Mike the Knight

  • 2011
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A medieval adventure about a knight's apprentice who guards his father's kingdom, with help from his trusted horse, Galahad, and his dragon pals Sparkie and Squirt.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Knightly Welcome
Ep25 The Christmas Castle
Ep25 Flying Corgis
Ep23 Polka-Dot Horse
Ep22 Favour for Trollee
Ep21 Jewel of Glendragon
Ep20 Magic Pot
Ep19 Lost Pots
Ep18 Real Dragon
Ep17 Busiest Day
Ep16 The Most Medals
Ep15 The Greatest Story Ever
Ep12 Santa's Little Helper
Ep11 Snow Dragon
Ep10 New Castle
Ep9 Sir Super
Ep8 Wizard's Treasure
Ep7 Troll Treat Pie
Ep6 The Monster
Ep5 The Great Rescue
Ep4 Wild Boar
Ep3 Knightly Campout
The Knight for a Day; The Brave Song
The Glendragon Big Picture; The Present for Trollee
Fooling Day; The Broken Shield
The Super Trebuchet; The King's Play

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Big Parade
Ep26 Special Signal
Ep25 Great Gallop
Ep24 Dragon Squires
Ep23 Invisible Monster
Ep22 Mighty Shield
Ep21 Scary Noise
Ep20 Glendragon News
Ep19 Peace and Quiet
Ep18 Real Sword
Ep17 Squirt's Story
Ep16 Trollee's Sleepover
Ep15 Knight Hider
Ep14 Many Knights
Ep13 Mission Home
Ep12 Triple Trophy Triumph
Ep11 Big Swap
Ep10 Tricky Trail
Ep9 Fluttering Favour
Ep8 Evie's Birthday
Ep7 Smiley Treasure
Ep6 Sir Trollee
Ep5 Buried Treasure
Ep4 Trollee In Trouble
Ep3 Mission Mess
Ep2 Scary Dragons
Ep1 Galahad the Great
Fluttering Favor; Tricky Trail
Tricky Trail; Sir Trollee
Jewel of Glendragon; Favor for Trollee
Lost Pots; Magic Pot
Buried Treasure; Sir Trollee
Busiest Day; Real Dragon
Evie's New Friend; Trollee the Apprentice
Evie's Help; Bird Training
The Greatest Story Ever; The Most Medals
Sir Super; New Castle
Troll Treat Pie; Wizard's Treasure
Wild Boar; The Monster
Scary Noise; Mighty Shield
Smiley Treasure; Evie's Birthday
Mission Mess; Trollee in Trouble
Galahad the Great; Scary Dragons
Big Swap; Triple Trophy Triumph
Squirt's Story; Real Sword
Mission Home; Many Knights
Knight Hider; Trollee's Sleepover
Invisible Monster; Mike's Squires
Great Gallop; Special Signal
Peace and Quiet; Glendragon News

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 Knightly Campout; The Great Rescue
Ep10 Squirt's Story; Real Sword
Ep9 Mission Home; Many Knights
Ep7 Invisible Monster; Mike's Squires
Ep6 Great Gallop; Special Signal
Ep5 Peace and Quiet; Glendragon News
Ep4 Scary Noise; Mighty Shield
Ep3 Smiley Treasure; Evie's Birthday
Ep2 Galahad the Great; Scary Dragons
Ep1 Mission Mess; Trollee in Trouble
Knightly Campout; Wild Boar
The Great Rescue; The Monster
Fluttering Favour; Tricky Trail
Mike The Knight And Evie's Help/Mike The Knight And The Bird Training
Mike The Knight And The Special Knightly Things/Mike The Knight And The Knightly Play
Mike The Knight And The Glendragon Fun Run/Mike The Knight And The Fireless Dragon
Mike The Knight And The Tour Of The Castle/Mike The Knight And Gargoyle
Mike the Knight and Galahad's Birthday/Mike the Knight and the Stolen Staff
Mike the Knight and Evie's Pet Puppies/Mike the Knight and the Size Spell
Mike the Knight and the Court Jester/Mike the Knight and the Wooden Horse
Evie's Magical Mistake; Squirt Sticking
Triple Trouble; The Bedtime Story
Mike the Knight and the Great Rescue/Mike the Knight and the Monster
Mike the Knight and the Knightly Campout/Mike the Knight and the Wild Boar
Flying Corgis; Knightly Welcome
Mike the Knight and the Busiest Day/Mike the Knight and the Real Dragon
Mike the Knight and the Lost Pots/Mike the Knight and the Magic Pot
Mike the Knight the Great Protector/Mike the Knight and the Polka Dot Horse
The Glendragon Big Band; The Night Time Lookout
Snoring Dragon; Super Troll Ball
Three Missions; Troll Trail Adventure
The Triple Trouble
The Three Missions
Squirt Sticking to the Plan
Evie's Magical Mistake
The Size Spell
The Hidden Garden Games
The Magical Flower
Fernando's Mission
The Best Lookout
The Knight School
The Big Book of Training
The Night Time Lookout
Jewel of Glendragon; Great Protector
Polka-Dot Horse; Viking Snow Day
The Great Rescue
Viking Snow Day
Evie the Knight; The Knightly Net
Knightly Training Tricks; Hidden Garden
Mike the Knight and the Buried Treasure; Mike the Knight and the Tale of Sir Trollee
The Great Wandorfini; Mr. Cuddles' Bat
Best Lookout; Knight School
Fernando's Mission; Magical Flower
Snow Dragon; Santa's Little Helper
Polka Dot Horse; Viking Snow Day
Mike the Knight and the Flying Corgis/Mike the Knight and the Knightly Welcome
Fluttering Favour; Buried Treasure
Hidden Garden Games; Big Book of Training
The Super Troll Ball
The Troll Trail Adventure; The Super Troll Ball
Court Jester; Wooden Horse
Size Spell
Evie's Pet Puppies
Evie's Pet Puppies; Size Spell
The Stolen Staff
Galahad's Birthday
Galahad's Birthday; The Stolen Staff
The Great Waldorfini; Mr. Cuddles' Bath Time
The Safest Kingdom; The Missing Snowman
Tour of the Castle; Gargoyle
Un-Dragony Dogs; The Big Fix
The Glendragon Fun Run; The Fireless Dragon
The Special Knightly Things; Knightly Play
The Monster
The Great Protector
The Greatest Story Ever
The Most Medals
Big Parade; Sparkie's Amazing Thing

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