Monster Garage

  • 2002-2006
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Automobile customizers race the clock to transform ordinary vehicles into specialized creations (for example, an airboat, a fire truck and even a lawn mower). The redesigned creations must retain... More


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep9 Ultimate Old School Monster
Ep8 On the Road: Baja Trophy Truck
Ep7 On the Road: Baja Trophy Truck
Ep6 '51 Cool Caddy Daddy
Ep5 Battery Powered Dragster
Ep4 Monster on Ice
Ep3 Mini-People Mini-Truck
Ep2 The Noodler
Ep1 Georgia High School Dragster

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Texas High School Rat Rod
Ep9 Anglia Nitro Gasser
Ep8 Backyard Monsters 2
Ep7 All Female Dirt Racer Revisited
Ep6 Backyard Monsters 1
Ep5 Monster Dunk Tank
Ep5 Crop Circler
Ep4 Full Steam Ahead
Ep3 Armored Dunkster
Ep2 Sour Kraut
Ep1 Milk Bomb

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Flying Car 2
Ep23 Flying Car 1
Ep22 Folsom Prison Low-Rider
Ep21 Mobile Funhouse
Ep20 Logsplitter
Ep19 Peel Trident Micro Car
Ep18 T-Bucket/Snow Cat
Ep17 D.C. High School Build
Ep16 NYC Hot Road
Ep15 Ultimate Surfmobile
Ep14 Belly Tank Lakester
Ep13 Open-Road Racer
Ep12 Lake Bed Racer
Ep12 All Girl Build: Dirt-Track Racer
Ep11 Honey Bee Drift Car
Ep10 How to Monsterize Everything
Ep9 Army Tractor Pull
Ep8 Old School Chopper
Ep8 Old School Motor
Ep7 Rolls Royce John
Ep6 Firetruck Brewery
Ep5 Pike's Peak Hill Climber
Ep4 Dodge/.44 Magnum
Ep3 Gorillamobile
Ep2 Miata/Jet Ski
Ep1 Quarter-Mile Cadillac

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 Rock'em Sock'em Scions 2
Ep19 Rock'em Sock'em Scions
Ep18 Old School '54 Chevy
Ep17 Monster Nation 3
Ep16 Box Truck Wrestling Car
Ep15 Jet Boat/Car
Ep14 Monster Nation 2
Ep13 Celica/Jet Car
Ep12 Wheelie Santa Float
Ep11 Semi-Truck Chopper
Ep10 Remote Control Dirt Track Car
Ep9 Champ Car Line Painter
Ep8 Escalade/Tailgate
Ep7 Hearse Revisited
Ep6 DeLorean/Hovercraft
Ep5 Mercedes Handicap Car
Ep4 Figure 8 El Camino
Ep3 Monster Nation 1 - American Monsters
Ep2 Cop Car/Donut Shop
Ep1 West Coast Clipper
Ep1 Shark Boat

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 American Monsters
Ep25 Under the Hood
Ep24 Ranch Ranchero
Ep24 Sling Ray
Ep23 Low Bull-Rider
Ep23 Toyota Tundra/Terminator 3 Integration
Ep22 Tundrinator
Ep21 Demolition-Derby Car
Ep20 Rock Crawler
Ep20 Hot Dog Cart/Dragster
Ep19 Hot Dog Car
Ep19 Corvette/Mudbogger
Ep18 Road Ramp
Ep17 Doom Buggy
Ep16 Suburban/Wedding Chapel
Ep15 MINI/Snowmobile
Ep14 PT Cruiser/Wood Chipper
Ep13 Ambulance/Wheelie Car
Ep12 NASCAR Street Sweeper
Ep11 Nut-Shaker
Ep10 Hot-Air Balloon
Ep9 Delivery Truck
Ep8 Pontoon Bus
Ep7 Grim Ripper
Ep6 Golf-Ball Collector
Ep5 Freezer Burn
Ep4 Switchblade
Ep3 Swamp Buggy
Ep2 Firetruck
Ep1 White Trash

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 1970's T-Bucket; Snow Cat
Ep22 Old School '51 Cadillac
Ep21 Dirt Track Racer Redux
Ep19 Baja 1000; Trophy Truck
Ep18 Lake Bed Racer
Ep17 Ice Cream Truck
Ep16 All Girl Build II
Ep15 Monster Garage
Ep14 Monster Garage
Ep13 Army Build
Ep12 Monster Garage
Ep11 Coors Brew Car
Ep10 Monster Garage
Ep9 Monster Trucks
Ep8 Tornado Car
Ep7 Iraq
Ep6 Monster Nation 4
Ep4 Roman Chariot
Ep3 Monster Claus Christmas Float
Ep2 Remote Control/Buffalo Hunt
Ep2 Monster Garage
Ep1 Garbage Truck
Change of Heart
102 After Show
Capítulo 67: Eva Luna
Capítulo 68: Eva Luna
Indy Car
Rudy Moreno

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Monster Garage: Season 1
2 min 14 sec
Preview Monster Garage: Season 2
2 min 14 sec
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Monster Garage: Season 1

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