Molto Mario

  • 1997

The basics of classic Italian cuisine are served up by chef Mario Batali, who also hosted `Ciao America,' from 2003-04, and `Mario Eats Italy' from 2001-04.


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Ep155 Dolci
Ep154 Gnocchi
Ep153 Spuds and Squash
Ep152 The Port of God
Ep151 Trapani
Ep150 Fresh Pasta
Ep149 St. Joseph's Day
Ep148 Inner Part of Campania-Away from the Sea
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Ep143 Romagna Farmer Style
Ep142 Colli Orientali Friulani
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Ep137 Mandorlato
Ep136 Finocchio Pinnochio
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Ep134 Lumache, Lumache
Ep133 Strengozze
Ep132 Portrona
Ep131 Scripelle MBusse
Ep130 Sagnatielle
Ep129 San Guiseppe
Ep128 The Shepherd's Work
Ep127 L'Aquila
Ep126 Saracen Influence
Ep125 Polipo Peace
Ep124 In a Pig's Ear
Ep123 Ciambotta Forever
Ep122 Fregnacce
Ep121 Farro Barocco
Ep120 Seaside Puglia
Ep119 Vermicelli Is Truth
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Ep117 Lupo
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Ep98 Hunger Killer
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Ep95 The Musetto Show
Ep94 Scallops from Venice
Ep93 Brutti Ma Buoni
Ep92 You Got Soul
Ep91 Modern Treviso
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Ep89 Presnitz Is Love
Ep88 Primavera Al Adriatico
Ep87 A Casa A Cormons
Ep86 Austrian Influence
Ep85 Strudel Is My Life
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Ep83 Colline Di Udine
Ep82 The Capulets from Verona
Ep81 Nonna Triestina
Ep80 Stinco
Ep79 Classica Mestre
Ep78 Bigoli Are Good
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Ep76 Toward Vicenza
Ep75 Cialzons
Ep74 Fine Aprile
Ep73 San Valentino
Ep72 Contadina Triestina
Ep71 Dinner in the Winery
Ep70 Verso Carso
Ep69 Mittel Europe
Ep68 Carnevale a Padoua
Ep67 American/Italian Classics
Ep66 Zucca Sweet Zucca
Ep65 Freaky Fricco
Ep64 Ristorante La Subida
Ep63 Campania Vegetables
Ep62 Summer in the Bolognese Hills
Ep61 The Plains of Parma
Ep60 A Meal with Your In-Laws
Ep59 Contadino II
Ep58 The Town of Atrani and the Great Restaurant Called Da Zaccaria
Ep57 Meal at Mom's House
Ep56 Easter Sunday
Ep55 Octopus Garden in the Spring
Ep54 Central Campania
Ep53 Avellino
Ep52 Neapolitan Oesteria
Ep51 Twice Stuffed
Ep50 Sorrentine Trattoria
Ep49 Funghi Al Bagno
Ep48 Pizza Three Ways
Ep47 High Society
Ep46 Resto La Caravella
Ep45 Frito Misto
Ep44 Contadino
Ep43 Salerno Market
Ep42 I Love Ischia
Ep41 Vineyard Dinner
Ep40 Guazzeto
Ep39 Seaside Love
Ep38 Potato Donuts
Ep37 Cena Con Amici
Ep36 Porco and Beans
Ep35 Almost Vegetarian
Ep34 Frutti Di Mare
Ep33 Simple Harvest Meal
Ep32 Il Mare Romano
Ep31 Thingamajigs
Ep30 Lunch Carnevalle
Ep29 Lupa Trattoria Romana
Ep28 First Communion
Ep27 Saturday Lunch
Ep26 Tevere Antico
Ep25 Autumn in the Ghetto
Ep24 Vecchia Roma
Ep23 Ristorante Elegante
Ep22 Primavera Sulla Via Appia
Ep21 Pane Storico
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Ep18 Sabina
Ep17 Osteria Towards Tuscany
Ep16 Trattoria Teresa
Ep15 Autumn Market
Ep14 Fettuccini
Ep13 The Cart Driver's Dinner
Ep12 Il Sole
Ep11 Finmicino Seaside
Ep10 Castelli Romani
Ep9 Ghetto Ancora
Ep8 Osteria Del Operaio
Ep7 Trastevere
Ep6 That Devil!
Ep5 Sunday in Piazza Navona
Ep4 Eggs, Eggs, Eggs
Ep3 Nonna Romana
Ep2 Verso Abruzzi
Ep1 Thanksgiving
The Big Night - Our Southern Version
Towards Ferrara
Fagioli, Fagioli, Fagioli
The Osteria in Bologna
Ricotta Thrice
Abruzzo Grandma's House
Hotel Lancellotti
Huntsman's Lunch in Poretta
Tortellini from Heaven
The Hills of 'Pig Town'
Lasagne: The Real Thing
An Osteria in Reggia Emilia
Molto Mario
Chestnuts Three Times
Seaside in Ravenna
Positano Trattoria
Apples All Day
Carbo Loader's Diet
Restaurant Zaccharia
Isle of Ischia Weekend Party
Autumn Harvest in Borgo Capanne
At the Forager's House
Pavullo In The Autumn
Ristorante Bolognese
Elegant Meal From Napoli
Sweet Sunday Dinner
Vomero Market
The Wild Town of Naples in Trattoria
Back to Sorrento
Ricotta, Ricotta, Ricotta
Isle of Capri
Home Cooking in Napoli
Piancenza Classics
Dairy Is My Life
Elaborate Meals to Impress Your Girlfriend's Mom
Foraging in the Modena Hills
Mare, Mare, Mare
Royal Food
Giusti Since 1585
The Chicken, Who Came First?
Lunch at La Buca
Reggio Classics from the 1930s
San Domenico Di Imola
Piacenza Traditions
Lunch in Heaven
Toward Mantova
Christmas Eve at Grandma's
A Shepherd's Work
While My Chitarra...

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