Naked City

  • 1963

An unusually raw and realistic (for its time) drama about New York City cops that was strong on character development and location filming. After an initial season of half-hour episodes, the show was... More


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 Barefoot on a Bed of Coals
Ep33 Golden Lads and Girls
Ep32 One, Two, Three, Rita Rakahowski
Ep31 The S.S. American Dream
Ep30 Color Schemes Like Never Before
Ep29 Carrier
Ep28 No Naked Ladies in Front of Giovanni's House
Ep27 Howard Running Bear Is a Turtle
Ep26 On the Battlefront Every Minute Is Important
Ep25 Stop the Parade, a Baby Is Crying!
Ep24 Alive and Still a Second Lieutenant
Ep23 The Highest of Prizes
Ep22 Bringing Far Places Together
Ep21 Prime of Life
Ep20 A Man Without a Skin
Ep19 Beyond This Place There Be Dragons
Ep18 The Apple Falls Not Far From the Tree
Ep17 Robin Hood and Clarence Darrow, They Went Out With a Bow and Arrow
Ep16 Her Life in Moving Pictures
Ep15 Don't Knock It Till You've Tried It
Ep14 Spectre of the Roses Street Gang
Ep13 King Stanislaus and the Knights of the Round Table
Ep12 The Virtues of Madame Douvay
Ep11 Dust Devil on a Quiet Street
Ep10 A Horse Has a Big Head---Let Him Worry
Ep9 Make It 50 Dollars and Add Love to Nona
Ep8 Torment Him Much and Hold Him Long
Ep7 Go Fight City Hall
Ep6 Five Cranks for Winter, Ten Cranks for Spring
Ep5 Kill Me When I'm Young So I Can Die Happy
Ep4 And By the Sweat of Thy Brow
Ep3 Daughter, Am I in My Father's House?
Ep2 Idylls of a Running Back
Ep1 Hold for Gloria Christmas

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep33 Goodbye Mama, Hello Auntie Maud
Ep32 Memory of a Red Trolley Car
Ep31 The Rydecker Case
Ep30 The King of Venus Will Take Care of You
Ep29 The Multiplicity of Herbert Konish
Ep28 Strike a Statue
Ep27 ...And if Any Are Frozen, Warm Them!...
Ep26 The Sweetly Smiling Face of Truth
Ep25 Lament for a Dead Indian
Ep24 Without Stick or Sword
Ep23 The One Marked Hot Gives Cold
Ep22 A Run for the Money
Ep21 Today the Man Who Kills the Ants Is Coming
Ep20 To Walk Like a Lion
Ep19 Let Me Die Before I Wake
Ep18 A Case Study of Two Savages
Ep17 One of the Most Important Men in the Whole World
Ep16 The Contract
Ep15 The Night the Saints Lost Their Halos
Ep14 Portrait of a Painter
Ep13 The Face of the Enemy
Ep12 Bridge Party
Ep11 Ooftus Goofus
Ep10 Requiem for a Sunday Afternoon
Ep9 The Hot Minerva
Ep8 Show Me the Way to Go Home
Ep7 Which Is Joseph Creeley?
Ep6 The Tragic Success of Alfred Tiloff
Ep5 A Wednesday Night Story
Ep4 The Fingers of Henri Tourelle
Ep3 The Corpse Ran Down Mulberry Street
Ep2 Dead on the Field of Honor
Ep1 Take Off Your Hat When a Funeral Passes

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep32 Take and Put
Ep31 The Day the Island Almost Sank
Ep30 Sweet Prince of Delancey Street
Ep29 A Kettle of Precious Fish
Ep28 To Dream Without Sleep
Ep27 Make-Believe Man
Ep26 C3H5(NO3)3
Ep25 An Economy of Death
Ep24 A Very Cautious Boy
Ep23 New York to L.A.
Ep22 A Memory of Crying
Ep21 Tombstone for a Derelict
Ep20 The Fault in Our Stars
Ep19 Vengeance Is a Wheel
Ep18 The Deadly Guinea Pig
Ep17 Shoes for Vinnie Winford
Ep16 Button in the Haystack
Ep15 The Day It Rained Mink
Ep14 The Well-Dressed Termites
Ep13 A Hole in the City
Ep12 Landscape With Dead Figures
Ep11 Murder Is a Face I Know
Ep10 Bullets Cost Too Much
Ep9 The Man Who Bit a Diamond in Half
Ep8 The Human Trap
Ep7 Debt of Honor
Ep6 Killer With a Kiss
Ep5 To Walk in Silence
Ep4 Down the Long Night
Ep3 A Succession of Heartbeats
Ep2 The Pedigree Sheet
Ep1 Death of Princes

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 A Wood of Thorns
Ep38 The Canvas Bullet
Ep37 Saw My Baby There
Ep36 The Scorpion's Sting
Ep35 The Bloodhounds
Ep34 A Little Piece of the Action
Ep33 Turn of Events
Ep32 The Sandman
Ep31 Four Sweet Corners
Ep30 The Rebirth
Ep29 Baker's Dozen
Ep28 Beyond the Truth
Ep27 Fallen Star
Ep26 A Running of Bulls
Ep25 The Bumper
Ep24 Ten Cent Dreams
Ep23 Fire Island
Ep22 Ticker Tape
Ep21 Hey, Teach!
Ep20 One to Get Lost
Ep19 The Shield
Ep18 Goodbye, My Lady Love
Ep17 Burst of Passion
Ep16 Even Crows Sing Good
Ep15 The Manhole
Ep14 The Explosive Heart
Ep13 And a Merry Christmas to the Force on Patrol
Ep12 Susquehanna 4-7598
Ep11 Lady Bug, Lady Bug
Ep10 The Other Face of Goodness
Ep9 The Bird Guard
Ep8 Belvedere Tower
Ep7 No More Rumbles
Ep6 Stakeout
Ep5 The Violent Circle
Ep4 Sidewalk Fisherman
Ep3 Line of Duty
Ep2 Nickel Ride
Ep1 Meridian

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Naked City
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