• 1998

Guests on Maury Povich's syndicated daytime show tackle contentious issues involving infidelity, paternity disputes and out-of-control teens.


Season 19

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 My Sister Is a Liar and a Cheater...That's Not Your Baby!
Ep9 Are You Cheating While Our Baby Is in the Hospital?
Ep8 More Men, More DNA Tests...Will They Find the Fathers Today?
Ep7 Busted on Video...Child Predators and Sex Crimes Exposed
Ep6 Stop Lying to My Son...Your 3 Kids Are Not His!
Ep5 How Many Babysitters Did My Fiance Cheat With? Test Them All!
Ep4 My Sister Was Cheating on You...That's Not Your Baby!
Ep3 Do I Have 22 Kids? I'm Back for 4 More DNA Tests
Ep2 Is the Man I Love Cheating With My Identical Twin?
Ep1 Go DNA Test Your 22,000 Followers...That's Not My Baby!

Season 18

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep160 Stop Lying to Your Wife...You Are My Son's Father!
Ep159 Who Needs a Polygraph Test...The Video Proves You're Cheating!
Ep158 Sizzling Summer Throwback Thursday!
Ep157 DNA Will Prove I Had a Child With Your Fiancé!
Ep156 Will DNA Prove I'm Your Dad...Your Uncle...or Neither?
Ep155 Best Friend Betrayal! Is Your Husband My Baby's Dad?
Ep154 DNA Will Prove the Bus Driver Is My Baby's Father!
Ep153 Swinging Gone Wrong! Which Man Is My Baby's Dad?
Ep152 Is My Husband Cheating With Extra-Large Women? Test Him!
Ep151 5 Teen Boys in Denial...7 Babies Tested...Who's the Father?
Ep150 Maury Uncut...Is My Husband Sleeping With My Daughter?
Ep149 You Sexted a Woman From Church... Prove You're Not Cheating!
Ep148 You Cheated With at Least 10 Men... Is This My Baby?
Ep147 Maury Uncut... I'll Prove Your Man Paid Me $15 for Love!
Ep146 I'm 30 Years Old... Is This 2nd Man Tested My Father?
Ep145 Mom Told Me You Slept With My Husband...Take the Test!
Ep144 Back for 2 More DNA Tests...Today I'll Prove You're the Dad!
Ep143 Married for 30 Days...Is My Newlywed Husband a Cheater?
Ep142 You Were an Escort...I Need Damn Proof That This Is My Baby!
Ep141 I Know My Husband Cheated With 40 Women...Test Him!
Ep140 4 Adult Women...4 DNA Tests...Is Eddie Our Father?
Ep139 4 Women...4 Babies...8 Men Tested...Who's the Father?
Ep138 Is My Twin Sister Sleeping With My Man? Test Them Both!
Ep137 Three Women Claim I'm Their Father...Give Me the DNA Truth!
Ep136 I'm Back for the 3rd Time...Am I Engaged to a Cheater Again?
Ep135 One Baby, Two Brothers...Are Either of Them the Father?
Ep134 Maury (ATR) After the Results
Ep133 Maury Uncut...I'll Prove Your Kids Don't Belong to My Brother!
Ep132 Give Us the DNA Results...I'm Praying This Is My Baby!
Ep131 I Was an Escort...but DNA Will Prove You're My Baby's Dad!
Ep130 I Wasn't the Dad the First Time...Test Me Again for Your Other Child!
Ep129 Is My Daughter's Fiancé a Cheater...Give Us the Results!
Ep128 I'm 40...Did My 22 Year Old Girlfriend Have Another Man's Baby?
Ep127 Maury's Top Ten of 3000 Shows!
Ep126 I'm 63...Is My 30 Year Old Boyfriend Cheating on Me?
Ep125 6 Babies Tested...Which Man Is the Father?
Ep124 Is My Fiancé the Father of My Niece's Baby? Test Him!
Ep123 Is My Fiancé Sleeping With the Babysitter? The Test Will Tell!
Ep122 5 Babies...4 Men Tested...Who's the Father?
Ep121 DNA Denial...Liars Exposed...What Happened After the Results?
Ep120 Pregnant After a Threesome...Both Men Deny My Baby!
Ep119 Mom, Your 23 Year Old Boyfriend Is a Cheater...Test Him!
Ep118 My Wife Is DNA Testing a 3rd Man...Is He My Son's Father?
Ep117 Pregnant at 15...Is My Teen Still Having Sex, Drinking and Using Drugs?
Ep116 I Busted My Husband in Bed With a Woman...Did He Cheat?
Ep115 1 Wife...1 Mistress...4 Babies...Is Dee the Father?
Ep114 I'm Back for the 5th Time...I Know This Baby Is Not Mine!
Ep113 The Sex Videos You Found Are Old...I'm Not Cheating!
Ep112 Read the Results...You Got My Granddaughter Pregnant at 16!
Ep111 Your Mom Hates Me Because I'm White...But I'm Not a Cheater!
Ep110 4 Men...6 Babies DNA Tested...Who's the Father?
Ep109 My Kids Claim My Husband Is Cheating...Give Him the Test!
Ep108 Who's My Baby's Father...My Fiance or His Friend?
Ep107 Updates...Wild Teens, Abusive Men...Did They Change?
Ep106 Did My Husband Have a Love Child With His Mistress?
Ep105 I Caught My Fiance With 3 Women...Is He Cheating?
Ep104 Mom, Wake Up! I'll Prove Your Man is Cheating and Stealing!
Ep103 Are These 2 Women Sleeping With My Fiancé? Test Them!
Ep102 5 Men Tested... Will I Find My Daughter's Father Today?
Ep101 I'm Scared of the Man I Love...Will Jail Change Him?
Ep100 Are You Cheating Because I'm White? Take the Test!
Ep99 We Had a Threesome...One of You Is My Baby's Father!
Ep98 Life or Death Miracles...Caught on Camera!
Ep97 The Panties You Found Belong to My Mom...I'm Not a Cheater!
Ep96 My Brother Is Black...How Can Your Mixed Baby Be His?
Ep95 I'm No April Fool...Is My Mom Sleeping With My Man?
Ep94 Call Off Your Wedding...I Just Slept With Your Fiance!
Ep93 Did My Husband Have a Secret Love Child With My Niece?
Ep92 School's Out...Let's Go to the Zoo!
Ep91 I Cheated on Michael with Jeff...Which Man Is the Dad?
Ep90 I'm 50...Stop This 20-year-old From Pinning Her Baby on Me!
Ep89 Will the Test Prove You Cheated and Gave Me an STD?
Ep88 Your Mom Says You Cheated With a Mexican Man...Is This My Baby?
Ep87 Don't Lie! Did You Give My Engagement Ring to Your Mistress?
Ep86 I'm Only 18...How Can You Deny My Triplets?
Ep85 DNA Secrets...Did My Man Have a Baby With My Cousin?
Ep84 I Use Sex Pills for Exercising...I'll Prove I'm Not Cheating
Ep83 Your Baby Is Too Light...That's Not My Son's Child!
Ep82 Will Jail Tame My Wild Teen Daughter?
Ep81 My Brother Is Black...Your White Baby Can't Be His!
Ep80 DNA Will Prove You Got My Daughter Pregnant at 15!
Ep79 7 Babies...4 Men Tested...Will I Find the Father Today?
Ep78 Mom, Stop Lying! I'll Prove You're Cheating on Dad.
Ep77 My Aunt Stole My Husband and They Both Deny My 2 Kids!
Ep76 6 Kids, 17 DNA Tests...She's Back!
Ep75 I'm 53...He's 28. If He Fails the Test...The Wedding Is Off!
Ep74 Stop Pinning Your 3 Kids on My Brother...He's Not Their Dad!
Ep73 I'm Your Fiancé's Mistress...DNA Will Prove He's My Son's Father
Ep72 Don't Trust Him! I'll Prove the Man You Love Is an Escort!
Ep71 I Slept With 3 Men When I Got Pregnant...Which One Is the Father?
Ep70 2 Furious Women...2 Babies...Is Jamal the Father?
Ep69 Who Fathered Your Twins...Me or My Nephew?
Ep68 They Control...They Abuse...But Can They Change?
Ep67 My Husband Denies He Got Anyone Pregnant...Test Him
Ep66 You're After My Husband's Money...He's Not Your Baby's Dad
Ep65 Truth and Punishment...How Many Questions Will My Fiancé Fail?
Ep64 You Cheated With My Dad...Who Fathered Your Twins?
Ep63 Family Lies Uncovered: Did My Husband Cheat With My Sister?
Ep62 I Saw My Wife in an Adult Movie...Am I Her Baby's Dad?
Ep61 I'm Not Hispanic...That's Not My Baby!
Ep60 3 Men Tested...Will I Find My Daughter's Father Today?
Ep59 I'm 46...Is My 27-year-old Husband Cheating on Me?
Ep58 Your Baby Is Too Light and Too Bald to be Mine!
Ep57 Maury's Top 10 Guests of 2015
Ep56 My Son Has Your Bad Breath...I Know You're His Father!
Ep55 I'm Dating My Best Friend's Father...Is He a Cheater?
Ep54 Back for a 2nd DNA Test... I'll Prove I'm Not the Father Again!
Ep53 I Need a DNA Miracle...I Pray All 3 Kids Are Mine!
Ep52 Blame Your Mom! She Told Me I'm Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep51 Is My Fiancé Having a Secret Affair With My Best Friend?
Ep50 You Cheated With the Barber...That's Not My Son's Baby!
Ep49 Your Baby Doesn't Have My Toes...I Can't Be His Dad!
Ep48 If You Cheated With My Little Sister the Wedding Is Off!
Ep47 Your Profile Is Vile! Social Media Page Makeovers!
Ep46 All Babies Look Like Me...But I'm Not Your Daughter's Dad!
Ep45 My Son Dumped You...Stop Pinning Your Baby on Him!
Ep44 You're the Fourth Man I'm Testing...You Are the Father!
Ep43 Is the Man I Love Secretly Cheating With Men?
Ep42 I'm 22...My 55-year-old Boyfriend Denies My Baby!
Ep41 He's Only 22, but I'll Prove He's the Father of My Four Kids!
Ep40 Is My Fiancé Having a Secret Affair With My Cousin?
Ep39 Tell Your Man the Truth...I'm Your Baby's Real Father!
Ep38 Is My Husband Cheating With Transgender Women?
Ep37 I'm Hispanic...Your White and Black Kids Can't Be Mine!
Ep36 DNA Secrets! I Slept With Your Girl...Am I Your Son's Dad?
Ep35 I Revenge Cheated With Your Mom...Wild Guest Updates!
Ep34 Check the Color Chart...Your Baby Is Too Light to Be Mine!
Ep33 Did You Cheat With My Cousin and Have His Baby?
Ep32 Back for the Truth! More Tests, More Results, More Drama!
Ep31 DNA Truth...Did 2 Different Men Father My Twins?
Ep30 Sister Secrets Revealed...I'm Sleeping With Your Man!
Ep29 Your Babies Are Black, White and Hispanic...I Can't Be the Dad!
Ep28 He Confessed in His Sleep...Will the Test Prove He's Cheating?
Ep27 I Think My Man Fathered Your Baby...Test Them!
Ep26 Does My Fiancé Have a Fetish for White Women? Test Him!
Ep25 Pregnant at 17...Stop Denying My Daughter's Baby!
Ep24 Did My Man Cheat and Get His Mistress Pregnant?
Ep23 Our Son Says He Saw You Cheating...Take the Test!
Ep22 Kid Crashes and the Moment of Impact...Caught on Video!
Ep21 Your Fiancé Cheated on You...My Baby Is Proof!
Ep20 You Slept With 4 Other Men...I'm Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep19 Married in 6 Weeks...Is My Fiancé Cheating With My Cousin?
Ep18 My Daughter Cheated on You...That's Not Your Baby!
Ep17 Is My Fiancé Addicted to Escorts and Stealing From Me?
Ep16 I'm Back for My 5th DNA Test...Will I Find My Baby's Father Today?
Ep15 My Brother Caught You Cheating...Is That My Child?
Ep14 Did My Fiancé Cheat and Have a Secret Love Child?
Ep13 I'm the 6th Man You've Tested...I'm Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep12 Family Secrets: Is My Husband Having an Affair With My Daughter?
Ep11 The DNA Will Prove It...I Was Too Drunk to Make a Baby?
Ep10 I Can't Make a Baby With That Birth Defect...I'm Not Her Dad!
Ep9 Your Man Paid Me for Love...The Test Will Prove It!
Ep8 I Am a Karaoke Star...But I Am Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep7 Your Fiancé Tried to Sleep With Me...Test Them Both!
Ep6 3 DNA Tests Will Prove I'm Not the Father of These Babies!
Ep5 Did My Son Get 2 Women Pregnant Before He Died?
Ep5 Maury
Ep4 Are You Cheating With Women From Church? Take the Test!
Ep4 Maury
Ep3 My Ex-wife Is a Cheater...Her 3 Adult Kids Are Not Mine!
Ep3 Maury
Ep2 I'm 19...Is My 35-year-old Boyfriend Cheating With My Mom?
Ep2 Maury
Ep1 I Slept With 2 Cousins...Which One Is My Baby's Father?
Ep1 Maury

Season 17

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep159 DNA Will Prove Your Spanish Speaking Baby Is Not Mine!
Ep158 I'm Scared My Dad Cheated on My Mom...Test Him!
Ep157 14 Men Tested...Who's the Baby's Father?
Ep156 I'm Back to Prove I'm Not the Father of My Wife's New Baby!
Ep155 Stop Lying to Your Husband...He's Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep154 My Baby Has Your Big Toe...I'll Prove You're His Dad!
Ep153 Is My Fiancé Cheating With His Little Brother's Girlfriend?
Ep152 A Donkey Kick Made Me Sterile...I'm Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep151 Best Friend Secrets Revealed...Did You Cheat With My Man?
Ep150 Your Own Dad Says You Cheated...Is That My Baby?
Ep149 Did I Father 3 Babies With 3 Different Women?
Ep148 Give My Brother a Test...I Know He's Cheating on You!
Ep147 My Wife Cheated With a White Guy...Who's Her Baby's Father?
Ep146 Sibling Sex Secrets...Did My Sister Sleep With the Man I Love?
Ep145 Test My 3 Kids...Is My Husband or My Ex the Father?
Ep144 Is My Husband the Father of My Sister's Daughter
Ep143 Maury's Throwback Thursday Summer Updates
Ep142 I Have 31 Children...but DNA Will Prove You're Not One of Them!
Ep141 Who Stole $2500 From Me...My Son or My Nephew?
Ep140 You Ran When I Got You Pregnant...You Can't Escape the DNA Results
Ep139 I Lost 140 Pounds... Is My Husband Cheating With Large Women?
Ep138 I Could Tell by the Ultrasound Picture...That's Not My Baby!
Ep137 Pregnant With Your Twins...The Wedding Is Off If You Cheated!
Ep136 Is My Husband the Father of My Best Friend's Baby?
Ep135 DNA Will Prove My Teen Son Is Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep134 Will I Be Celebrating Father's Day? The Results Are In!
Ep133 Did My Fiancé Cheat to Have a Baby?
Ep132 Will the Test Prove My Fiancée is Cheating With My Dad?
Ep131 You Told My Mom You Cheated... That's Not My Boy!
Ep130 My Phone Recorded You Cheating...The Test Will Prove It!
Ep129 You're Too Young for My Dad...He's Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep128 I Was Wrong 3 Times...Is This 4th Man My Baby's Dad?
Ep127 I'm 32...Did My Teen Boyfriend Get Another Girl Pregnant?
Ep126 I've DNA Tested 4 Men for My Baby...Is One of Them the Father?
Ep125 I'm Back for the 4th Time...Is One of These Men My Baby's Dad?
Ep124 We're Back for More Tests...Are the Men We Love Cheating?
Ep123 You Said My Dad Was Dead...Will DNA Prove This Man Is My Father?
Ep122 Did the Man I Love Cheat With My Sister and Hit on My Mom?
Ep121 Will 2 Tests Prove Another Man Fathered My Wife's Baby?
Ep120 Test Me...Your Own Father Says I'm Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep119 The Maddest Moms Return! Maury Updates
Ep118 I'm Back for a 3rd Time...Will I Find My Baby's Father Today?
Ep117 I Found Panties and a Hair Weave...Are You Cheating?
Ep116 I Can't Make a Baby With 3 Thumbs...DNA Will Prove It!
Ep115 1 Man...3 Women...3 Babies...Is Grady the Father?
Ep114 Married at 18...Is My Wife Cheating With My Best Friend?
Ep113 Your Baby Speaks Spanish...I'll Prove I'm Not His Dad!
Ep112 Did the Man I Love Cheat With 60 Women? Test Him!
Ep111 Stop Pinning Your Baby on My Husband...He's Not the Dad!
Ep110 Married to a Sex Addict...Is My Husband Still Cheating?
Ep109 Who Fathered Your Twins...Me or My Dad?
Ep108 Pregnant at 15...DNA Will Prove You're a Teen Dad!
Ep107 Is the Woman I Love Cheating My Brother? Test Them!
Ep106 You Cheated With an 80-year-old...That's Not My Baby!
Ep105 Is the Man I Love Cheating With the Teen Next Door?
Ep104 Video Proof...Is My Man Cheating With My Best Friend?
Ep103 My Teen Wife Cheated...Is One of Us Her Baby's Dad?
Ep102 DNA Will Prove I'm Not the Father of Your White Baby!
Ep102 Maury
Ep101 Arrested With an Escort...Is My Man Still a Cheater?
Ep100 April Fools Paternity Wrap!
Ep99 Your Profile Pic Makes Me Sick...Social Media Makeovers!
Ep98 A Paternity Test Will Prove You Got My Teen Pregnant!
Ep97 I Had a Baby With Your Man...I'll Prove He's Still Cheating!
Ep96 4 Babies Tested...4 Men Tested...Who's the Dad?
Ep95 Teens Gone Wild...Shocking Trends Caught on Video!
Ep94 Will DNA Prove Another Man Fathered My Wife's Baby?
Ep93 Is the Woman I Love Cheating With My Dad? Test Them!
Ep92 Is My Husband...Or My Boyfriend the Father of My Twins?
Ep91 If My Fiancé Cheated With My Sister...The Wedding Is Off!
Ep90 I'm 33 and Sterile...I Can't be the Father of This Teen's Baby!
Ep89 It Lasted 60 Seconds...I Can't Be Your Baby's Dad!
Ep88 Our Neighbor Saw You Cheating...Is That My Baby?
Ep87 My Wife Slept With That White Man...The Kids Aren't Mine!
Ep86 Family DNA...Did My Husband Have a Baby With My Sister?
Ep85 My Husband Needs to Choose Today...Me or His Mistress!
Ep84 I Have 31 Kids...But DNA Will Prove You're Not One of Them!
Ep83 You Were at a Motel With My Sister...Did You Cheat?
Ep82 7 DNA Tests...How Many of These Kids Are Mine?
Ep81 Too Light, Too Dark...Your Baby Is the Wrong Race to be Mine!
Ep80 I Had a Baby With Your Husband...DNA Will Prove It!
Ep79 A 6th Test for Eugene...Maury Guests Return!
Ep78 I'm Pregnant With Twins...Is My Fiancé Cheating?
Ep77 8 DNA Tests Later...I Hope I've Found the Father!
Ep76 Is My Little Brother Sleeping With the Woman I Love? Test Them!
Ep75 Your Baby Is White...My Brother Can't be the Father!
Ep74 A Woman Claims She's Dating My Fiancé...Test Him!
Ep73 You Have 17 Adult Kids...DNA Will Prove It Today!
Ep72 Did My Husband Cheat and Have a Secret Love Child?
Ep71 3 Men...3 Tests...Who's the Father of Tiffany's Baby?
Ep70 I'm Only 18...Stop My Husband From Controlling and Abusing Me!
Ep69 Did My Fiancé Cheat With More Than 14 Women? Test Him!
Ep68 I'm Only 19...Is the 3rd Man I'm Testing My Baby's Father?
Ep67 Did My Fiancée Get Pregnant When She Cheated? Test Her!
Ep66 Do I Have 18 Children? I'm Back for 2 More Tests
Ep65 I Have Video Proof That I'm Cheating With Your Man!
Ep64 I Can't Make Twins! I'll Prove I'm Not the Father Today!
Ep63 I'm 56...Stop This 24-year-old From Pinning Her Baby on Me!
Ep62 Who Is Number One? Maury's New Year's Day Countdown!
Ep61 Will the DNA Test Prove King Has 9 Kids?
Ep60 Did My Fiancé Get Another Woman Pregnant? Test Him!
Ep59 Your Twin Told Me You Cheated...Are Your 2 Babies Mine?
Ep58 1 Wife...1 Mistress...2 Babies...Is Chorles the Father?
Ep57 The Gift of the Truth...A Merry Maury Flashback!
Ep56 You're a Scam Artist...DNA Will Prove You're Not My Sister!
Ep55 Married 12 Days...Is My Husband Cheating With My Sister?
Ep54 DNA Truth...Which One of You Fathered My Daughter's Baby?
Ep53 My Wife Cheated...Is Another Man the Father of Our Twins?
Ep52 I've Waited 20 Years to Prove Your 3 Kids Are Not Mine!
Ep51 Your Wife Will Find Out Today...You Are My Baby's Dad!
Ep50 I'm Back to Prove John Fathered Both of My Kids!
Ep49 I'm 51...Is My 34-year-old Fiancé Cheating With My Daughter?
Ep48 I'm 22...DNA Will Prove This 40-year-old Is My Baby's Dad!
Ep47 Help Me Prove to My Family...I Am This Baby's Father!
Ep46 Grandma's at War...My Son Is Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep45 Affairs, Lying and Stealing...Expose My Husband's Double Life!
Ep44 Your Mom Waited 24 Years to Test Me...I'm Not Your Dad!
Ep43 Did My Boyfriend Cheat With My Sister and a Decoy?
Ep42 They're Back! Wild Family Fallout Updates
Ep41 Race DNA Drama...That Baby Is Too Dark to Be Mine!
Ep40 Is the Man I Love Cheating on Me With My Daughter?
Ep39 7 DNA Tests...7 Babies...Is Johnny the Father Again
Ep38 DNA Truth...This 27-year-old Is Too White to Be My Son!
Ep37 Is the Man I Love Cheating With His Stepmother?
Ep36 Accused of Having 18 Kids...Will DNA Prove These 3 Are His?
Ep35 I'm Sterile From a Bike Accident...That's Not My Baby!
Ep34 I Saw a Selfie of You in a Woman's Bed...Did You Cheat?
Ep33 You're 21...My 43-year-old Brother Is Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep32 There Were 30 Men...I'll Prove Your Child Isn't Mine!
Ep31 Busted With a Maury Decoy...Who Else Did You Cheat With?
Ep30 7 Angry Kids...7 DNA Tests...Is Paul Their Father?
Ep29 Grandma Says That's a White Man's Baby...I'm Not the Dad!
Ep28 Why Did Willie Deny Me for 29 Years? I'll Prove He's My Dad!
Ep27 The Tests Will Prove Your Fiancé Got Me Pregnant!
Ep26 I'm 37...Is My 66-year-old Boyfriend Cheating on Me?
Ep25 I'm Back for My 6th DNA Test...Is This My 5th Baby?
Ep24 I'm Engaged Now...Stop Pinning Your 2 Children on Me!
Ep23 I'm Going to Bust My Sister's Husband...He's a Cheater!
Ep22 20 Years of Denial...Will DNA Prove My 3 Kids Are Yours?
Ep21 Did My 55-year-old Husband Have a Baby With a 22-year-old?
Ep20 I'm Black...Stop Pinning Your White Baby on Me!
Ep19 Throwback Thursday Maury Guest Updates!
Ep18 My Best Friend Stole My Wife...Is He My Son's Father?
Ep17 I'm Pregnant With Twins...Are You Cheating With My Sister?
Ep16 You Ran for 44 Years...Today We'll Prove You're the Dad!
Ep15 Will DNA Prove My Twins Have 2 Different Fathers?
Ep14 Bullies, Abusive Nannies and Children in Danger...Caught on Tape!
Ep13 Pregnant at 15...How Could You Deny My Baby!
Ep12 I Pray My 17-year-old Son Is Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep11 I'm 45, Is My 29-year-old Boyfriend Cheating With My Daughter?
Ep10 Are You Cheating on Me Because I'm White? Take the Test!
Ep9 Does King Have 9 Children...The Results Are In!
Ep8 You're Too Big to Work the Twerk...Maury Makeovers!
Ep7 DNA Will Prove My Wife Had a White Man's Baby!
Ep6 We Both Love Your Baby...But Which One of Us Is the Dad?
Ep5 Test Our Twins...You Cheated and One Twin Isn't Mine!
Ep4 DNA Will Prove My 16-year-old Son Is Not the Father!
Ep3 I'm 26...Is My 56-year-old Fiancé Cheating on Me?
Ep2 3 Sisters...29 Years of Denial...Is Vincent Their Father?
Ep1 I'm 55...You're 22...I Can't Be Your Baby's Father

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep2039 I'm Only 17...Did My Boyfriend Sleep With My Mom?
Ep2038 You Cheated on Me With My Dad...Is He Our Baby's Father?
Ep2037 My Fiancé Is a Cab Driver...Is He Giving Free Rides for Sex?
Ep2036 Is My Cousin My Baby's Real Father?
Ep2035 Ten Seconds of Sex Does Not Make Me Your Baby's Dad!
Ep2034 Family Secrets...I'm Helping My Son Cheat on His Wife!
Ep2033 Who's Your Baby's Dad...Me or My Cousin Billy?
Ep2032 Maury's Facebook Fan Updates!
Ep2031 Who's Lying...My Fiancé or the Prostitute? Take the Test!
Ep2030 Stop Lying to Your Wife...Both of My Kids Are Yours!
Ep2029 I Was Bullied and Beat...Now I'm Hot Sexy and Sweet!
Ep2028 A Psychic Told Me...My Son Is Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep2027 You Texted Nude Photos...I'll Prove You're Cheating!
Ep2026 I Slept With Your Fiancé...Your Baby Belongs to Me!
Ep2025 Yes, I'll Marry You...If You Pass the Lie-Detector Test!
Ep2024 Did You Cheat and Have a Baby With Our Neighbor?
Ep2023 Beware! Hidden Dangers Caught on Tape!
Ep2022 Family Sex Secrets...Did My Sister Have My Husband's Baby?
Ep2021 I'm Only 16...Am I Her Baby's Dad?
Ep2020 I Don't Want to Meet Your Baby...I'm Not His Dad!
Ep2019 I'm 27...Is My Young Teen Boyfriend Cheating on Me?
Ep2018 DNA Will Prove the Sex Was Too Short to Make a Baby
Ep2017 I'm Sorry...I Cheated With 2 Decoys and Your Sister!
Ep2016 I Slept With 4 Men...Is My Husband My Baby's Dad?
Ep2015 Are You Cheating With My Sister? Test Them Both!
Ep2014 5 Men Tested...Will I Find My Baby's Dad Today?
Ep2013 I Cheated With 8 Men...But I Know You're My Baby's Father!
Ep2012 Fury...Fights...Forgiveness...Maury Guest Updates!
Ep2011 My Son Is Only 14...I'm Praying This Is Not His Baby!
Ep2010 Did You Cheat and Have a Threesome With My 2 Cousins?
Ep2009 Is My Fiancé Sleeping With My 18-Year-Old Niece?
Ep2008 5th Time Back...Are Any of These Men My Baby's Dad?
Ep2007 Did My Maid of Honor Sleep With My Fiancé Before the Wedding?
Ep2006 DNA Drama...Did My Man Have a Baby With This Teen Girl?
Ep2005 If You're Sleeping With the Babysitter...The Wedding Is Off!
Ep2004 Both Your Babies Look Like Me...I'm Praying I'm Their Father!
Ep2003 My Brother Needs to Know...I May Be His Baby's Dad!
Ep2002 Liars Exposed...Did My 2 Cousins Sleep With My Man?
Ep2001 Sister Sex Secrets...Are You Sleeping With My Fiancé?
Ep2000 Is My Brother the Baby's Father? Test Him!
Ep1999 They're Back With More Secrets...Shocking Updates!
Ep1998 Sex Secrets Exposed...Is My Brother My Baby's Father?
Ep1997 7 Angry Moms...8 Babies...Will DNA Prove I'm the Dad?
Ep1996 Kids Having Kids...Shocking DNA Results
Ep1995 Did My Little Sister Sleep With My Husband? Test Them!
Ep1994 I'm Back for the 4th Time...Will I Finally Find My Dad?
Ep1993 If My Husband Cheated With Prostitutes...I Want a Divorce!
Ep1992 DNA Drama...Did My Husband Have a Baby With His Mistress?
Ep1991 I'll Prove My Mom's 19-Year-Old Husband Is a Cheater!
Ep1990 Is the 5th Man Tested the Father of My Twin Sister's Baby?
Ep1989 The Bite Marks Came From the Dog...I'm Not Cheating!
Ep1988 I Can't Make Girls...I'll Prove This Is Not My Baby!
Ep1987 My Fiancé Keeps Losing His Underwear...Is He Cheating?
Ep1986 Did You Cheat and Get My Sister Pregnant? Test Them Both!
Ep1985 DNA Will Prove My Fiancé Is Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1984 Lie Detector Drama... Are You Cheating With My Son?
Ep1983 I Have Triplets...I'll Prove You're the Dad!
Ep1982 Did You Cheat With 10 of My Friends? Take the Test!
Ep1981 I Have Video Proof...Stop Denying You Cheated!
Ep1980 I Caught You Naked With My 2 Cousins...Did You Cheat?
Ep1979 The DNA Results Are In! Do My Twins Have 2 Different Fathers?
Ep1978 You Got My 15-year-old Pregnant...I'll Prove It Today!
Ep1977 Is My Teen Daughter Having an Affair With the Man I Love?
Ep1976 I'm Praying My Boyfriend, Not My Husband, Is My Baby's Father!
Ep1975 Is My Fiancé or My Best Friend Lying? Test Them Both!
Ep1974 1 Wife...1 Ex-Girlfriend...2 Babies...Is Glenn the Father?
Ep1973 We're Triplets...Did My Husband Cheat With Both of My Sisters?
Ep1972 DNA Will Prove Your Husband Got Me Pregnant...Twice!
Ep1971 Who's My Baby's Father...Don or His Brother Tim?
Ep1970 Is My Husband Cheating With My Baby Sister? Test Them Both!
Ep1969 They Failed...They Ran...They're Back! Guest Updates!
Ep1968 Is My Fiancé a Pimp and Cheating on Me? Test Him!
Ep1967 Test Your 5,000 Facebook Friends...I'm Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1966 I'll Prove It Again...My Son Is Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1965 They're Making Me Choose Today...My Mistress or My Wife!
Ep1964 The DNA Test Will Prove You Have 13 Kids!
Ep1963 If You Slept With My Maid of Honor...The Wedding Is Off!
Ep1962 4 Men Tested...Are Any of Them the Baby's Father?
Ep1961 If My Fiancé Slept With My Two Cousins...The Wedding Is Off!
Ep1960 The Twins Are Back! Is the 4th Man Tested the Baby's Dad?
Ep1959 I Gave My Husband a Threesome...Is He Still Sleeping With Her?
Ep1958 You Cheated With My Dad...Did He Father Our 2 Kids?
Ep1957 You Missed the Birth of Our Son...Were You Cheating?
Ep1956 You Have 14 Children...We Will Prove It Today!
Ep1955 Who's My Baby's Father...Mario, Dee, Timbo or Black?
Ep1954 Hop Into Spring With Jungle Jack Hanna!
Ep1953 I Have Video Proof...My Son Is Cheating on You!
Ep1952 I Slept With My Brother's Fiancée...Am I Her Baby's Dad?
Ep1951 I Secretly Slept With My Fiancé's Teen Sister 100 Times!
Ep1950 Stop My 15-year-old From Selling Her Body!
Ep1949 I'm in Love With Your Fiancée...I Hope Her Baby Is Mine!
Ep1948 Test My Mom's Man...He Cheats and Tried to Sleep with Me!
Ep1947 I Slept With Your Wife...I'll Prove Your Baby Is Mine!
Ep1946 3 Babies...3 Angry Moms...Is Shawn the Father?
Ep1945 My Wife Cheated...I'll Prove Her 3 Kids Aren't Mine!
Ep1944 Are the Texts True...Did You Cheat and Get a Woman Pregnant?
Ep1943 I'll Prove I'm Sterile and I'm Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1942 Your Wife Is a Liar...We Had an Affair and I'm Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1941 Married 6 Months...Is My Husband a Male Prostitute?
Ep1940 9 Angry Women...9 Babies...Who Is the Father?
Ep1939 5 Babies Tested... Which Man Is the Father?
Ep1938 Did You Cheat in Our Bed and Get a Woman Pregnant?
Ep1937 Teen DNA Drama...Did My Son Get Your 16-year-old Pregnant?
Ep1936 Did My Father Sleep With My Fiancé? Test Them Both!
Ep1935 I Slept With My Best Friend's Wife...Am I Their Baby's Dad?
Ep1934 My Mom Is 38...Is Her 19-year-old Husband Cheating?
Ep1933 You Had Sex With Me and My Dad...Who's Your Baby's Father?
Ep1932 Wild Windy City Winter Updates...Who's Back?
Ep1931 Is My Fiancé Sleeping With Both My Sisters and My Mom?
Ep1930 My 15-year-old Had a Baby...I'll Prove Your Son Is the Dad!
Ep1929 DNA Will Prove Your Son Got My Teen Daughter Pregnant!
Ep1928 Our Mom's Husband Is Half Her Age... We'll Prove He Cheats!
Ep1927 I Have 17 Kids...But I'll Prove Your Baby Isn't Mine!
Ep1926 Is My Fiancé Having Sex With My 18-year-old Niece?
Ep1925 Your Wife Chose Me...I'll Prove I'm Her Baby's Father!
Ep1924 Did My Husband Sleep With My Best Friend...Again?
Ep1923 I'm Praying My Brother Is Not My Baby's Father!
Ep1922 Women Can't Think for Themselves...They Need to Be Controlled!
Ep1921 Is My Man Washing Cars for Sex? Test Him!
Ep1920 Are the Rumors True...Did You Cheat on Me Over 30 Times?
Ep1919 You Caught Me Naked in Bed...But I Didn't Cheat!
Ep1918 These 3 Women Are Lying...I'm Not Their Babies' Father!
Ep1917 Maury's Most Talented Mini Idol 2012
Ep1916 My Brother Betrayed Me...Is He My Baby's Father?
Ep1915 You Cheated With My Best Friend Harry...Who's Your Baby's Dad?
Ep1914 Teased for Being Ugly...My New Sexy Looks Will Shock You!
Ep1913 DNA Will Prove I'm the Father of Your Wife's Baby
Ep1912 DNA Will Prove You Got Me and My Sister Pregnant
Ep1911 Top Ten Guests of 2011 Return...Who's #1?
Ep1910 I Confess...I Cheated With Both of Your Sisters!
Ep1909 1 Teen Mom...3 Men Tested...Who's Her Baby's Father?
Ep1908 Did My Husband Have a Threesome and Get a Girl Pregnant?
Ep1907 Did My Husband Have a Baby When He Was 13? Test Him!
Ep1906 Holiday Honeys or Sexy Snowmen...Born Men or Women?
Ep1905 I Saw a Sexy Video of You on Your Phone...Are You Cheating?
Ep1904 Is My Husband the Father of This Teen Girl's Baby?
Ep1903 Did My Husband Cheat and Get This Teen Girl Pregnant?
Ep1902 I've Tested 5 Men...Will I Finally Find My Baby's Dad?
Ep1901 You're 21...My 41-year-old Father Is Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1900 I'll Prove This 16-year-old Boy Is My Baby's Father!
Ep1899 I Recorded My Wife Cheating...I'll Prove Her Kids Aren't Mine!
Ep1898 My Cousin Slept With My Husband...Test Them!
Ep1897 My Sister Slept With My Husband and 2 Older Men...Who's Her Baby's Dad?
Ep1896 Our Children Are Missing...Please Help Us Find Them!
Ep1895 Test Him...Did He Get Me and My Teen Cousin Pregnant?
Ep1894 Test My Sister and My Man...Are They Sleeping Together?
Ep1893 I'm Black...Your Baby Is White...I Can't Be the Dad!
Ep1892 You Cheated With Justin... Is He the Father of Our Three Kids?
Ep1891 I'm Only 17... Is My Man Cheating With My Aunt Brandy?
Ep1890 I'm Praying My 14-Year-Old Son Is Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1889 You Can't Have Us Both...It's Me or Your Wife!
Ep1888 The 5th Man Tested...Is My Sister's Man My Baby's Dad?
Ep1887 I Saw You Having Sex...Is My Best Friend Your Baby's Dad?
Ep1886 Outrageous Facebook Fan Updates
Ep1885 We Had a Threesome...Your Man Is My Baby's Father!
Ep1884 We Are Both 16...I Will Prove You're My Baby's Dad!
Ep1883 My Wife Cheated With 8 Men...Am I Her Baby's Father?
Ep1882 The Tests Will Expose Your Secret Double Life!
Ep1881 1 Teen Mom...3 Men Tested...Who's Her Baby's Dad?
Ep1880 Shocking Sister Secrets...I'm Sleeping With Your Fiancé!
Ep1879 Family DNA Drama! Did My Husband Have a Baby at 13?
Ep1878 I Cheated With a 17-year-old...But Her Baby Isn't Mine!
Ep1877 Expose Their Lies...Did My Sister Sleep With My Man?
Ep1876 I Have 2 Girlfriends...I Control and Abuse Them Both
Ep1875 I Heard You Had a Threesome...Am I Your Baby's Father?
Ep1874 Did My Husband Pay My Younger Sister for Sex?
Ep1873 The Tests Will Uncover Your Deep Dark Secret!
Ep1872 Bad Teen Moms...Caught and Confronted
Ep1871 Shocking Results...They're Back With Unbelievable Updates!
Ep1870 I'm 17...Is My Fiancé Cheating With My Mom?
Ep1869 You Cheated With My Dad...Your Kids Aren't Mine!
Ep1868 5 Women...5 Babies...Will He Be the Dad?
Ep1867 My Child Vanished...Help Up Find Our Missing Kids!
Ep1866 DNA Will Prove I Did Not Have 3 Babies With These 3 Women
Ep1865 I'm 26...My Fiancé's 53...Will the Test Stop Our Wedding?
Ep1864 DNA Will Prove You Got me and My Teen Cousin Pregnant!
Ep1863 Your Baby Doesn't Have 12 Fingers...He Can't Be My Son!
Ep1862 My Fiancée Needs to Know My Unbelievable Sex Secret!
Ep1861 Is Your Child Safe? Fights and Accidents Caught on Video!
Ep1860 Married 13 Days...Is My Husband Already Cheating?
Ep1859 We Have 5 Kids Together...DNA Will Prove It!
Ep1858 I Slept With 2 Sisters...Are Both Their Babies Mine?
Ep1857 Stop My Mother From Dressing Like a Porn Star!
Ep1856 Our Kids Look Like My Uncle George...Is He Their Father?
Ep1855 Did My Fiance Cheat and Get My Teen Sister Pregnant?
Ep1854 Is Allen, Daniel or My Sister's Husband My Baby's Father?
Ep1853 Family Lies and Shocking Secrets Exposed!
Ep1852 Amazing Makeovers!
Ep1851 Shocking...Unexpected...Lie Detector Results!
Ep1850 3 Teen Moms With Their Babies...Who's the Dad?
Ep1849 Test Them...Is the Mail Lady Sleeping With My Husband?
Ep1848 You Want My Fame and Money...I'm Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1847 Nerds to Knockouts...You Won't Believe My Hot New Look!
Ep1846 I Need the Results...Is My Husband Your Baby's Daddy?
Ep1845 Married 8 Weeks...Is My Husband Cheating Again?
Ep1844 I'll Prove It...You're the Father of My 4 Kids!
Ep1843 4 Women Say You Got Them Pregnant...Are You Cheating?
Ep1842 Did My Fiancé Get His 20-year-old Mistress Pregnant?
Ep1841 I'm Just the Babysitter...I'm Not Sleeping With Your Man!
Ep1840 Your 15-year-old Son Got Me Pregnant...I'll Prove It!
Ep1839 Before I Die...Is My Husband or My Ex My Baby's Dad?
Ep1838 Too Hot...Too Shocking...Maury's Sexy Summer Updates!
Ep1837 Your Man Needs to Know...I Could Be Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1836 If You Gave Me an STD...The Wedding Is Off!
Ep1835 I'm Only 14...Who's My Baby's Dad? Teen DNA Drama!
Ep1834 Test Them...Did My Sister Sleep With My Husband Again?
Ep1833 You Slept With My Brother...Is He Our Baby's Dad?
Ep1832 6 Men Tested...Which One Is My Baby's Dad?
Ep1831 Daddy DNA Drama...Who Fathered These 13 Babies?
Ep1830 I'm Testing a 5th Man Today...Is He My Baby's Father?
Ep1829 I Caught You With My Best Friend...Is He Our Baby's Dad?
Ep1828 Did You Cheat With My Sister...The Test Will Tell!
Ep1827 I'm Back...I'll Prove This 2nd Baby Is Not Mine!
Ep1826 I Confess...I Have a Secret Sex Life With Your Boyfriend!
Ep1825 Dancing With the Kids...Maury's Amazing Stars!
Ep1824 I'm Praying My Twin Brother Is Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1823 If You Cheated With My Teen Cousin...It's Over!
Ep1822 My Wife Cheated...I Don't Think Our 5 Kids Are Mine!
Ep1821 2 Teen Cousins...2 Babies...Is Bonifasio the Father?
Ep1820 Surprising Results...Shocking Reactions...More Maury Updates!
Ep1819 7 Women...7 Babies...Am I the Father?
Ep1818 Did You Cheat With My Cousin While I Was Pregnant?
Ep1817 6 Men Tested...Who's My Baby's Dad?
Ep1816 3 Teen Moms...3 Babies...Which Teen Boy Is the Dad?
Ep1815 I'll Confess Today...I Slept With My Wife's Daughter!
Ep1814 We Are Here to Prove That You Have 9 Babies!
Ep1813 Expose My Fiancé's Secret Sex Life Today!
Ep1812 6 Men Tested...Will I Find My Baby's Father Today?
Ep1811 Mother's Day Drama...Stop My Mom From Dating a Teen!
Ep1810 You Cheated With Your Stepdad...Am I Your Baby's Father?
Ep1809 I'm Testing 3 More Men...Is One My Baby's Dad?
Ep1808 Family Secrets...Did My Husband Get My Sister Pregnant?
Ep1807 I Saw You in a Sex Video...I'm Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1806 Family Secrets Exposed...I Cheated Over 150 Times!
Ep1805 You Cheated With My Best Friend...Are Our 2 Kids His?
Ep1804 Top Ten Shocking Family Feuds...They're Back!
Ep1803 Jack Hanna's Spring Break Safari!
Ep1802 It's on Facebook...Did You Cheat and Have a Baby?
Ep1801 My High School Girlfriend Lied...Are Her 2 Kids Mine?
Ep1800 Is My Fiancé Cheating With My Sister and Prostitutes?
Ep1799 DNA Will Prove You Got My 17-year-old Pregnant!
Ep1798 Did My Son Father 3 Kids Before He Died?
Ep1797 You Decide...Are These Ghost Videos Real?
Ep1796 Family Secrets Revealed..Is My Dad Cheating on My Mom?
Ep1795 7 Men Tested...Who's the Baby's Dad?
Ep1794 More Action...More Drama...Explosive Guest Updates!
Ep1793 I'll Prove Your 16-year-old Grandson Is My Baby's Father!
Ep1792 I Slept With Your Cousin...Is He Our Baby's Father?
Ep1791 Revenge of the Nerds...We're Hot and Sexy Now!
Ep1790 I'm Not Cheating With Your Daughter...Test Me!
Ep1789 You Never Met My Baby...Today I'll Prove You're the Father!
Ep1788 I Will Prove Your Teen Son Got My Daughter Pregnant!
Ep1787 Did My Husband Cheat and Get Two Women Pregnant? Test Him!
Ep1786 Shocking Teen Sex Trends and Secrets Revealed!
Ep1785 I'm 24...Is My 56-Year-Old Husband Cheating?
Ep1784 Test Me...Am I the Father of My Brother's Baby?
Ep1783 5 Men Tested...Are Any of Them My Babies' Dad?
Ep1782 I'll Prove My Mom's Fiancé is a Cheater!
Ep1781 I Slept With Your Fiancé...I'll Prove My 2 Kids Are His!
Ep1780 Did My Husband Cheat With a Teen and Get Her Pregnant?
Ep1779 6 Mothers...8 Babies...We'll Prove He's the Dad!
Ep1778 Teen DNA Drama...I'll Prove You Got Me Pregnant at 15!
Ep1777 Family Secrets...Did My Teen Cousin Sleep With My Fiancé?
Ep1776 It's a Blizzard of Emotion...Outrageous Maury Updates!
Ep1775 I'm Back for the 3rd Test...I'll Prove I'm Not the Father Again!
Ep1774 You're 38...I'll Prove You Are Cheating on My Teen Son!
Ep1773 I Confess...I Secretly Cheated With My Daughter's Girlfriend!
Ep1772 You Cheated With My Teen Nephew...Is He Your Baby's Dad?
Ep1771 Is My Fiancé Sleeping With My Daughter...Test Them Both!
Ep1770 You're Too Old...Stop Sleeping With My 16-Year-Old Son!
Ep1769 Who's My Baby's Dad...My Husband or His Son?
Ep1768 The DNA Tests Will Prove...I Don't Have 29 Kids!
Ep1767 Is My Sister Having Sex With My Husband? Test Them Both!
Ep1766 I'm 18...Stop My Man From Abusing and Controlling Me!
Ep1765 Pregnant at 15...I'll Prove You're My Baby's Father!
Ep1764 Test Him Today! Is My Fiancé Having Secret Sex Orgies?
Ep1763 I'll Prove My Fiancé Is Not the Father of Your 4 Kids!
Ep1762 That's Not My Baby...I Didn't Get Your Teen Pregnant!
Ep1761 They're Back! Hot Wild Winter Updates!
Ep1760 Is My Best Friend My Man's Secret Lover? Test Them!
Ep1759 I'll Prove Your 17-Year-Old Is My Baby's Dad!
Ep1758 10 Sexy Starlets...Guess Who Were Born Boys?
Ep1757 Pregnant After Vegas...Is One of You My Baby's Dad?
Ep1756 Did You Cheat and Get 2 Women Pregnant? You Take the Test!
Ep1755 Maury's Top 10 of 2010...Who's #1?
Ep1754 I Found a Naked Girl in Your Closet...Did You Cheat?
Ep1753 The Test Will Tell...Do I Have 4 Babies With 4 Women?
Ep1752 I'm 19...Is My Mom Sleeping With My Boyfriend?
Ep1751 Will the DNA Test Prove I Have 10 Kids?
Ep1750 My Son Is Half Your Age...Stop Sleeping With Him!
Ep1749 Did My Man Cheat With My Teen Sister? Test Them!
Ep1748 These Kids Are Yours...The DNA Drama Ends Today!
Ep1747 These Teen Girls Are Wrong...These Babies Are Not Mine!
Ep1746 The Winter's Wildest Guests Return!
Ep1745 My 14-Year-Old Has a Pimp...Wild Teens Confronted!
Ep1744 With One Test...I'll Prove You Have 12 Kids!
Ep1743 Have I Finally Found My Long Lost Family?
Ep1742 I Pray My Husband...Not My Ex...Is My Baby's Dad!
Ep1741 Did My Best Friend Sleep With My Husband? Test Them Both!
Ep1740 I'm 16...Will DNA Prove Andre Is My Baby's Dad?
Ep1739 2 Tests Will Tell... Did He Cheat and Have a Baby?
Ep1738 My Wife Slept With 2 Cousins... Who's Her Baby's Father?
Ep1737 Stop My 49-Year-Old Dad From Marrying a 20-Year-Old Cheater!
Ep1736 If You're Cheating With My Teen Sister...It's Over!
Ep1735 Who Fathered Your 3 Kids...Me or Your Cousin?
Ep1734 1 Man... 2 Women... 3 Babies... Is He the Dad?
Ep1733 The Wildest Results...Where Are They Now?
Ep1732 If You Slept With My Sister the Wedding Is Off!
Ep1731 Will the 3rd DNA Test Find My Baby's Father?
Ep1730 I Confess...I Cheated 200 Times and With Your Best Friend!
Ep1729 4 Women... 4 Babies... Is Sam the Father?
Ep1728 Take the Test... Did You Cheat in Our Bed?
Ep1727 DNA Will Prove... My Prom Date Is My Baby's Father!
Ep1726 My Wife Had a Threesome...Who's Her Baby's Father?
Ep1725 5 Babies...6 Men Tested...Which Man Is the Father?
Ep1724 Is My Sister's Boyfriend or His Brother My Baby's Dad? Part 2
Ep1723 Is My Sister's Boyfriend or His Brother My Baby's Dad? Part 1
Ep1722 Sex Secrets Revealed...Your Boyfriend Got Me Pregnant!
Ep1721 I'm 17...Which of These Boys Is My Baby's Dad?
Ep1720 DNA Will Prove You're the Dad...Not Your Cousin!
Ep1719 I'm 20...Is My 45 Year Old Husband Cheating with Older Women?
Ep1718 Test Him! Is My Man Cheating For Money and Gifts?
Ep1717 Does Charles Have 12 Kids? The Results Are In!
Ep1716 5 Moms Return... Will They Find Their Babies' Dads Today?
Ep1715 Caught in the Act... Office Affairs and Workers Gone Wild!
Ep1714 I Have Triplets...I'll Prove You're the Dad!
Ep1713 Test Them! Is My Fiancé Sleeping With My Mom?
Ep1712 You Sleep Around... My Husband's Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1711 Is My Husband Sneaking Prostitutes Into Our House? Test Him!
Ep1710 Revenge of the Geeks! Today We're Sexy and Hot!
Ep1709 Is My Husband Sleeping With My Cousin? Test Them Both!
Ep1708 Family Secrets... Are You Cheating With My Sister?
Ep1707 Outrageous Autumn Updates... The Wildest Guests Return
Ep1706 I'll Prove My 66 Year Old Boyfriend Is My Baby's Dad!
Ep1705 Cheating Secrets Revealed...I May Be Pregnant By Another Man!
Ep1704 1 Angry Mom...3 Babies...I'll Prove Al Is the Dad!
Ep1703 Test the Pizza Man... I'm Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1702 Hot Sexy 'Real Housewives' Makeover
Ep1701 7 Babies...7 Men Tested...Who's the Father?
Ep1700 I Have a Sex Secret...I Cheated With 25 Men!
Ep1699 Is My Fiancé the Father of My Sister's Babies?
Ep1698 The DNA Test Will Prove You Have 12 Kids!
Ep1697 Test Them Both! Is My Husband Sleeping With My Best Friend?
Ep1696 My Son Is Blind...But I Can See That's Not His Baby!
Ep1695 You're 50...Stop Sleeping With My 20-year-old Daughter!
Ep1694 I Didn't Cheat With Your Cousin...I'll Prove You're My Baby's Dad!
Ep1693 Top 10 Guests of 2010
Ep1692 I Confess...I'm Sleeping With My Best Friend's Man!
Ep1691 You Cheated...Our Son Is Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1690 3 Moms Test 1 Man...Is He Their Babies' Dad?
Ep1689 3rd Man Tested...I'm Praying He's My Baby's Dad!
Ep1688 My Sister Cheated...DNA Test Your 2 Kids!
Ep1687 I'll Prove You're the Father of My Teen Daughter's Baby!
Ep1686 Test Them! Is James, Carnell or Laron My Baby's Dad?
Ep1685 Are These 6 Babies Mine...Give Me the DNA Results!
Ep1684 She Cheated...Did Other Men Father My 3 Kids?
Ep1683 My Fiance Cheated With a Teen...Is He Her Baby's Dad?
Ep1682 The Hickeys and Naked Pictures Prove You're a Cheater!
Ep1681 I'm a Lesbian...But One of You Is My Baby's Father!
Ep1680 Family Secrets and DNA Mysteries Uncovered!
Ep1679 Who's My Baby's Dad...You or Your Little Brother?
Ep1678 More Results...More Drama...Maury Guest Updates!
Ep1677 Is My Boyfriend or His Stepbrother My Baby's Dad?
Ep1676 If You Got One of My Friends Pregnant, the Wedding Is Off!
Ep1675 Did My Stepfather Cheat on My Mom and Get a Woman Pregnant?
Ep1674 Did My Fiancé Cheat While I Was Pregnant? Test Him!
Ep1673 1 Denying Man...4 Angry Moms...6 Babies...Is He the Father?
Ep1672 DNA Will Prove You Got My Granddaughter Pregnant!
Ep1671 My Husband's Mistress Had a Baby...Is He the Father?
Ep1670 Did My Sister-in-law Sleep With My Husband? Test Them!
Ep1669 He's My Fiancé Now...He's Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1668 I Confess...I Cheated With Your Sister-in-law
Ep1667 You Cheated With My Best Friend...Who's Your Baby's Dad?
Ep1666 Extreme Nerd Makeovers!
Ep1665 2 Cousins Tested...Who's the Baby's Dad?
Ep1664 I'm Only 17...Is My Husband or Another Man My Baby's Dad?
Ep1663 Test Me...I'm Not the Father of Those 4 Kids!
Ep1662 If Her Baby Is Yours...Our Marriage Is Over!
Ep1661 Maury's Most Talented Kids 2010!
Ep1660 If You're Cheating With My Sister...the Wedding Is Off!
Ep1659 I'll Prove Your Fiancé Is the Father of My Four Kids!
Ep1658 Is My Best Friend My Husband's Mistress? Test Them!
Ep1657 You Cheat and Lie...I'll Prove Your Babies Aren't Mine!
Ep1656 Is My Wife Cheating With My Stepsister...Test Them!
Ep1655 I'm Only 16...I'll Prove Your Boyfriend Is My Baby's Dad!
Ep1654 Is My Husband Cheating With My Sister...Again?
Ep1653 They're Back! More Tests...More Results...Maury Updates!
Ep1652 I'll Prove My High-School Boyfriend Is My Baby's Dad!
Ep1651 Is My Newlywed Husband Cheating With My Teen Sister?
Ep1650 I'm Only 16...I Need to Prove You're My Baby's Father!
Ep1649 Did Maurio Have 5 Babies With 5 Women? Test Him!
Ep1648 Are You Sleeping With My Son? He's Half Your Age!
Ep1647 Your Husband's With Me Now...He's Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1646 Did My Husband Sleep With My Sister-in-law...Test Them!
Ep1645 I Slept With Dustin, Justin and Derrick...Who's My Baby's Dad?
Ep1644 We Had a Threesome...Now My Wife Has a Secret!
Ep1643 4 Women...6 Babies...Is Smitty the Father?
Ep1642 If My Fiance Had Sex With My Sister...The Wedding Is Off!
Ep1641 Paul Fathered Our 6 Kids...We'll Prove It Today!
Ep1640 Choose One...Take the Test or Reveal Your Sex Secrets!
Ep1639 7 Babies...6 Men Tested...Is He the Dad?
Ep1638 Missing or Taken...Help Find My Lost Child!
Ep1637 DNA Will Prove...My Dad Is Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1636 Is My Husband Sleeping With My Best Friend? Test Them!
Ep1635 I Slept With 100 Men...Will I Ever Find My Baby's Dad?
Ep1634 You're 14...Stop Dressing and Acting So Sexy!
Ep1633 I'm 17...I'm Too Young to Be Your Baby's Father!
Ep1632 I'm Not Cheating...I'm Just Too Old and Tired for Sex!
Ep1631 Sex Filled Secret Double Lives Revealed!
Ep1630 Secret Sexy Fantasies Revealed and Fulfilled!
Ep1629 Test Them All! Is 1 of These 3 Men My Baby's Dad?
Ep1628 Did My Husband Cheat and Make an X-Rated Movie?
Ep1627 Rihanna, Lil' Wayne, Brangelina...Sexy Celeb Look-a-Likes
Ep1626 6 Babies...6 Angry Moms...Who's the Dad?
Ep1625 That Hickey Came From the Dog...I Didn't Cheat!
Ep1624 8 Women...8 Babies...Is He the Father?
Ep1623 You're Cheating on My Son...He's Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1622 Does Derrick Have 26 Kids...the DNA Results Are In!
Ep1621 I Confess...I Paid for Sex 7 Times!
Ep1620 Hot Winter Updates...The Results Are In!
Ep1619 My Wife's a Sex Addict...Am I Her Baby's Father?
Ep1618 Test Him! Does My Fiance Have a Secret Sex Life?
Ep1617 My Daughter Sleeps Around...You're Not Her Baby's Dad!
Ep1616 4 Men Tested...Will I Find My Twins' Father Today?
Ep1615 Stop My 15-Year-Old From Having Her 2nd Baby!
Ep1614 3 Women and Their 6 Babies...Is Paul the Father?
Ep1613 Did My Husband Have Sex With My Mom? Test Him!
Ep1612 DNA Will Prove...My 5 Kids Are Yours!
Ep1611 Maury's Unromantic Guest Updates
Ep1610 Secrets Revealed...I Cheated With Over 200 Men!
Ep1609 5 Babies...7 Men Tested...Who's the Dad?
Ep1608 You Cheated on My Brother...Your 3 Kids Aren't His!
Ep1607 We Saw Corrie on 'Maury'...Test Him, He's Our Babies' Dad!
Ep1606 These Women Are Lying...Their 3 Kids Aren't Mine!
Ep1605 You're Twice My Daughter's Age...I'll Prove You Cheat!
Ep1604 The Videos Will Shock You...Unbelievable Survivors!
Ep1603 Is My Fiance or My Boyfriend My Baby's Dad?
Ep1602 If You Cheated in Our Bed...The Wedding Is Off!
Ep1601 You Cheated With My Cousin Mike...Who's the Dad?
Ep1600 My Wife Cheated 3 Times...Is He My Son?
Ep1599 DNA Will Prove One of Your Twins Isn't Mine!
Ep1598 I Found a Prostitute in Our House...Did You Cheat?
Ep1597 I Secretly Cheated...Your Sister's Baby May Be Mine!
Ep1596 7 Babies...8 Men...Who's the Father?
Ep1595 Test Him...Is My Daughter's Fiance a Male Prostitute?
Ep1594 We Had a Threesome...But I'm Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1593 Stop the Sex and Fighting...You're Only 14!
Ep1592 Top 10 Most Outrageous Guests of 2009!
Ep1591 1 Man...3 Women...4 Babies...Is He the Dad?
Ep1590 I Cheated With 97 Women...Will My Fiance Forgive Me?
Ep1589 He's My Husband Now...Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1588 Jack Hanna's Holiday Animal Adventure!
Ep1587 Winter Updates! The Wildest Guests Return!
Ep1586 2 Teen Cousins...2 Babies...Is James the Father?
Ep1585 You Slept With an Ex...Will DNA Prove I'm the Dad?
Ep1584 5 DNA Tests...Will I Find the Father Today?
Ep1583 We Were Geeks and Nerds...Today We're Knockouts!
Ep1582 You Got Me Pregnant at 13...I'll Prove You're the Father!
Ep1581 Help These Families Find Their Missing Children!
Ep1580 6 Women... 9 Babies... Am I the Father?
Ep1579 After 27 Years...Are You Cheating With My Sister?
Ep1578 Who's the Father of My 4 Kids...My Husband or My Lover?
Ep1577 3 Mad Moms... 4 babies... Is Aaron the Father?
Ep1576 Did My Fiancée Sleep With My Uncle for Money?
Ep1575 I Love You... But Your Sister's Baby May Be Mine!
Ep1574 My Man Has New Sex Moves...Is He Cheating?
Ep1573 Your Mom and I Will Prove It...You're My Baby's Dad!
Ep1572 5 Babies... 5 DNA Tests... Is He the Father?
Ep1571 Before Our Wedding... I Cheated with Your Family and 97 Women!
Ep1570 They're Back! Feuding Family Fall Updates
Ep1569 Cheating with His Stepdaughter? Family Sex Secrets Exposed!
Ep1568 I Cheated for 6 Years...Our Kids May Not Be Yours!
Ep1567 I Saw You Cheat...My Son's Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1566 I Cheated... but Your Best Friend's Baby Is Not Mine!
Ep1565 Is My Sister's Fiancé or My Ex My Baby's Father?
Ep1564 Indecent videos...Shocking Acts Exposed!
Ep1563 We Had a Threesome...Is Your Man My Baby's Dad?
Ep1562 Results Are In! Is My Sister Sleeping with My Man?
Ep1561 Did My Husband or My Lover Father My 4 Kids?
Ep1560 Shocking....Scary...Paranormal Videos!
Ep1559 You're 14... Stop Lap Dancing and Trying to Get Pregnant!
Ep1558 2 Teens...2 Babies...2 Men...Who's the Dad?
Ep1557 We're 15 and Having a Baby...Is He Cheating?
Ep1556 Kidnapped...Vanished...Find Our Missing Kids!
Ep1555 If You Slept With My Mom...The Wedding Is Off!
Ep1554 Is My Brother-in-law My Baby's Father?
Ep1553 1 Mom... 2 Men... 3 Babies... Who's the Dad?
Ep1552 You Vote! Maury's Most Talented Little Person!
Ep1551 Is My Fiancé an Adult Film Star...Test Him!
Ep1550 I'm 14...DNA Will Prove You're My Baby's Father!
Ep1549 We're 15, 16 & 17...Are You Our Babies' Father?
Ep1548 2 Men... 2 DNA Secrets... Who's the Dad?
Ep1547 Controlling Men Say Obey or Pay!
Ep1546 I Have a Sex Secret...I Slept with Your Cousin!
Ep1545 1 Man...2 Sisters...Is He the Baby's Dad?
Ep1544 They're Back...The Wildest Guests Return!
Ep1543 Test Him...My Prom Date Denies My Baby!
Ep1542 If You Cheated With My Family...It's Over!
Ep1541 Oversexed and Underaged...Maury Confronts Teens!
Ep1540 DNA Will Prove Your Husband Fathered My Twins!
Ep1539 Scandals, Celebrities and Shocking Hidden Videos!
Ep1538 I'm Only 14...I'll Prove Your My Baby's Father!
Ep1537 Send in the Decoys...Bust My Cheating Man!
Ep1536 Back to School Exam...Born a Woman or a Man?
Ep1535 The Sex Tape Will Prove You Cheated!
Ep1534 3 Women...4 Babies...Is Edwin the Father?
Ep1533 Is My Newlywed Husband Sleeping With Strippers?
Ep1532 Secrets of the Sex Business Revealed!
Ep1531 We're Terrified of Cotton...Flowers...and Caterpillars!
Ep1530 Will DNA Prove I Finally Have a Family?
Ep1529 Will She Marry Me Once She Hears My 3 Sex Secrets?
Ep1528 18 Men Tested...Who Will Be the Dad?
Ep1527 Is My Man Cheating Because I'm Seriously Burned?
Ep1526 7 Men...7 Babies Tested...Who's the Dad?
Ep1525 Is My Husband Having Sex With My Sister?
Ep1524 Makeups or Breakups? Our Wildest Guests Return!
Ep1523 I Cheated With 3 Men...Our Baby Might Not Be Yours!
Ep1522 The Secret Lives of Oversexed Teens Revealed!
Ep1521 I'm Pregnant. Is My Sister's Fiancé the Father?
Ep1520 Lust, Lovers and Liars...Raw Hidden Video!
Ep1519 My Sick Fiancé Needs to Know My 2 Sex Secrets!
Ep1518 My Wife Needs to Know I Got Her Sister Pregnant!
Ep1517 I'll Prove You Fathered My Teen Sister's Baby!
Ep1516 Firecracker Countdown...Top 10 Wildest Guests Return!
Ep1515 6 Women...7 Babies...Who's the Daddy?
Ep1514 My Son Needs to Know...That's Not His Baby!
Ep1513 Our Babies Weigh Over 700 Pounds...Please Help!
Ep1512 Secret Sex Fantasies Revealed!
Ep1511 After the Shocking Results...Where Are They Now?
Ep1510 Bikini Babes or Beach Boys
Ep1509 I Cheated With Our Cousin...Did He Father Our Two Kids?
Ep1508 Video Evidence of Ghosts, Vampires and Demons!
Ep1507 Paternity and Cheating Teen Couples in Crisis!
Ep1506 Who's My Baby's Dad...My Fiance or His Best Friend?
Ep1505 We Found Them...Outrageous Maury Guests Return!
Ep1504 17 & Married...Did My Husband Sleep With My Cousin?
Ep1503 You Cheated With My Best Friend...Is He Our Baby's Dad?
Ep1502 Do You Have 3 Secret Babies...Take the Tests!
Ep1501 I'm a Great Father Now...DNA Dads Return!
Ep1500 You're 47...I Won't Let You Date My Teen Son!
Ep1499 Teen Mom Tests 3 Men...Is 1 Her Baby's Dad?
Ep1498 Take a Test! Is My Fiance Having a Secret Threesome?
Ep1497 1 Man...2 Teen Cousins...2 Babies...Is He the Dad?
Ep1496 Too Real...Too Shocking...Wild Video Moments!
Ep1495 6 Wild Teen Girls...Desperate to Have Babies!
Ep1494 Secrets! Did My Sister's Fiancé Get Me Pregnant?
Ep1493 DNA Will Prove Your Husband Is My Baby's Father!
Ep1492 I'm Praying DNA Proves Our 2 Kids Are Mine!
Ep1491 After the Results...The Most Shocking Guests Return!
Ep1490 I Confess...I Had Sex With My Cousin's Husband!
Ep1489 The Sex...the Violence...Wild Teen Girls Confronted!
Ep1488 1 Man...5 DNA Tests...Is He the Dad?
Ep1487 Families Divided...Shocking Sex Secrets Revealed!
Ep1486 Is My Husband or His Brother My Baby's Father?
Ep1485 Shocking Results! Did My Husband Sleep With My Sister?
Ep1484 Revenge of the Geeks...Today We're Hot!
Ep1483 4 Teen Moms...4 Babies...Who's the Daddy?
Ep1482 Help...Our Babies Weigh Almost 500 Pounds!
Ep1481 I Don't Have 9 Kids...The DNA Will Prove It!
Ep1480 I Prostituted & Cheated 300 Times...Will She Forgive Me?
Ep1479 Don't Leave Me...I Have 3 Dirty Sex Secrets!
Ep1478 Our 5 Babies Need DNA Tests...Who's Their Father?
Ep1477 Teen Lives Ruined...Nude Pics Made Public!
Ep1476 Shocking Evidence...Cheating Fiance's Busted!
Ep1475 5 Women...6 Babies Tested...Who's the Dad?
Ep1474 Maury Spring Break...Shocking DNA Drama!
Ep1473 Maury Spring Break...Wild Guest Updates!
Ep1472 8 Possible Fathers...Who Will Be the Dad?
Ep1471 14 and 15...A Teen Couple Desperate to Have a Baby!
Ep1470 Did My Husband Cheat With 20 Women and Prostitutes?
Ep1469 I Don't Have 16 Kids...Give Me the DNA Tests!
Ep1468 Wild Coeds, Outrageous Sex Lives...Caught on Tape!
Ep1467 Teen Girls...Shocking Sex Lives Exposed!
Ep1466 DNA Drama...Did My Man Father My Sister's Baby?
Ep1465 DNA Drama...Did My Man Father My Sister's Baby?
Ep1464 I Confess...I Cheated with 10 Women and 2 Are Pregnant!
Ep1463 6 Babies...6 DNA Tests...Which Man Is the Dad?
Ep1462 Maury's Most Talented Kids 2009!
Ep1461 Pregnant at 15 and 17...2 Moms Demand DNA Tests!
Ep1460 The Abuse...the Control...Make My Husband Stop!
Ep1459 DNA Will Prove Your 5 Kids Are Not Mine!
Ep1458 I'm Just a Kid...I'll Prove I'm Not Your Baby's Dad!
Ep1457 She's Only 16...I'll Prove Her Baby Is Not Mine!
Ep1456 Women at War! Shocking Paternity Results!
Ep1455 Maury's Most Unromantic Guests Return!
Ep1454 Family and Babysitter Cheating Secrets Revealed!
Ep1453 Shocking Videos...Teen Sex Scandals...Cheating Men!
Ep1452 Confessions! Family Sex Secrets Uncovered!
Ep1451 The DNA Tests Will Prove I Do Not Have 18 Kids!
Ep1450 Shocking Maury Guests Return...Updates!
Ep1449 You're 14...Stop Bragging About Sex and Violence!
Ep1448 Your Husband Is My Baby's Father...I'll Prove It!
Ep1447 My 3 Sex Secrets Will Shock My Psychic Wife!
Ep1446 2 Women...3 Babies...Is My Deceased Son the Father?
Ep1445 Stop My 47-Year-Old Dad from Marrying a Teenager!
Ep1444 Make My Geek Gorgeous...Shocking Makeovers!
Ep1443 I Slept with My Husband's Nephew...Who's the Dad?
Ep1442 Paternity Shockers...Family Sex Secrets Exposed!
Ep1441 You're in the 7th Grade...Stop the Sex and Violence!
Ep1440 I Slept with Your Friend...Our 2 Kids May Not Be Yours
Ep1439 Before the Wedding...I Have 3 Shocking Sex Secrets!
Ep1438 Revealed! I Secretly Work In The Sex Business!
Ep1437 Too Much Sex and Fighting...Teen Girls Confronted!
Ep1436 Top 10 Most Unforgettable Guests of 2008!
Ep1435 Shocking Video! Secret Sex Lives and Teen Scandals
Ep1434 Pregnant at 13...I'll Prove You Are My Baby's Father!
Ep1433 I'm Psychic...I'll Prove You Cheated With My Mom!
Ep1432 Will DNA Prove You Are My Long Lost Family?
Ep1431 Jack Is Back...Outrageous Holiday Animals!
Ep1430 6 Men Tested...Will I Find My Baby's Father?
Ep1429 6 Men Tested...Will I Find My Baby's Father?
Ep1428 Wild, Outrageous Winter Updates!
Ep1427 My Secret Is...I Cheated With 9 Women!
Ep1426 I Can't Make Girls...Your Daughter Isn't Mine!
Ep1425 If You Cheated with My Mom...The Wedding Is Off!
Ep1424 Is My Husband or His Friend My Baby's Father?
Ep1423 Ghosts, Haunted Houses, Vampires...Caught on Tape!
Ep1422 Is a Teen boy or His Dad the Baby's Father?
Ep1421 Help Us Find Our Missing Kids!
Ep1420 Test Time! Did My Mom Sleep With My Husband?
Ep1419 Wild, Shocking Results...Where Are They Now?
Ep1418 I Had a Threesome...Who's My Baby's Father?
Ep1417 I Saw the Video...You Cheated with a Stripper!
Ep1416 Young Teen Girls Addicted to Sex and Violence!
Ep1415 I Have a Secret...Our 3 Kids May Not Be Yours!
Ep1414 Too Hot...Too Sexy...Too Shocking...Caught on Tape!
Ep1413 1 Woman...5 Kids...15 Men Tested...Who's the Dad?
Ep1412 10 Angry Women... 12 Babies... Who's The Dad? Part 2
Ep1411 10 Angry Women... 12 Babies... Who's The Dad? Part 1
Ep1410 Did My Daughter Sleep with My Man...Secrets Revealed
Ep1409 DNA Drama...2 Men Desperate To Be the Dad!
Ep1408 Caught in the Act...Private Moments in Public Places!
Ep1407 Secrets Tore Them Apart...Where Are They Now?
Ep1406 2 Women...3 Babies...Is One Man the Father?
Ep1405 Are You Cheating With the Babysitter...Take the Test!
Ep1404 Time to Vote! Born Men or Women!
Ep1403 I'll Prove You're the Father of My 5 Kids
Ep1402 I Slept With 4 Men...Who's My Baby's Dad?
Ep1401 I Slept With 4 Men...Who's My Baby's Dad?
Ep1400 I Train Her Like a Dog...Abusive Men Confronted!
Ep1399 Watch This! Sexy, Shocking Home Videos!
Ep1398 3 Angry Women...3 Babies...Is Harry the Father?
Ep1397 I Slept With Your Cousin...Our 2 Kids May Be His!
Ep1396 Love Them or Hate Them...Adult Film Stars Exposed!
Ep1395 We Had a Threesome...I'm Praying My Husband is the Dad!
Ep1394 Did My Boyfriend Get My Teen Daughter Pregnant?
Ep1393 I Helped My Teen Son Become a Girl
Ep1392 Maury 2008 New Guests...New Updates!
Ep1391 Make My Make-Out Fantasy Come True!
Ep1390 I'll Take a DNA Test...Your Triplets Are Not Mine!
Ep1389 Your Secret Sex Life Will Be Exposed Today!
Ep1388 Who's My Baby's Dad...My Husband or His Nephew?
Ep1387 Fantasy Wife Exotic Dancer Makeovers!
Ep1386 Sex & Violence...Wild Teen Sisters Exposed!
Ep1385 The DNA Will Make You Pay...You Are the Father!
Ep1384 The Lie Detector Reveals Family Sex Secrets!
Ep1383 1 Cheating Wife...3 Babies...Are these Kids Mine?
Ep1382 If I Don't Obey...My Husband Will Hurt Me!
Ep1381 You Vote! The Most Talented Twins and Triplets!
Ep1380 Family Sex Secrets...The DNA Results Are In!
Ep1379 Teen Moms...Shocking Paternity Test Results!
Ep1378 The Test Doesn't Lie...Today You Are Busted!
Ep1377 You Have 11 Kids...The DNA Tests Will Prove It!
Ep1376 Vicious Nannies & Violent Crimes...Captured on Video!
Ep1375 I'm 13...You Can't Stop Me From Having a Baby!
Ep1374 I Cheated with 2 Men...Our Baby May Not Be Yours!
Ep1373 Jack's Most Outrageous Animals!
Ep1372 Is My Sister's Man My Baby's Father?
Ep1371 10 Years of Maury...Outrageous Updates!
Ep1370 Tell Me...Is My Mom Sleeping with My Fiancé!
Ep1369 Did My Fiancé Get My Mother Pregnant?
Ep1368 Who's the Dad? Shocking Teen Paternity Tests!
Ep1367 Family Sex Scandals Revealed!
Ep1366 It's Real...I'm Terrified of Cotton Balls, Frogs and Jell-O!
Ep1365 Family Paternity and Sex Secrets Revealed!
Ep1364 I Can't Be Your Baby's Father...I'm Sterile!
Ep1363 Tempt My Husband with a Sexy Decoy!
Ep1362 Top 10 Cheaters...Busted on Tape!
Ep1361 A Husband Confesses...I Slept with Your Niece!
Ep1360 DNA Will Prove...You Fathered My 3 Kids!
Ep1359 Maury's Truth Test...Cheating Men Exposed!
Ep1358 My Daugher Is Oversexed and Wild...She's Only 14!
Ep1357 Summer Updates...the Wildest Guests Return!
Ep1356 Secrets of the Sex Business Revealed!
Ep1355 DNA Will Prove You Got My Teen Daughter Pregnant!
Ep1354 5 Babies...5 Angry Moms...Who's the Daddy?
Ep1353 The Test will Tell...Are You Cheating with My Sister?
Ep1352 1 Man...2 Teen Girls...Is He Their Baby's Father?
Ep1351 Help! My Teen Beats Me and Has Sex in Public!
Ep1350 I'll Prove Your Husband Got Me Pregnant! Part 2
Ep1349 I'll Prove Your Husband Got Me Pregnant!
Ep1348 Seeing Is Believing...The World's Wildest Videos!
Ep1347 Did My Fiancé Have Sex with My Cousin? Take the Test!
Ep1346 Did My Sister Sleep with My Boyfriend? The Test Will Tell!
Ep1345 Sex Stalkers and Peeping Toms Exposed
Ep1344 Scary Pictures...Shocking Videos...Are Ghosts Real?
Ep1343 I'm Only 16...Did My Mom Sleep with My Boyfriend?
Ep1342 Our Kids Are Missing...Have You Seen Them?
Ep1341 You Decided...Maury's Top 10 Paternity Guests
Ep1340 Husbands Reveal Their Shocking Secret Sex Lives!
Ep1339 I'm Not Worthless...Stop Beating & Controlling Me!
Ep1338 They're Wild...They're Outrageous...They're Back!
Ep1337 3 Teen Moms...3 Babies...Is One Man the Father?
Ep1336 3 Teen Moms...3 Babies...Is One Man the Father?
Ep1335 Did You Cheat Over 25 Times? the Test Will Tell!
Ep1334 Take a Paternity Test...My 3 Kids Are Yours!
Ep1333 The Top 10 Sexiest Maury Show Moments
Ep1332 DNA Drama...I'll Prove My Dad Is Not Your Father!
Ep1331 You're 14 and You Have a Baby, Your Wild Ways Will End Today!
Ep1330 100 Questions Later...Will Cheaters Be Exposed?
Ep1329 1 Man...3 Babies...I'll Prove He's the Father!
Ep1328 My Family Needs to Know My Deep Dark Sex Secret!
Ep1327 Maury's Most Talented Kid Singing Star!
Ep1326 1 Baby...4 Men Tested...Who's the Father?
Ep1325 Too Much Sex and Violence, Stop My Wild Teen!
Ep1324 Shocking Family Paternity Secrets Uncovered!
Ep1323 Shocking Family Paternity Secrets Uncovered!
Ep1322 The Wildest and Sexiest Moments Caught on Video!
Ep1321 Tell the Truth...Is My Fiance in Love With My Mom?
Ep1320 Pregnant at 15...I'll Prove You're My Baby's Dad! Part 2
Ep1319 Pregnant at 15...I'll Prove You're My Baby's Dad!
Ep1318 A Husband Confesses...I Slept with Your Niece!
Ep1317 Outrageous Spring Emergency Makeovers!
Ep1316 I'm Testing the 4th Man Today...Is He My Baby's Father?
Ep1315 The Shocking Lives of Men Who Were Born Women!
Ep1314 I Cheated with 2 Men...You May Not Be My Baby's Dad!
Ep1313 I Slept With 5 Men...Is One My Baby's Father?
Ep1312 Exclusive Video...Sex Scandals and Criminals Exposed!
Ep1311 Is My Husband or His Brother My Baby's Father
Ep1310 Is My Husband or His Brother My Baby's Father?
Ep1309 Maury
Ep1308 Obey or Pay! Abusive Lovers Exposed!
Ep1307 I'll Prove Your Man Is My Lover & My Baby's Father
Ep1306 Shocking Videos and Pictures! Are These Ghosts Real?
Ep1305 I Almost Died...It Was on 'Caught on Tape'!
Ep1304 Fulfill My Sexy Fantasy...I'm Your Secret Crush!
Ep1303 You Can't Hide from the Truth...Cheaters Exposed!
Ep1302 I Slept With 3 Men...Who's My Baby's Father?
Ep1301 My Teen Wants to Be a Prostitute and Have a Baby!
Ep1300 Red Carpet Queens Revealed! Born Man or Woman?
Ep1299 I Didn't Sleep With 20 Men...You're My Baby's Father!
Ep1298 Sexy Decoys, Lie Detectors, Cheating Husbands Busted!
Ep1297 Moment of Impact...Cheaters and Chases Caught on Tape!
Ep1296 Is My Mother's Fiance My Baby's Father?
Ep1295 You're Only 13...The Sex and Violence Ends Today!
Ep1294 Will They Tell the Truth? The Test Won't Lie!
Ep1293 I Was in a Coma! I Can't Be Your Baby's Father!
Ep1292 You Vote! Maury's Undiscovered Singing Idol!
Ep1291 You Got Me Pregnant at 13! I'll Prove You're the Dad!
Ep1290 18 Tests Later! Will Maury Say 'You Are the Father?'
Ep1289 Wild Winter Updates! Outrageous Guests Return!
Ep1288 Revealed and Exposed! Shocking Family Secrets!
Ep1287 You Cheated With My Two Cousins! Who's the Baby's Father?
Ep1286 Celebrity Sex Tapes and Shocking Videos Exposed!
Ep1285 Help! Which One of These Three Men is My Baby's Father? Part 2
Ep1284 Help! Which One of These Three Men Is My Baby's Father? Part 1
Ep1283 My Fiance Cheated With My Sister! Is He Her Baby's Dad?
Ep1282 Are These Ghosts Real? Watch the Video!
Ep1281 Help! My 14-Year-Old is Trying to Have a Baby!
Ep1280 I'll Prove a Married Man is My Baby's Dad!
Ep1279 Sexy Fantasy Makeovers Fulfilled!
Ep1278 Is My Man the Father of My Sister's Baby?
Ep1277 Sex Crimes, Cheaters and Stupid Criminals Caught on Video!
Ep1276 Top 10 Most Outrageous Guests of 2007!
Ep1275 My Three Teen Girls are Violent and Oversexed!
Ep1274 My 16-Year-Old Boyfriend Abuses Me!
Ep1273 If You Cheated With My Aunt...It's Over!
Ep1272 A Holiday Safari...Jack is Back!
Ep1271 1 Baby, 3 Different Men...Is One My Baby's Father?
Ep1270 Two Men Tested...Is One My Baby's Father?
Ep1269 You Vote! Maury's Most Talented Kid Dancers!
Ep1268 If You Cheated With My Aunt...It's Over!
Ep1267 1 Woman, 1 Baby...Is the 11th Man the Dad?
Ep1266 Extreme Plastic Surgery!
Ep1265 Updates! The Wildest Teen Test Results!
Ep1264 Stop My Husband From Hurting Me!
Ep1263 Maury
Ep1262 Help...My 13 Year Old Has Sex and Beats Me!
Ep1261 3 Men Tested...Is One My Baby's Dad?
Ep1260 I'm Only 15...I'll Prove This Is Your Baby!
Ep1259 Will a DNA Test Prove We Are Family?
Ep1258 Teen Sex Parties and Peeping Toms Exposed!
Ep1257 Who's the Daddy? Me...or My Teen Son?
Ep1256 Ten Years of Paternity Secrets & Wild Teens!
Ep1255 Cheating With the Neighbor? Take the Test!
Ep1254 You Vote! Maury's Most Talented Kids!
Ep1253 Three Tests Later...I'm Praying He's the Dad!
Ep1252 Busted...Married Men Paying for Sex!
Ep1251 I Have 7 Kids...But Your Baby's Not Mine!
Ep1250 The DNA Test Will Prove I Don't Have 21 Kids!
Ep1249 If My Husband's Having Sex With Men, It's Over!
Ep1248 10 Years of Maury...Our Most Memorable Guests are Back!
Ep1247 Teen Girls Reveal Secret Sex Lives!
Ep1246 Is This Woman My Dad? The DNA Will Tell
Ep1245 Did My Man Have Sex with My Mom? Take the Test!
Ep1244 33 Years Later...Will DNA Prove You're My Dad?
Ep1243 Man or Woman...The Costumes Come Off!
Ep1242 Help...Our 5 Babies Weigh Over 450lbs.!
Ep1241 My Son Died...Is He Your Baby's Father?
Ep1240 Ghosts and Haunted Houses Caught on Video!
Ep1239 Sexy Decoys Bust Cheating Men!
Ep1238 I'm Terrified of Gum, Crabs and Balloons!
Ep1237 Maury's Wildest Guests are Back!
Ep1236 I Have 25 Kids...Your Baby Is Not Mine!
Ep1235 Have You Seen This Child! Missing Kids!
Ep1234 Send My Wild 13-Year-Old to Jail!
Ep1233 I Cheated 25 Times, You May Not Be the Dad!
Ep1232 Prostitutes, Pranks and Sex Crimes...Caught on Video!
Ep1231 Shocking DNA & Family Secrets Revealed!
Ep1230 My Overweight Mom Dresses Too Sexy
Ep1229 Teen Paternity Secrets Revealed!
Ep1228 Maury's Weekly Countdown
Ep1227 He Beats & Controls Me...I'm Only 17!
Ep1226 Ugly, Geeky Nerds to Hot Sexy Knockouts!
Ep1225 2 Teen Moms, 2 Babies, Is 1 Man the Father?
Ep1224 Family Sex Secrets Revealed & Uncovered!
Ep1223 Maury's Weekly Countdown
Ep1222 The DNA Will Prove You Got Me Pregnant at 14!
Ep1221 Angelina, Britney & Whoopi...Outrageous Celebrity Look-a-Likes!
Ep1220 You Prostitute & Beat Girls...You're Only 14!
Ep1219 3 Men...I'm Praying One is My Baby's Father!
Ep1218 Maury's Weekly Countdown
Ep1217 Extreme Teen Videos...Sex & Stunts Gone Too Far!
Ep1216 Maury's Most Outrageous Talent!
Ep1215 Secret Sex Videos...Cheaters Busted!
Ep1214 I Slept With 100 Men...Who's My Baby's Father?
Ep1213 11 Shows Later...Will I Finally Find My Baby's Father?
Ep1212 My Shocking Sex Secret Will Be Revealed Today!
Ep1211 Is My Stepfather My Baby's Dad?
Ep1210 I Was an Ugly Nerd Then...Now I'm a Hot Sexy 10!
Ep1209 Your Husband Fathered My 2 Babies...I'll Prove It!
Ep1208 You Slept With 5 Men...I'm Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1207 Our Sexy Decoys Have the Proof...He's a Cheater!
Ep1206 Paternity, Teens and Secrets! Summer's Hottest Updates Ever!
Ep1205 Sexy, Shocking Family Secrets...Revealed?
Ep1204 Who's the Father...My Boyfriend or Your Husband?
Ep1203 Help! My 15-year-old Prostitutes and Wants a Baby!
Ep1202 Give My Son a DNA Test...He's Not Your Baby's Father!
Ep1201 Is My Man or My Secret Lover Our Baby's Father?
Ep1200 Confessions of a Peeper and Vicious Sex Crimes...Exposed!
Ep1199 I'm Ashamed! Which of These 4 Men Is My Baby's Father?
Ep1198 Shocking Video and Extreme Sex Lives...Exposed!
Ep1197 We Need a Test...We're Both Desperate to Be the Dad!
Ep1196 They're Back! The Most Shocking Maury Guests Ever!
Ep1195 Help! My Teen Daughters Are Having Too Much Sex!
Ep1194 Test Me! I Didn't Get Those 3 Women Pregnant!
Ep1193 3 Angry Wives...3 Babies! Who Is Their Father?
Ep1192 The Ghost Video Is Proof...Our House Is Haunted!
Ep1191 I Cheated on My Wife With Prostitutes...And They're Pregnant!
Ep1190 100 Tests Later...Will We Find Our Babies' Father Today?
Ep1189 The Test Will Tell...Did My Boyfriend Get My Daughter Pregnant?
Ep1188 Who Is the Father? I Slept With Two Brothers!
Ep1187 Help! My Abusive Boyfriend Makes Me Prostitute!
Ep1186 Is My Teen Niece Sleeping With My Husband? Take the Test!
Ep1185 Leave My Man Alone...Your Three Kids Aren't His!
Ep1184 The Results Were Outrageous! Where Are They Now?
Ep1183 Maury's Most Shocking! Violent Videos...Exposed!
Ep1182 Busted Naked! Today I'll Prove You're a Cheater!
Ep1181 Can You Save Me? I Am Terrified of Cotton Balls and Frogs!
Ep1180 The Top Ten Most Memorable DNA Test Results!
Ep1179 You're Only 15...Stop Posing Nude and Having Sex!
Ep1178 I Confess...Your Best Friend Is My Secret Lover!
Ep1177 Help Me Prove My Husband Got Another Woman Pregnant!
Ep1176 I Slept With 100 Men...Who's the Father of My Baby?
Ep1175 Summer's Almost Here...Hot Sizzling Updates!
Ep1174 1 Man...3 Women...4 Babies! Is He the Father?
Ep1173 I'm 50...Is My 27-year-old Boyfriend Cheating on Me?
Ep1172 Marisol Is Back! Is the 13th Man Her Son's Father?