Ten Years Ago Today
Ep7 A-Hunting We Will Go
Ep6 Rusty for President
Ep5 Jose Rents the Copa
Ep4 British Sense of Humor
Ep3 What Are Friends For?
Ep2 Danny's Replacement
Ep1 The Baby Hates Charley

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep31 Baby
Ep30 Smart Alec
Ep29 A Promise Is a Promise
Ep28 Kathy, the Pro
Ep27 Extrasensory Charley
Ep26 Danny and Bob Hope Get Away from It All
Ep25 Jose's Protege
Ep24 Bunny Cooks a Meal
Ep23 Hunger Strike
Ep22 Temper, Temper
Ep21 Casanova Junior
Ep20 A Nose By Any Other Name
Ep19 The P.T.A. Bash
Ep18 Charley Does It Himself
Ep17 Casanova Tonoose
Ep16 The Big Fight
Ep15 Linda, the Tomboy
Ep14 A Baby for Charley
Ep13 Useless Charley
Ep12 Teacher for a Day
Ep11 Keeping Up with the Joneses
Ep10 Tonoose's Plot
Ep9 Danny and the Brownies
Ep8 Danny and Durante
Ep7 Danny Weaves a Web
Ep6 Henpecked Charley
Ep5 Tonoose vs. Daly
Ep4 The Trumpet Player
Ep3 Love Letters
Ep2 Linda Runs Away
Ep1 For Every Man There's a Woman

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep31 Party Wrecker
Ep30 Teen Age Thrush
Ep29 Woman Behind the Man
Ep28 The Magician
Ep27 The Scoutmaster
Ep26 Rusty's Punishment
Ep25 Danny and the Hoodlums
Ep24 Old Man Danny
Ep23 Everything Happens to Me
Ep22 The Scrubwoman
Ep21 Four Angels
Ep20 Good Old Burlesque
Ep19 Rusty, the Millionaire
Ep18 Tonoose, the Boss
Ep17 The Rum Cake
Ep16 The Whoopee Show
Ep15 You Can't Fight City Hall
Ep14 Democracy at Work
Ep13 The Plant
Ep12 Rusty, the Rat
Ep11 The Singing Sisters
Ep10 Fugitive Father
Ep9 Danny and the Dentist
Ep8 Linda, the Performer
Ep7 Tonoose, the Liar
Ep6 Kathy, the Matchmaker
Ep5 Danny Proposes to His Wife
Ep4 Kathy and the Glamor Girl
Ep3 Danny and the Actor's School
Ep2 The Report Card
Ep1 Kathy Delivers the Mail

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep33 Rusty's Advice to Linda
Ep32 Rusty Meets Little Lord Fauntleroy
Ep31 Family Portrait
Ep30 Rusty and the Tomboy
Ep29 The Singing Delinquent
Ep28 The Deerfield Story
Ep27 Three on a Honeymoon
Ep26 The Wedding
Ep25 Danny, the Handyman
Ep24 Bachelor Party
Ep23 Linda Wants to Be a Boy
Ep22 Eulogy for Tonoose
Ep21 Battle of the In-Laws
Ep20 Danny Meets Andy Griffith
Ep19 Tonoose Makes Wedding Plans
Ep18 Apple Polishers
Ep17 Danny, the Housewife
Ep16 How to Be Head of the House
Ep15 The Ole Devil Jack Benny
Ep14 Night Club Owners
Ep13 Kathy Crashes TV
Ep12 A Dog's Life
Ep11 Danny and the Little Men
Ep10 Danny and Milton Berle Quit Show Biz
Ep9 Tonoose, the Matchmaker
Ep8 Rusty, the Weightlifter
Ep7 Terry Goes Bohemian
Ep6 Jealousy
Ep5 Terry Meets Him
Ep4 Cupid's Little Helper
Ep3 The Chinese Doll
Ep2 Rusty's Day in Court
Ep1 Terry Comes Home

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Linda's Giant
Ep31 The Practical Joke
Ep30 Gina for President
Ep29 Surprise Party
Ep28 Danny's Big Fan
Ep27 Double Dinner
Ep26 Grandpa's Diet
Ep25 Losers Weepers
Ep24 Latin Lover
Ep23 Kathy Leaves Danny
Ep22 Frankie Laine Sings for Gina
Ep21 Growing Pains
Ep20 Gina's First Date
Ep19 Shirley Jones Makes Good
Ep18 Gina from Italy
Ep17 Red Tape
Ep16 Bob Hope and Danny Become Directors
Ep15 Tennessee Ernie Comes to Dinner
Ep14 Tony Bennett Gets Danny's Help
Ep13 Lucille Ball Upsets the Williams Household
Ep12 The Saints Come Marching In
Ep11 Kathy's Career
Ep10 The Reunion
Ep9 Dinah Shore and Danny Are Rivals
Ep8 Linda's Tonsils
Ep7 Uncle Tonoose's Fling
Ep6 Jack Benny Takes Danny's Job
Ep5 A Locket for Linda
Ep4 Take a Message
Ep3 Terry Goes Steady
Ep2 First Anniversary
Ep1 Rusty, the Ward Healer

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep33 Rusty, the Man
Ep32 Too Good for Words
Ep31 You Gotta Be Miserable to Be Happy
Ep30 Terry's Girl Friend
Ep29 Danny the Performer
Ep28 Family Ties
Ep27 Make Room for Father-in-Law
Ep26 Terry's Coach
Ep25 Good Old Days
Ep24 The Country Girl
Ep23 Danny Roars Again
Ep22 Uncle Tonoose Met Mr. Daly
Ep21 Terry's Crush
Ep20 Pardon My Accent
Ep19 St. Vincent's Frolics
Ep18 Rusty, the Bully
Ep17 The Raffle Tickets
Ep16 The Honeymoon Flashback
Ep15 Evil Eye Schultz
Ep14 The Bob Hope Show
Ep13 Chess Game
Ep12 Man's Best Friend
Ep11 The Soapbox Derby
Ep10 The Non Orgs
Ep9 Terry, the Breadwinner
Ep8 Honesty Is the Best Policy
Ep7 Danny Meets His Father-in-Law
Ep6 Two Sleepy People
Ep5 Parents Are Pigeons
Ep4 The Dinah Shore Show
Ep3 Kathy Is Approved
Ep2 Terry vs. Kathy
Ep1 Lose Me in Las Vegas

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 Danny's Proposal
Ep29 Little Miss Moppet
Ep28 Men Are Men
Ep27 Danny Meets Kathy
Ep26 Little League Umpire
Ep25 The Orphan Asylum
Ep24 The Model
Ep23 Uncle Tonoose Pays a Visit
Ep22 My Friend Harry
Ep21 Danny's Fiancee
Ep20 Flashback Story
Ep19 Lobster Story
Ep18 Danny Goes Social
Ep17 Girl from Iowa
Ep16 Danny's Date
Ep15 The School Teacher
Ep14 Liz's Boy Friend
Ep13 Christmas and Clowns
Ep12 Pride Takes a Holiday
Ep11 My Fair Vocal Coach
Ep10 Danny's Comeback
Ep9 Talented Kid
Ep8 The Diary
Ep7 Danny Goes to Texas
Ep6 Terry at the Crossroads
Ep5 Den Mother
Ep4 Be a Pal to Your Son
Ep3 Problem Father
Ep2 Nelson Eddy
Ep1 Boarding School

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 Danny's Birthday
Ep29 Danny Goes on USO Tour
Ep28 We're Going to Chicago
Ep27 Coats and Boats
Ep26 Don't Yell at Your Children
Ep25 Terry Has a Date
Ep24 Danny and Jesse Split
Ep23 Terry and the Sorority
Ep22 Who Can Figure Kids?
Ep21 Wyatt Earp Show
Ep20 Like Father, Like Son
Ep19 Margaret's Cousin
Ep18 Star of the Family
Ep17 The Song Writer
Ep16 Terry's Party
Ep15 Danny Strikes Oil
Ep14 Mr. Williams Goes Legit
Ep13 Louise's Surprise Party
Ep12 Danny's Old Girl Friend
Ep11 The Smugglers
Ep10 High Society
Ep9 Sonnets from the Lebanese
Ep8 The London Palladium
Ep7 Danny's Palladium Offer
Ep6 Big Shot
Ep5 Rusty Gets a Job
Ep4 Love Thy Neighbor
Ep3 Margaret Goes Home to Mother
Ep2 Little League
Ep1 Davy Crockett

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 A Trip to Wisconsin
Ep29 The Benefit Show
Ep28 Father-Son Show
Ep27 The Philosopher
Ep26 The Newspaperman's Show
Ep25 The Piano Teacher
Ep24 Peter Pan
Ep23 Terry's Teen-Age Birthday
Ep22 Rusty Gets a Haircut
Ep21 Danny Tries Real Estate
Ep20 Danny's Biography
Ep19 The Children's Governess
Ep18 Terry's First Big Crush
Ep17 Danny Goes on TV
Ep16 Terry Gets Her Own Room
Ep15 Jesse's Romance
Ep14 New Year's Eve
Ep13 The Alberghetti Show
Ep12 Father of the Year
Ep11 Margaret Feels Neglected
Ep10 Terry's Boyfriend
Ep9 Margaret's Aunt
Ep8 Anniversary 2
Ep7 Hollywood Story
Ep6 Danny Lands in Pictures
Ep5 Military School
Ep4 Danny Has a Baby
Ep3 Terry Takes Charge
Ep2 Tonsillectomy
Ep1 Family Troubles

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep30 Danny's Vacation
Ep29 Pittsburgh
Ep28 Julia's Birthday
Ep27 Rusty's Pal
Ep26 School Festival
Ep25 Terry's Career
Ep24 Night Club
Ep23 The Matchmakers
Ep22 Margaret's Birthday
Ep21 Black Eyes
Ep20 Burlesque
Ep19 The Professor
Ep18 Rusty Runs Away
Ep17 True Blue Benny
Ep16 Terry for President
Ep15 Margaret's Jealousy
Ep14 Toledo
Ep13 Christmas
Ep12 Wonderland
Ep11 Margaret's Job
Ep10 The Lost Dollar
Ep9 Thanksgiving Story
Ep8 The Sea Captain
Ep7 The Visiting Englishman
Ep6 Margaret, Non-Professional
Ep5 Anniversary 1
Ep4 Mother-in-Law
Ep3 Second Honeymoon
Ep2 Party Dress
Ep1 Uncle Daddy

More to Watch

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Linda and the New Dress
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