Mujeres Asesinas

  • 2005-2008

True stories of female assassins.


Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 Próspera, Repentant
Ep32 Nélida, Toxic
Ep29 Mónica, Cornered

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 Ana María Soba, An Impatient Heiress
Ep4 Ana María Gómez Tejerina, Stubborn Killer

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Felicia, Desperate
Irma, Fish Lady
Lucia, A Woman With Good Memory
Blood Sisters
Ana, Submissive
Sofia, Daddy's Little Girl
Elvira, Self-Sacrificing Mother
Olga, In Charge
Mercedes, Virgin
Leonor, Stepmother
Cecilia, Sister
Isabel, Nurse
Susana, The House Owner
Javiera, A Naive Woman
Ema, Dress Maker
Carmen, Honest
Nina, Distrustful
Soledad, Captive
Rita, Mocked
Marta, Manipulator
Mara, Hallucinating
Rosa, Single
Sonia, Heartless
Perla, Hostess
Marcela, Hurt
Lorena, Mother
Dolores, Possessed
Paula, Dancer
Elena, Protective
Claudia, Wounded
Azucena, Avenger
Blanca, Lost
Nora, Outraged
Sandra, Confused
Marga, Victim
Alicia, Debtor
Juana, Instigator
Noemi, Mad
Thelma, Impatient
Leticia, Greedy
Silvia, Jealous
Pilar, Wife
Milagros, The Minister
Andrea, Cumbia Dancer
Ramona, Avenging
Carolina, Humiliated
Blanca, Blue Collar Worker
Maria, Believer
Laura, Deserted
Laura, A Mother and a Lover
Marta Odera, the Nun
Sandra, Agent
Ana D., A Corrosive Woman
Clara, Prone to Fantasizing
Claudia Sobrero, A Stabber
Laura E., Concealer
Eliana, Sister-in-Law
Incautious Witches and a False Woman
Patricia, Avenger
Candida, An Improvised Wife
Margarita, The Wicked One
Norah, Friend
Margarita Herlein, Man Tester
Lisa, the Dreamer
Gloria, Ruthless
Graciela Hammer, Arsonist
Ofelia, Madly in Love
Marta Bogado, A Mother
Yiya Murano, Poison Woman
Stella O., Emotional Orphan
Emilia Basil, Cook
Cristina, Rebel
Carmen, Daughter

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