Nanny and the Professor

  • 1970-1971

Whimsy about a cheerful nanny who exhibits a hint of psychic powers as she cares for a widowed professor and his three children.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 Whatever Happened to Felicity?
Ep14 Good-bye Arabella, Hello
Ep13 One for the Road
Ep12 The Great Debate
Ep11 Professor Pygmalion Plays Golf
Ep10 Aunt Henrietta and the Poltergeist
Ep9 The Conversion of Brother Ben
Ep8 Nanny and Her Witch's Brew
Ep7 Aunt Henrietta and the Jinx
Ep6 Cholmondeley Featherstonehaugh
Ep5 Aunt Henrietta's Premonition
Ep4 South Sea Island Sweetheart
Ep3 Sunday's Hero
Ep2 The Flower Children
Ep1 Oh, What a Tangled Web

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 The Communication Gap
Ep23 #1 Kid Stuff
Ep22 #1 The Unknown Factor
Ep21 How Many Candles?
Ep20 #1 The Prodigy
Ep19 #1 The Balloon Ladies
Ep18 #1 The Art of Relationships
Ep17 #1 The Man Who Came to Pasta
Ep16 #1 The Human Fly
Ep15 #1 Separate Rooms
Ep14 #1 A Diller, a Dollar
Ep13 #1 The Humanization of Herbert T. Peabody
Ep12 From Butch With Love
Ep12 #1 From Butch, with Love
Ep11 My Son, the Sitter
Ep11 #1 My Son the Sitter
Ep10 #1 The Visitor
Ep9 #1 The India Queen
Ep8 The Masculine-Feminine Mystique
Ep8 #1 The Masculine/Feminine Mystique
Ep7 The Great Broadcast of 1936
Ep6 #1 A Letter for Nanny
Ep5 #1 Back to Nature
Ep4 #1 E.S. Putt
Ep3 #1 Star Bright
Ep3 Starbright
Ep2 #1 The Haunted House
Ep1 #1 The Human Element

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 #1 Nanny and the Smoke-Filled Room
Ep14 #1 A Fowl Episode
Ep13 #1 The Philosopher's Stone
Ep12 #1 An Element of Risk
Ep11 #1 The Games Families Play
Ep10 #1 I Think that I Shall Never See a Tree
Ep9 #1 The Tyrannosaurus Tibia
Ep8 #1 Strictly for the Birds
Ep7 #1 Nanny on Wheels
Ep6 #1 Spring, Sweet Spring
Ep5 #1 The Astronomers
Ep4 #1 The Scientific Approach
Ep3 #1 The New Butch
Ep2 #1 The Wiblet Will Get You ...
Ep2 The Wiblet Will Get You If You Don't Watch Out
Ep1 #1 Nanny Will Do
S2 | Ep23

Kid Stuff

Fecha al aire: 3/12/71
Nanny and the kids stage an evening of amateur entertainment. Vaudevillian Eddie Foy Jr. plays a park custodian. Atwood: James Millhollin. Francine: Eileen Baral. Nanny: Juliet Mills. Everett: Richard Long. Hal: David Doremus. Butch: Trent Lehman. Prudence: Kim Richards.

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