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An FBI special agent in Los Angeles teams with his mathematical genius brother to solve crimes. Don, a veteran investigator, relies on hard facts and evidence to catch crooks, while his younger... Más


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep16 Cause and Effect
Ep15 Growin' Up
Ep14 And the Winner Is...
Ep13 Devil Girl
Ep12 Arm in Arms
Ep12 Arm in Arms
Ep11 Scratch
Ep10 Old Soldiers
Ep9 Con Job
Ep8 Ultimatum
Ep7 Shadow Markets
Ep6 Dreamland
Ep5 Hydra
Ep4 Where Credit's Due
Ep3 7 Men Out
Ep2 Friendly Fire
Ep1 Hangman

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep23 Angels and Devils
Ep22 Greatest Hits
Ep21 Disturbed
Ep20 The Fifth Man
Ep19 Animal Rites
Ep18 12:01 AM
Ep17 First Law
Ep16 Cover Me
Ep15 Guilt Trip
Ep14 Sneakerhead
Ep13 Trouble in Chinatown
Ep12 Jacked
Ep11 Arrow of Time
Ep10 Frienemies
Ep9 Conspiracy Theory
Ep8 Thirty-six Hours
Ep7 Charlie Don't Surf
Ep6 Magic Show
Ep5 Scan Man
Ep4 Jack of All Trades
Ep3 Blowback
Ep2 The Decoy Effect
Ep1 High Exposure

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep18 When Worlds Collide
Ep17 Pay to Play
Ep16 Atomic No. 33
Ep15 End Game
Ep14 Checkmate
Ep13 Black Swan
Ep12 Power
Ep11 Breaking Point
Ep10 Chinese Box
Ep9 Graphic
Ep8 Tabu
Ep7 Primacy
Ep6 In Security
Ep5 Robin Hood
Ep4 Thirteen
Ep3 Velocity
Ep2 Hollywood Homicide
Ep1 Trust Metric

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 The Janus List
Ep23 Money for Nothing
Ep22 Under Pressure
Ep21 The Art of Reckoning
Ep20 Burn Rate
Ep19 Pandora's Box
Ep18 Democracy
Ep17 One Hour
Ep16 Contenders
Ep15 End of Watch
Ep14 Take Out
Ep13 Finders Keepers
Ep12 Nine Wives
Ep11 Killer Chat
Ep10 Brutus
Ep9 Waste Not
Ep8 Hardball
Ep7 Blackout
Ep6 Longshot
Ep5 Traffic
Ep4 The Mole
Ep3 Provenance
Ep2 Two Daughters
Ep1 Spree

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Hot Shot
Ep23 Undercurrents
Ep22 Backscatter
Ep21 Rampage
Ep20 Guns and Roses
Ep19 Dark Matter
Ep18 All's Fair
Ep17 Mind Games
Ep16 Protest
Ep15 The Running Man
Ep14 Harvest
Ep13 Double Down
Ep12 The O.G.
Ep11 Scorched
Ep10 Bones of Contention
Ep9 Toxin
Ep8 In Plain Sight
Ep7 Convergence
Ep6 Soft Target
Ep5 Assassin
Ep4 Calculated Risk
Ep3 Obsession
Ep2 Bettor or Worse
Ep1 Judgment Call

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Man Hunt
Ep12 Noisy Edge
Ep11 Sacrifice
Ep10 Dirty Bomb
Ep9 Sniper Zero
Ep8 Identity Crisis
Ep7 Counterfeit Reality
Ep6 Sabotage
Ep5 Prime Suspect
Ep4 Structural Corruption
Ep3 Vector
Ep2 Uncertainty Principle
Ep1 Pilot Episode

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep2 Pilot Episode
Ep 1
Ep 2
Ep 4
Ep 6
Ep 5
Ep 8
Ep 9
Ep 7
Robin Hood
Here We Go Again
7 Man Out
Ep 3

Clips & More

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Preview Numb3rs: Season 5
60 sec
Clip Numb3rs: Clip 1
49 sec
Preview Numb3rs: Season 6
47 sec
Preview Numb3rs
116 sec
Clip Numb3rs: Clip 1
2 min 13 sec
Preview cbs numbers threesixmafiaclip1 4X3
2 min 23 sec
Clip cbs numbers s3ep21
86 sec
Clip cbs numb3rs 2-6-06clip1
34 sec
Clip numbers ep312a480ar
42 sec
Clip numbers ep312b480ar
37 sec
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Numb3rs: Season 5

Fecha al aire:
Numb3rs clip - starring Judd Hirsch, Peter MacNicol, Rob Morrow, Dylan Bruno, David Krumholtz, Navi Rawat. Directed by Tony Scott.

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