Max & Ruby

  • 2002
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Charming cartoon about an older sister-younger brother relationship---between bunnies. Based on books by Rosemary Wells.


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep78 Max's Pogo Stick
Ep77 Max's Sprinkler
Ep76 Space Bunny
Ep75 Grandma's Geraniums
Ep74 Ruby's First Robin of Spring
Ep73 Max & Ruby's Groundhog Day
Ep72 Max's Library Card
Ep71 Ruby's Rhyme Time
Ep70 Ruby's Big Case
Ep69 Ruby's Fall Pageant
Ep68 Max Leaves
Ep67 Max and Ruby Give Thanks
Ep66 Max's Trick or Treat
Ep65 Max & Ruby's Halloween House
Ep64 Ruby & the Beast
Ep63 Ruby's Ping-Pong Record
Ep62 Lights, Camera, Ruby!
Ep61 Ruby's Memory Quilt
Ep60 Max and Ruby's Big Finish
Ep59 Ruby's Toy Drive
Ep58 Max's Red Rubber Elephant Mystery
Ep57 Conductor Max
Ep56 Go to Sleep Max
Ep55 Max and Ruby's Train Trip
Ep54 Max's Big Dig
Ep53 A Toy for Baby Huffington
Ep52 Ruby's Autograph
Ep51 Max's Spaghetti
Ep50 Ruby's Parrot Project
Ep49 Max and the Magnet
Ep48 Max's Tree Fort
Ep47 Ruby's Juice Bar
Ep46 Ruby's Tower
Ep45 Doctor Ruby
Ep44 Ruby's Movie Night
Ep43 Max's Pinata
Ep42 Ruby's Huff and Puff
Ep41 Ruby's Croquet Match
Ep40 Ruby's Diorama
Ep39 Ruby's Limbo
Ep38 Max's Beach Ball
Ep37 Max's Kite
Ep36 Max's Train Ride
Ep35 Max's Toy Train
Ep34 Engineer Max
Ep33 Grandma's Surprise Dance
Ep32 Max's Hand Print
Ep31 Grandma's Birthday
Ep30 Max's Ducky Day
Ep29 Ruby's Earth Day List
Ep28 Ruby's Earth Day Party
Ep27 Ruby's Real Tea Party
Ep26 Max on Guard
Ep25 Max's Ride
Ep24 Ruby Tries Again
Ep23 Max Goes Fishing
Ep22 Ruby's Bird Walk
Ep21 Little Ruby Hen
Ep20 Max and the Three Bears
Ep19 The Bunny Who Cried Lobster
Ep18 Superbunny Saves the Cake
Ep17 Detective Ruby
Ep16 Picture Perfect
Ep15 Ruby's Art Stand
Ep14 Max's Ice Cream Cone
Ep13 Max's Sandwich
Ep12 Max's Night Light
Ep11 Ruby's Amazing Maze
Ep11 Max's Balloon Buddies; Ruby's Penny Carnival; Ruby's Big Win
Ep10 Ruby's Bedtime Story
Ep9 Max Plays Catch
Ep8 Ruby's Birdie
Ep7 Ruby Gets the Picture
Ep6 Ruby's Tai Chi
Ep5 Ruby's Spa Day
Ep4 Max Says Hello
Ep3 Max and Ruby's Christmas Carol
Ep2 Max's Christmas Present
Ep1 Ruby's Perfect Christmas Tree
Ruby's Perfect Christmas Tree; Max's Christmas Present; Max and Ruby's Christmas Carol
Space Bunny; Max's Sprinkler; Max's Pogo Stick
Max & Ruby's Groundhog Day; Ruby's First Robin of Spring; Grandma's Geraniums
Ruby's Big Case; Ruby's Rhyme Time; Max's Library Card
Max and Ruby Give Thanks; Max Leaves; Ruby's Fall Pageant
Ruby & the Beast; Max & Ruby's Halloween House; Max's Trick or Treat
Ruby's Memory Quilt; Lights, Camera, Ruby!; Ruby's Ping-Pong Record
Max's Red Rubber Elephant Mystery; Ruby's Toy Drive; Max and Ruby's Big Finish
Max and Ruby's Train Trip; Go to Sleep Max; Conductor Max
Ruby's Autograph; A Toy for Baby Huffington; Max's Big Dig
Max and the Magnet; Ruby's Parrot Project; Max's Spaghetti
Ruby's Tower; Ruby's Juice Bar; Max's Tree Fort
Max's Pinata; Ruby's Movie Night; Doctor Ruby
Ruby's Diorama; Ruby's Croquet Match; Ruby's Huff and Puff
Max's Kite; Max's Beach Ball; Ruby's Limbo
Engineer Max; Max's Toy Train; Max's Train Ride
Grandma's Birthday; Max's Hand Print; Grandma's Surprise Dance
Ruby's Earth Day Party; Ruby's Earth Day List; Max's Ducky Day
Max's Ride; Max on Guard; Ruby's Real Tea Party
Ruby's Bird Walk; Max Goes Fishing; Ruby Tries Again
The Bunny Who Cried Lobster; Max and the Three Bears; Little Ruby Hen
Picture Perfect; Detective Ruby; Superbunny Saves the Cake
Max's Sandwich; Max's Ice Cream Cone; Ruby's Art Stand
Ruby's Bedtime Story; Ruby's Amazing Maze; Max's Night Light
Ruby Gets the Picture; Ruby's Birdie; Max Plays Catch
Max Says Hello; Ruby's Spa Day; Ruby's Tai Chi
Ruby's Perfect Christmas Tree; Max's Christmas Present; Max and Ruby's Christmas Carol

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 Max Says Goodbye
Ep35 Ruby's Water Lily
Ep34 Super Max's Cape
Ep33 Ruby's Real Cinderella
Ep32 Max & the Martians
Ep31 Ruby's Hula Hoop
Ep30 Ruby's Snowflake
Ep29 Ruby's Snowbunny
Ep28 Duck Duck Goose
Ep27 Max & the Three Little Bunnies
Ep26 Emperor Max's New Suit
Ep25 The Princess & the Marbles
Ep24 Ruby's Big Win
Ep23 Ruby's Penny Carnival
Ep22 Max's Balloon Buddies
Ep21 Ruby's New Shoes
Ep20 Candy Counting
Ep19 Ruby's Good Neighbor Report
Ep18 Ruby's Horn of Plenty
Ep17 Max's Big Kick
Ep16 Max Saves the Parade
Ep15 Max's New Year
Ep14 Max's Christmas Passed
Ep13 Ruby's Gingerbread House
Ep12 Max's Grasshopper
Ep11 Bunny Hopscotch
Ep10 Max's Castle
Ep9 Max's Mudpie
Ep8 Home Tweet Home
Ep7 Ruby's Rainbow
Ep6 Ruby's Handstand
Ep5 Ruby's Missing Tune
Ep4 Ruby's Home Run
Ep3 Ruby's Recital
Ep2 Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle
Ep1 Grandma's Treasure Hunt
Super Max's Cape; Ruby's Water Lily; Max Says Goodbye
Ruby's Hula Hoop; Max & the Martians; Ruby's Real Cinderella
Duck Duck Goose; Ruby's Snowbunny; Ruby's Snowflake
The Princess & the Marbles; Emperor Max's New Suit; Max & the Three Little Bunnies
Max's Balloon Buddies; Ruby's Penny Carnival; Ruby's Big Win
Ruby's Good Neighbor Report; Candy Counting; Ruby's New Shoes
Max Saves the Parade; Max's Big Kick; Ruby's Horn of Plenty
Ruby's Gingerbread House; Max's Christmas Passed; Max's New Year
Max's Castle; Bunny Hopscotch; Max's Grasshopper
Ruby's Rainbow; Home Tweet Home; Max's Mudpie
Ruby's Home Run; Ruby's Missing Tune; Ruby's Handstand
Grandma's Treasure Hunt; Ruby's Jigsaw Puzzle; Ruby's Recital

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep42 Max's Snow Day
Ep41 Max's Snow Bunny
Ep40 Max's Mix-Up
Ep39 Max & Ruby's Snow Plow
Ep38 Grandma's Present
Ep37 Max & Ruby's Christmas Tree
Ep36 Max's Big Boo
Ep35 Max & Ruby's Perfect Pumpkin
Ep34 Max's Jack-o-Lantern
Ep33 The Froggy Prince
Ep32 Max & the Beanstalk
Ep31 Little Red Ruby Riding Hood
Ep30 Max's Blast Off!
Ep29 Max's Candy Apple
Ep28 Max's Rocket Racer
Ep27 Ruby's Detective Agency
Ep26 Ruby's Bunny Scout Parade
Ep25 Grandma's Berry Patch
Ep24 Ruby's Sandcastle
Ep23 Ruby Scores!
Ep22 Ruby's Loose Tooth
Ep21 Ruby's Puppet Show
Ep20 Sugar Plum Max
Ep19 Max's Ant Farm
Ep18 Max's Present
Ep17 Ruby's Party
Ep16 Surprise Ruby
Ep15 Max's Lost Lizard
Ep14 Max's Mudbath
Ep13 Ruby's Safari
Ep12 Ruby's Sing-a-long
Ep11 Max & Ruby's Fashion Show
Ep10 Max's Fire Flies
Ep9 Max Babysits
Ep8 Getting Crabby at the Beach
Ep7 Ruby Delivers
Ep6 Super Max Saves the World
Ep5 Ruby's Bird Bath
Ep4 Ruby's Hippity Hop Dance
Ep3 Max & the Easter Bunny
Ep2 Max's Easter Parade
Ep1 Ruby's Easter Bonnet
Max's Mix-Up; Max's Snow Bunny; Max's Snow Day
Max & Ruby's Christmas Tree; Grandma's Present; Max & Ruby's Snow Plow
Max's Jack-o-Lantern; Max & Ruby's Perfect Pumpkin; Max's Big Boo
Little Red Ruby Riding Hood; Max & the Beanstalk; The Froggy Prince
Max's Rocket Racer; Max's Candy Apple; Max's Blast Off!
Grandma's Berry Patch; Ruby's Bunny Scout Parade; Ruby's Detective Agency
Ruby's Loose Tooth; Ruby Scores!; Ruby's Sandcastle
Max's Ant Farm; Sugar Plum Max; Ruby's Puppet Show
Surprise Ruby; Ruby's Party; Max's Present
Ruby's Safari; Max's Mudbath; Max's Lost Lizard
Max's Fire Flies; Max & Ruby's Fashion Show; Ruby's Sing-a-long
Ruby Delivers; Getting Crabby at the Beach; Max Babysits
Ruby's Hippity Hop Dance; Ruby's Bird Bath; Super Max Saves the World
Ruby's Easter Bonnet; Max's Easter Parade; Max & the Easter Bunny

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep27 Max's Rocket Run
Ep26 Ruby's Snow Queen
Ep25 Max's Christmas
Ep24 Fireman Max
Ep23 Max's Pretend Friend
Ep22 Max's Thanksgiving
Ep21 The Blue Tarantula
Ep20 Ruby's Leaf Collection
Ep19 Max's Halloween
Ep18 Bunny Scout Brownies
Ep17 Baby Max
Ep16 Ruby's Pajama Party
Ep15 Ruby's Candy Store
Ep14 Max Remembers
Ep13 Max's Shadow
Ep12 Ruby's Tent
Ep11 Ruby's Surprise Party
Ep10 Ruby's Figure Eight
Ep9 Space Max
Ep8 Max's Prize
Ep7 Max's Check Up
Ep6 Grandma's Attic
Ep5 Max's Dominoes
Ep4 Ruby Writes a Story
Ep3 Ruby's Scavenger Hunt
Ep2 Max Meets Morris
Ep1 Max's Work of Art
Max's Christmas; Ruby's Snow Queen; Max's Rocket Run
Max's Halloween; Ruby's Leaf Collection; The Blue Tarantula
Ruby's Pajama Party; Baby Max; Bunny Scout Brownies
Max's Shadow; Max Remembers; Ruby's Candy Store
Ruby's Figure Eight; Ruby's Surprise Party; Ruby's Tent
Max's Check Up; Max's Prize; Space Max
Ruby Writes a Story; Max's Dominoes; Grandma's Attic
Hide-and-Seek; Max's Breakfast; Louise's Secret

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep48 Max Drives Away
Ep47 Ruby's Beauty Shop
Ep46 Max's Chocolate Chicken
Ep45 Roger's Choice
Ep44 Max's Rabbit Racer
Ep43 Max's Dragon Shirt
Ep42 Super Max
Ep41 Ruby Flies a Kite
Ep40 Max's Valentine
Ep39 Ruby's Stage Show
Ep38 The Big Picture
Ep37 Ruby's Hiccups
Ep36 Super Max to the Rescue
Ep35 Ruby's Beach Party
Ep34 Max's Bug Salad
Ep33 Ruby's Magic Act
Ep32 Ruby's Rummage Sale
Ep31 Ruby's Lemonade Stand
Ep30 Good Night Max
Ep29 Max's New Suit
Ep28 Max's Birthday
Ep27 Ghost Bunny
Ep26 Ruby's Rollerskates
Ep25 Ruby's Panda Prize
Ep24 Bunny Money
Ep23 Bunny Party
Ep22 Bunny Cakes
Ep21 Ruby's Science Project
Ep20 Max Is It
Ep19 Ruby's Tea Party
Ep18 Ruby's Jewelry Box
Ep17 Max's Cuckoo Clock
Ep16 Max Cleans Up
Ep15 Max Gets Wet
Ep14 Max's Music
Ep13 Ruby's Hula Hoop; Max & the Martians; Ruby's Real Cinderella
Ep13 Max's Froggy Friend
Ep12 Quiet, Max!
Ep11 Max's Apple
Ep10 Ruby's Merit Badge
Ep9 Max's Rainy Day
Ep8 Max's Wormcake
Ep7 Max Misses the Bus
Ep6 Max's Bedtime
Ep5 Max's Bath
Ep4 Ruby's Piano Practice
Ep3 Louise's Secret
Ep2 Max's Breakfast
Ep1 Hide-and-Seek
Max's Dragon Shirt; Max's Rabbit Racer; Roger's Choice
Max's Valentine; Ruby Flies a Kite; Super Max
Ruby's Hiccups; The Big Picture; Ruby's Stage Show
Ruby's Lemonade Stand; Ruby's Rummage Sale; Ruby's Magic Act
Max's Birthday; Max's New Suit; Good Night Max
Ruby's Panda Prize; Ruby's Rollerskates; Ghost Bunny
Bunny Cakes; Bunny Party; Bunny Money
Ruby's Tea Party; Max Is It; Ruby's Science Project
Max Cleans Up; Max's Cuckoo Clock; Ruby's Jewelry Box
Max's Froggy Friend; Max's Music; Max Gets Wet
Ruby's Merit Badge; Max's Apple; Quiet, Max!
Max Misses the Bus; Max's Wormcake; Max's Rainy Day
Ruby's Piano Practice; Max's Bath; Max's Bedtime
Hide and Seek; Max's Breakfast; Louise's Secret
Ruby's Clubhouse; Camp Out; Max's Picnic

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep82 Ruby's Report; Ruby's New Shoes; Candy Counting
Max's Bug Salad; Ruby's Beach Party; Super Max to the Rescue
The Princess and the Marbles/Emperor Max's New Suit/Max and the Three Little Bunnies
Ruby's Earth Day Party/Ruby's Earth Day Checklist/Max's Ducky Day
Grandmas Berry Patch; Rubys Bunny Scout Parade;
Hop Dance; Bird Bath; Saves The World
Chicken; Beauty Shop; Drive
Bonnet; Parade; Bunny
Maxs Rocket Racer; Maxs Candy Apple; Maxs Blast
Max & Ruby Snow Queen
Ruby's Pajama-Party / Baby Max
Hiccup / Picture / Stageshow
Hop Dance; Bird Bath; Saves The World
Loose Tooth; Scores; Sandcastle
Bus Ride; Maxs Wormcake; Rainy Day
Ruby's Leaf Collection; The Blue Tarantula; Super Max
Max and Ruby Give Thanks; Max Leaves; Ruby's Fall Pageant
Detective Ruby; Super Bunny Saves the Cake; Picture Perfect
Ruby's Report; Ruby's New Shoes; Candy Counting

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