Manhunters: Fugitive Task Force

  • 2008
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Members of the New York-New Jersey division of the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force are followed.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 #1 The Ex
Ep21 #1 Hot and Cold
Ep20 Patience
Ep19 Young Gun
Ep18 Murder For Hire
Ep17 Deja Fugitive
Ep16 Ticking Time Bomb
Ep15 Gun Store Heist
Ep14 City of Troy
Ep13 Predator Pursuit
Ep12 Family Secret
Ep11 The Ruse
Ep10 #1 Unthinkable
Ep9 One to Go
Ep8 Moving Target
Ep7 Scarred for Life
Ep6 The Ghost
Ep5 Punto Com
Ep4 Chinatown Takedown
Ep3 The Boxer
Ep2 Tommy's Nightmare
Ep1 Perfect Storm

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 Officer on the Run
Ep17 Couple on the Run
Ep16 Just One Step Behind
Ep15 Catch Me If You Can
Ep14 Chasing a Ghost
Ep14 Chasing a Ghost
Ep13 Slippery
Ep12 The Latin King
Ep11 The Streets Talk
Ep10 Gimme Shelter
Ep9 Mother on the Run
Ep8 In the Wind
Ep7 Catching a Predator
Ep6 Last Dance
Ep6 Last Dance
Ep5 Relentless
Ep5 Relentless
Ep4 Needle in a Haystack
Ep4 Needle in a Haystack
Ep3 Hip Hop Homicide
Ep3 Hip Hop Homicide
Ep2 Buried
Ep2 Buried
Ep1 Club Kingpin

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Stakeout
Ep19 With Friends Like These
Ep19 With Friends Like These
Ep18 Wake Up Call
Ep17 Bloods of Newark
Ep16 Escaped
Ep15 Roxy's Sweep
Ep14 The Bronx Boys
Ep13 On the Stroll
Ep12 The Colombian Cartel Doctor
Ep11 Houdini
Ep10 Timing Is Everything
Ep9 15 Years Running
Ep8 Fingerprints Don't Lie
Ep7 Pep Takes It Personal
Ep6 Sneaking Back In
Ep5 Valentine's Day Heist
Ep4 Hide and Seek, Part 2
Ep3 Hide and Seek, Part 1
Ep2 Roxanne's First Fugitive
Ep1 Third Time's the Charm

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Caribbean's Most Wanted
Manhunters: Limping Along
Hide and Seek

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip Partnerships: Luddie & Kevin
2 min 3 sec
Clip Being a Female Marshall
104 sec
Clip "Marshal" Arts with Michy
110 sec
Clip Recruiting: How to Become a U.S. Marshal
97 sec
Clip Partnerships: Mike & Michy
2 min 12 sec
Clip Survival of the Fittest
2 min 32 sec
Clip Evolution of the US Marshals Service
2 min 30 sec
Clip Manhunters Guide to New York
2 min 32 sec
Clip Mental Fortitude
2 min 19 sec
Clip Almost Famous
2 min 7 sec
Clip Dissecting the Takedown
2 min 19 sec
Clip Pep Peels the Pounds
2 min 1 sec
Clip Michelle "Michy" Mendez Character Profile
118 sec
Clip Vincent Senzamici Character Profile
2 min 19 sec
Clip Tommy Kilbride Character Profile
2 min 28 sec
Clip Mike Romani Character Profile
101 sec
Clip Vinny's Most Memorable Moment
114 sec
Clip Blending In
2 min 35 sec
Clip Pep's Journey
97 sec
Clip Pep at Rutgers
2 min 12 sec
Clip Roxanne Lopez's Most Memorable Moment
114 sec
Clip Rasheen "Pep" Peppers Character Profile
119 sec
Clip Tommy Kilbride the Marine
109 sec
Clip Federico Merced Character Profile
2 min 5 sec
Clip 2 Years Later
116 sec
Clip Dan Potucek's Character Profile
114 sec
Clip Roxanne Lopez Character Profile
2 min 1 sec
S3 | Ep22

The Ex

Fecha al aire: 5/26/11
In the third-season finale, a man who was deported after assaulting his ex-wife returns and is hunted in Spring Valley, N.Y.

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