Naked and Afraid

  • 2013
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Two strangers attempt to survive without food, water or clothes in harsh environments around the world.


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 Colombian Conflict
Ep5 #1 Fire on the Mountain
Ep4 #1 Edge of Madness
Ep3 #1 Mayan Sacrifice
Ep2 Rumble in the Jungle
Ep1 Naked and Afraid
Ep1 Alligator Alley

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep10 Dunes of Despair
Ep9 Botswana Breakdown
Ep8 Nicaragua Nightmare
Ep7 Himalayan Hell
Ep6 Playing With Fire
Ep5 #1 Argentina Impossible
Ep4 Episode 17
Ep4 Jungle Love
Ep3 Hearts of Darkness
Ep2 Blood in the Water
Ep1 Primal Fear
Uncensored With Franco and Rogen
Franco and Rogen

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep6 Meltdown in Bolivia
Ep5 The Pain Forest
Ep4 Mayan Misery
Ep3 Paradise Lost
Ep2 Damned in Africa
Ep1 Man vs. Amazon

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep7 Bares All
Ep6 Beware the Bayou
Ep5 Breaking Borneo
Ep4 Punishment in Panama
Ep3 Island From Hell
Ep2 Terror in Tanzania
Ep1 Costa Rica
Ep1 The Jungle Curse

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Double Jeopardy
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Island From Hell
Punishment in Panama
Island From Hell
Terror in Tanzania
Terror in Tanzania
The Jungle Curse

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview New Sensation in India
3 min 16 sec
Preview No Trust with Tools
72 sec
Preview To Cuddle Or Not To Cuddle?
78 sec
Preview Naked Confessions: After Guyana
5 min 23 sec
Preview Don't Stifle Me
60 sec
Preview Naked and Goofy
55 sec
Preview Bare And Ballsy
2 min 35 sec
Preview Nothing's Inappropriate Around Me (NSF
44 sec
Preview Getting Nude in Yucatan
2 min 46 sec
Preview Naked Confessions: After Quintana Roo
5 min 22 sec
Preview Gator Neighbor
76 sec
Preview A Tick in the Eye
65 sec
Preview Light My Fire
105 sec
Preview Now It's A Party
2 min 56 sec
Preview Naked Confessions: Comfort with Nudity
96 sec
Preview Naked Confessions: After Everglades
5 min 51 sec
Preview Oh Hey, You're Naked
2 min 44 sec
Preview Seth Rogen and James Franco Get Naked And Afraid
62 sec
Preview Naked & Awkward: Men will be men
101 sec
Preview Naked & Awkward: Major Shrinkage
58 sec
Preview Naked & Awkward: Eyes Up Here!
105 sec
Preview The Naked Divorce
61 sec
Preview Brazil Aftershow
4 min 36 sec
Preview Meeting Naked in the Desert
91 sec
Preview Botswana Aftershow
5 min 43 sec
Preview Saving Honora
96 sec
Preview Bugs All Over
84 sec
Preview Grasshopper Day
68 sec
Preview A Naked, Thorny Meeting in Botswana
2 min 7 sec
Preview Duct Tape Survival Gear Inspired by MythBusters
68 sec
Preview Nicaragua Aftershow
4 min 39 sec
Preview Duct Tape Crotch Trench Foot
103 sec
Preview Duct Tape Bikini and Underwear
49 sec
Preview Naked Nightmare in Nicaragua
2 min 1 sec
Preview Spider Monkey Pee Attack
50 sec
Preview #LeafDiaper
2 min 11 sec
Preview Naked Survival Hygiene
88 sec
Preview Naked Confessions: India
4 min 58 sec
Preview Clothes Off in India
89 sec
Preview Naked Confessions: After Dominica
4 min 55 sec
Preview Dominica in the Nude
44 sec
Preview Tropical Hell Breaks Loose
75 sec
Preview Giving Up on Fire
2 min 3 sec
Preview Naked and Shivering in Argentina
65 sec
Preview Naked Confessions: After Argentina
6 min 48 sec
Preview Wild Turkey Chase
78 sec
Preview Vegetarian vs. Hunter
96 sec
Preview Nude in Nicaragua
78 sec
Preview Naked Hooting
93 sec
Preview Naked in Cambodia
68 sec
Preview Hot, Naked and Thirsty
60 sec
Preview Risky Water
114 sec
Preview Naked Matchmaking: How the Survivalists are Paired
2 min 18 sec
Preview Naked in the Bahamas
94 sec
Preview A Naked First
77 sec
Preview The Strangest Casting Tapes
72 sec
Preview Casting Naked and Afraid Survivalists
3 min 13 sec
Preview Hatchet Haircut
53 sec
Preview Naked Confessions: Namibia
7 min 38 sec
Preview New Season EXPOSED
2 min 15 sec
Preview Things Get Weird
92 sec
Preview Naked Noms
2 min 7 sec
Preview Team Toucan Strips in Bolivia
69 sec
Preview Leeches in Private Parts
98 sec
Preview No Princesses in the Jungle
52 sec
Preview Rabid Bats Everywhere
2 min 16 sec
Preview Pee Hole Ticks
60 sec
Preview The Malaysian Pain Forest
89 sec
Preview Grubs: A Tasty Jungle Snack
99 sec
Preview Naked in Malaysia
74 sec
Preview Survivalist Home Decor
3 min 6 sec
Preview Nude Survivalists in Belize
75 sec
Preview The Search for Water
74 sec
Preview Ancient Mayan Cave System
101 sec
Preview Naked in Fiji
85 sec
Preview Hot Rock Purification
2 min 35 sec
Preview Hungry and Naked in Madagascar
2 min 4 sec
Preview Naked Survivalist Bites Off Lizard's Head
106 sec
Preview Naked and Bloody
98 sec
Preview Meeting in Madagascar
85 sec
Preview Naked in the Amazon
76 sec
Preview Mosquitoes and Private Parts
84 sec
Preview Naked Introductions: The Mash-Up
87 sec
Preview Naked and Furious
117 sec
Preview Manu's Recovery from Dengue Fever
94 sec
Preview Tree Climbing in the Nude
2 min 12 sec
Preview Survival 101: Using Salvia as a Natural Medicine
88 sec
Preview Becoming a Foursome
104 sec
Preview Dying of Thirst
77 sec
Preview Dinner Attire: Naked
87 sec
Preview Survival 101: How To Make a Loincloth
2 min 1 sec
Preview How to Make a Spear Head
68 sec
Preview Survival 101: Banana Band-Aid
56 sec
Preview Emergency Medical Evacuation
2 min 4 sec
Preview Wild Boars in the Night
114 sec
Preview Survival 101: Time, Traps and Dental Hygiene
2 min 31 sec
Preview Skinny Dipping with Sharks
2 min 22 sec
Preview Survival 101: How To Build a Fire Saw
84 sec
Preview Burning Desire for Fire
2 min 22 sec
Preview Not an Outhouse
112 sec
Preview Naked Diaries: Surviving the Rainstorm
100 sec
Preview Island Nudity
88 sec
Preview Naked Survival Tip: Baiting the Birds
120 sec
Preview Producer's Near-Fatal Snake Bite
5 min 22 sec
Preview Deadly Snake Encounter
2 min 16 sec
Preview Naked in the Rain
75 sec
S4 | Ep5

Fire on the Mountain

Air Date: 5/17/15
An experienced outdoorsman teams up with a newcomer to test their limits in the Himalayas.

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