• 1986-1995
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Courtroom drama about a cagey Atlanta defense attorney with a down-home demeanor and uptown strategy. Many of the Harvard-educated lawyer's cases were on the sensational side and often decided by... More


Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 The Scam, Part 2
Ep17 The Scam, Part 1
Ep16 The Heist, Part 2
Ep15 The Heist, Part 1
Ep14 The Assault
Ep13 The Target
Ep12 The Deadly Dose
Ep11 The Verdict
Ep10 The Getaway
Ep9 Dead Air
Ep8 The Confession
Ep7 The Dating Game
Ep6 The Coach
Ep5 The Tabloid
Ep4 The Dare
Ep3 The Scandal
Ep2 The Accused, Part 2
Ep1 The Accused, Part 1
The Scam
The Heist
The Accused

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 The Idol, Part 2
Ep21 The Idol, Part 1
Ep20 The Godfather
Ep19 The P.I.
Ep18 Brennan
Ep17 The Murder Game
Ep16 The Crook
Ep15 The Temptation
Ep14 The Kidnapping, Part 2
Ep13 The Kidnapping, Part 1
Ep12 The Defendant
Ep11 Matlock's Bad, Bad, Bad Dream
Ep10 The Conspiracy
Ep9 The Haunted, Part 2
Ep8 The Haunted, Part 1
Ep7 The Capital Offense
Ep6 The Last Laugh
Ep5 The View
Ep4 The Diner
Ep3 The Fatal Seduction, Part 2
Ep2 The Fatal Seduction, Part 1
Ep1 The Play
The Idol
The Haunted

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 The Competition
Ep17 The Final Affair, Part 2
Ep16 The Final Affair, Part 1
Ep15 The Divorce
Ep14 The Obsession
Ep13 The Revenge
Ep12 The Debt
Ep11 The Fortune, Part 2
Ep10 The Fortune, Part 1
Ep9 The Juror
Ep8 The Mark
Ep7 The Singer
Ep6 The Class
Ep5 The Ghost
Ep4 The Legacy, Part 2
Ep3 The Legacy, Part 1
Ep2 The Vacation, Part 2
Ep1 The Vacation, Part 1
The Legacy
The Final Affair
The Fortune
The Vacation

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep117 The Assassination
Ep22 The Assassination, Part 2
Ep21 The Assassination, Part 1
Ep20 The Evening News, Part 2
Ep19 The Evening News, Part 1
Ep18 Mr. Awesome
Ep17 The Abduction
Ep16 The Big Payoff
Ep15 The Outcast, Part 2
Ep14 The Outcast, Part 1
Ep13 The Picture, Part 2
Ep12 The Picture, Part 1
Ep11 The Foursome
Ep10 The Game Show
Ep9 The Defense
Ep8 The Suspect, Part 2
Ep7 The Suspect, Part 1
Ep6 The Dame
Ep5 The Marriage Counselor
Ep4 The Nightmare
Ep3 The Strangler
Ep2 The Witness Killings, Part 2
Ep1 The Witness Killings, Part 1
The Suspect
The Witness Killings

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 The Celebrity
Ep21 The Accident
Ep20 The Trial, Part 2
Ep19 The Trial, Part 1
Ep18 The Formula
Ep17 The Arsonist
Ep16 The Man of the Year
Ep15 The Parents
Ep14 The Critic
Ep13 The Fighter
Ep12 The Broker
Ep11 The Biker
Ep10 The Cover Girl
Ep9 The Brothers
Ep8 The Secret, Part 2
Ep7 The Secret, Part 1
Ep6 The Narc
Ep5 The Personal Trainer
Ep4 The Madam
Ep3 Nowhere to Turn, Part 2
Ep2 Nowhere to Turn, Part 1
Ep1 The Mother
Nowhere to Turn

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 The Cookie Monster
Ep23 The Blackmailer
Ep22 The D.A.
Ep21 The Informer, Part 2
Ep20 The Informer, Part 1
Ep19 The Pro
Ep18 The Kidnapper
Ep17 The Victim
Ep16 The Talk Show
Ep15 The Student
Ep14 The Witness
Ep13 The Scrooge
Ep12 The Buddies
Ep11 The Fugitive
Ep10 The Prisoner, Part 2
Ep9 The Prisoner, Part 1
Ep8 The Con Man
Ep7 The Star
Ep6 The Clown
Ep5 The Ex
Ep4 The Bestseller
Ep3 The Good Boy
Ep2 The Hunting Party, Part 2
Ep1 The Hunting Party, Part 1
The Hunting Party

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 The Priest
Ep19 The Blues Singer
Ep18 The Cult
Ep17 The Model
Ep16 The Thoroughbred
Ep15 The Thief, Part 2
Ep14 The Thief, Part 1
Ep13 The Psychic
Ep12 The Starlet
Ep11 The Other Woman
Ep10 The Black Widow
Ep9 The Mayor, Part 2
Ep8 The Mayor, Part 1
Ep7 The Vendetta
Ep6 The Captain
Ep5 The D.J.
Ep4 The Mistress
Ep3 The Ambassador, Part 2
Ep2 The Ambassador, Part 1
Ep1 The Lemon

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 The Heiress
Ep23 The Fisherman
Ep22 The Magician
Ep21 The Genius
Ep20 The Lovelorn
Ep19 The Hucksters
Ep18 The Investigation, Part 2
Ep17 The Investigation, Part 1
Ep16 The Umpire
Ep15 The Gigolo
Ep14 The Reunion
Ep13 The Body
Ep12 The Gambler
Ep11 The Gift
Ep10 The Country Boy
Ep9 The Best Friend
Ep8 The Network
Ep7 The Power Brokers, Part 2
Ep6 The Power Brokers, Part 1
Ep5 The Husband
Ep4 The Annihilator
Ep3 Blind Justice
Ep2 The Billionaire, Part 2
Ep1 The Billionaire, Part 1
The Billionaire

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 The Doctors
Ep24 The Reporter
Ep23 The Widow
Ep23 The Photographer
Ep22 The People vs. Matlock
Ep21 The Therapist
Ep20 The Court-Martial, Part 2
Ep19 The Court-Martial, Part 1
Ep18 The Convict
Ep17 The Nurse
Ep16 The Rat Pack
Ep15 The Author
Ep14 The Chef
Ep13 Santa Claus
Ep12 The Professor
Ep11 The Angel
Ep10 The Cop
Ep9 The Sisters
Ep8 The Don, Part 2
Ep7 The Don, Part 1
Ep6 The Seduction
Ep5 The Affair
Ep4 The Stripper
Ep3 The Judge
Ep2 Diary of a Perfect Murder, Part 2
Ep1 Diary of a Perfect Murder, Part 1
Diary of a Perfect Murder

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep178 Matlock
Ep177 Matlock
Ep176 Matlock
Ep14 The Gift
The Outcast
The Don
The Ghost
The Court-Martial
Christmas Snow
The Stripper
The Seduction
The Judge
The Judge
The Picture
The Prisoner
The Investigation
The Trial
The Mayor
The Thief
The Kidnapping
The Fatal Seduction
The Evening News
The Secret
The Informer
The Ambassador
The Power Brokers

Clips & More

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Clip Matlock: Clip 1
107 sec
Clip Matlock: Clip 3
47 sec
Preview Matlock: Season 1
44 sec
Clip Matlock: Clip 2
71 sec
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Matlock: Clip 1

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Matlock: Season 1 clip - starring Andy Griffith, Kene Holliday.

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