Mr. Young

  • 2011
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Sitcom centered on a teen genius who teaches high-school science.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Mr. Spin Off
Ep23 Mr. Finale
Ep22 Mr. Interview
Ep21 Mr. Budget
Ep20 Mr. Court
Ep19 Mr. Kidd
Ep18 Mr. Memory
Ep17 Mr. First Impression
Ep16 Mr. Freshman
Ep15 Mr. Love Letter
Ep14 Mr. Double Date
Ep13 Mr. Slumber Party
Ep12 Mr. Sasquawk
Ep11 Mr. Heart
Ep10 Mr. Club
Ep9 Mr. Tutor
Ep8 Mr. Sci-Fi
Ep7 Mr. Pickles-In-Law
Ep6 Mr. Time
Ep5 Mr. Elf
Ep4 Mr. Hyde
Ep3 Mr. Apartment
Ep2 Mr. Magic
Ep1 Mr. & Mrs. Roboto

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Mr. Candy
Ep24 Mr. Invisible
Ep24 Mr. 1812
Ep23 Mr. Alligator
Ep22 Mr. Poet
Ep21 Mr. Airplane
Ep20 Mr. Scooter
Ep19 Mr. Switch
Ep18 Mr. Cyclops
Ep17 Mr. Dance
Ep16 Mr. Pixel
Ep15 Mr. College
Ep14 Mr. Discovery
Ep13 Mr. Witness
Ep12 Mr. Rock Star
Ep11 Mr. Roboto 2.0
Ep10 Mr. Candidate
Ep9 Mr. Elephant
Ep8 Mr. Film Festival
Ep7 Mr. Student
Ep6 Mr. Pickles
Ep5 Mr. TV
Ep4 Mr. Sleep
Ep3 Mr. Matchmaker
Ep2 Mr. Moth
Ep1 Mr. Spring Break

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Mr. Claus
Ep25 Mr. Space, Part 2
Ep24 Mr. Space, Part 1
Ep23 Mr. Brain
Ep23 Mr. Space
Ep22 Mr. Masterpiece
Ep21 Mr. Servant
Ep20 Mr. Elderman
Ep19 Mr. Mummy
Ep18 Mr. Tickleschmootz
Ep17 Mr. Picture Day
Ep16 Mr. School Song
Ep15 Mr. Dog
Ep14 Mr. Marvelous
Ep13 Mr. Impossible
Ep12 Mr. Meteor
Ep11 Mr. Shakespeare
Ep10 Mr. Big Brother
Ep9 Mr. Talent
Ep8 Mr. Ballerina
Ep7 Mr. Honest
Ep6 Mr. DNA
Ep5 Mr. Younger Man
Ep4 Mr. Inventor
Ep3 Mr. Detention
Ep2 Mr. Roboto
Ep1 Mr. Young

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep11 Mr. Roboto 2.0
Ep9 Mr. Summer Vacation
Ep8 Mr. Summer Vacation
Mr. Spring Break
Mr. Spring Break
Mr. Robot 2.0
Mr Ticklesmootz
Mr. Spring Break - Part 1
Mr. Spring Break - Part 2
Mr. Finale Pt 2
Mr. First Impression: Part 3
Mr. First Impression: Part 2

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