Miami Ink

  • 2005-2008
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Profiling the owners and patrons of a South Beach tattoo parlor.


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 And Baby Makes Three
Ep12 Hanging With the Haradas
Ep11 New Orleans Special
Ep10 Ruthless and Toothless
Ep9 Dre Demands Respect
Ep8 Ami and Yoji Come to Blows
Ep7 Dre's Stylin'
Ep6 Blast Off!
Ep5 Ami Animates
Ep4 House Hunting
Ep3 Tim's Pinups
Ep2 We Are Family
Ep1 Make or Break

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Through Thick and Thin
Ep12 Makin' the Big Leagues
Ep11 Speed Racer
Ep10 Skate or Die!
Ep9 Ami's Anger
Ep8 No Regrets
Ep7 Nothing Lasts Forever
Ep6 Viva Las Vegas
Ep5 Garver Gets Commissioned
Ep4 Facing Changes
Ep3 Old Friends
Ep2 Staff, Staff, Staff
Ep1 New Artist Search

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep33 Tensions Rock the Shop
Ep32 American Chopper
Ep31 Ami and Nunez Buy a Bar
Ep30 Yoji's Dilemma
Ep29 Kat's Cooking
Ep28 Back to Their Roots
Ep27 Kat and Oliver Quality Time
Ep26 Bella Boot Camp
Ep25 Nobody Likes a Quitter
Ep24 Family Values Tour
Ep23 Yoji's Big Move
Ep22 Shop Party
Ep21 Battle of the Apprentices
Ep20 Garver's Injury
Ep19 The Car Star
Ep18 Von D Family Bonding
Ep17 A Disgruntled Yoji
Ep16 History of the Circus Sideshow
Ep15 The Jeep
Ep14 Sink or Swim
Ep13 Bye-Bye Bridgette
Ep12 Kat & Ami Tattoo the Troops
Ep11 Lloyd Banks and The Rotten Apple
Ep10 Kat's Niche
Ep9 Ami's Bad Side
Ep8 Kat: A Fish out of Water
Ep7 Garver's Ultimatum
Ep6 Kat the Party Machine
Ep5 We're All Family
Ep4 The Ultimate Job Interview
Ep3 Woman in a Man's World
Ep2 Yoji's Initiation
Ep1 Saver vs. Spender

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Miami Ink Touch Ups: Best of Kat
Ep20 Made in Japan
Ep19 Goodbye Freedom
Ep18 The Ink That Binds
Ep17 Rock 'n' Roll All Night
Ep16 While Ami's Away
Ep15 Kat's Return, Ami's Ride
Ep14 Weathering the Storm
Ep13 Party All the Time
Ep12 Step Up or Step Out
Ep11 More Money, More Problems
Ep11 Hawaii Special
Ep10 Finding Balance
Ep9 Kat's in the Groove
Ep8 Bad Break
Ep7 Going for the Gold
Ep7 Exposed
Ep6 The Family
Ep5 The Apprentice
Ep4 Growing Up
Ep3 In Memory of...
Ep2 Never Forget
Ep1 Five Friends

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep9 The Ami Special
Ep8 Miami Ink: Hawaii
Ep7 Best of Miami Ink: The Apprentice
Ep6 The Darren Special
Ep6 Best of Miami Ink: Growing Up
Ep5 The Nunez Special
Ep5 Best of Miami Ink: In Memory of...
Ep4 The Garver Special
Ep4 Best of Miami Ink: Never Forget
Ep3 The Ami Special
Ep3 Best of Miami Ink: Five Friends
Ep2 The Kat Special
Ep2 Five Friends
Ep1 Miami Ink
Ep 3
Viewer's Choice
Ep 2
Ep 1
Ami and Yoji Come to Blows
Yoji and Nunez Break Away

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Clip 12029101601 Miami Ink 120 KatTatts72
2 min 59 sec
Clip Miami Ink: Bikini Models
2 min 59 sec
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Kat does some of her best work on her friends. Check it out.

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