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  • 2010

The day's headlines are dissected to explain how they impact people's everyday lives.


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Preview Chef Besh Drives Recovery in NOLA
4 min 32 sec
Preview New Credit Cards Aim to Curb Fraud
3 min 5 sec
Preview Officials: Il. Officer Killed by His Own Weapon
2 min 15 sec
Preview Jeb Bush Tumbles in Polls
13 min
Preview Hurricane Joaquin Intensifying
9 min 27 sec
Preview Moving to End Domestic Violence
4 min 11 sec
Preview A New Kinder and Gentler Trump?
3 min 31 sec
Preview Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis Meets With Pope Francis
3 min 15 sec
Preview Sen. McCain: This Is a Very Sad Day for America
16 min
Preview Russia Conducts First Air Strikes in Syria
41 sec
Preview Donald Trump Defends Tax Plan
7 min 40 sec
Preview Rep. Speier Defends Planned Parenthood
4 min 4 sec
Preview NASA: Signs of Flowing Water On Mars
4 min 25 sec
Preview Outrage Over Drug Price Hike
108 sec
Preview Outrage Over Drug Price Hike
7 min 24 sec
Preview Pope Francis to Arrive in U.S.
66 sec
Preview U.S. to Welcome Pope Francis
4 min 52 sec
Preview Who Gains from Walker’s Withdrawal?
89 sec
Preview Gov. Walker Drops Out of GOP Race
9 min 28 sec
Preview Born in the USA: Yoobi School Supplies
3 min 40 sec
Preview Born in the USA: Yoobi School Supplies
79 sec
Preview What Is Synthetic Marijuana?
90 sec
Preview Pope Readies for Historic U.S. Visit
49 sec
Preview Pope Readies for Historic U.S. Visit
4 min 48 sec
Preview Muslim Debate Seizes GOP Debate
63 sec
Preview Group Calls for Carson to Drop Out of Race
7 min 24 sec
Preview GOP Debate On Social Media
4 min 27 sec
Preview GOP Debate On Social Media
110 sec
Preview Worldwide Support for Ahmed Mohamed
95 sec
Preview Worldwide Support for Ahmed Mohamed
7 min 43 sec
Preview The Republican Rumble: Who Won?
2 min 12 sec
Preview The Republican Rumble: Who Won?
16 min
Preview Kent State Kicker Makes History
4 min 1 sec
Preview Candidates Prep for Tonight's GOP Debate
3 min 53 sec
Preview Migrants Hit With Tear Gas and Water Cannons
3 min 34 sec
Preview ‘Twisted Sister’ Hit Is Trump’s Theme Song
5 min 54 sec
Preview Countdown to the Second GOP Debate
4 min 7 sec
Preview Seattle Teacher Strike Could End Today
28 sec
Preview Trump and Carson Nearly Even in New Poll
12 min
Preview NFL Kick Off
4 min 16 sec
Preview Migrants Flee Camp in Hungary
4 min 40 sec
Preview Attorney: Davis Is Following the Law of KY
115 sec
Preview Hundreds Attend Rally in Support of KY Clerk
13 min
Preview Clinton Campaign Plans Reboot
79 sec
Preview NFL to Appeal ‘Deflategate’ Ruling
4 min 15 sec
Preview Woman Suing Rowan County Clerk Speaks Out
8 min 37 sec
Preview First Female NFL Coach Speaks Out
5 min 43 sec
Preview Pope: ‘Priests Can Absolve Sin of Abortion’
4 min 57 sec
Preview ICE Arrests 244 Immigrants in CA Sweep
3 min 38 sec
Preview 7,000 Pages of Clinton Emails Released
11 min
Preview Brady and Goodell Return to Court
4 min 42 sec
Preview 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina
7 min 36 sec
Preview Ashley Madison Hacking Fallout
3 min 45 sec
Preview Biden for President?
7 min 19 sec
Preview Father of France Attack Hero Speaks Out
6 min 58 sec
Preview Non-Profit Creates New Way to Document History
38 sec
Preview New Warning About Head Lice
3 min 13 sec
Preview Women in More Combat Roles?
3 min 0 sec
Preview GOP Candidates Take On Education Summit
3 min 46 sec
Preview Jared Fogle Pleads Guilty to Porn Charges
12 min
Preview Inside the New York Times’ Amazon Report
4 min 55 sec
Preview New Poll: Voters Skeptical of Clinton
8 min 50 sec
Preview Breaking Down Trump’s Immigration Policy
4 min 12 sec
Preview NASA Launching Operation 'OMG'
2 min 36 sec
Preview Celebs Host Global Citizens Festival
26 sec
Preview Chelsea Manning Facing Solitary Confinement
4 min 14 sec
Preview CA Bans Grand Juries in Police Shooting Cases
6 min 35 sec
Preview FDA Issues Warning to Kim Kardashian
3 min 16 sec
Preview Arlington Officer Fired Over Fatal Shooting
114 sec
Preview Clinton Gives Private Email Server to DOJ
4 min 54 sec
Preview Bernie Sanders’ New Racial Injustice Plan
7 min 0 sec
Preview Animas River Spill Declared an Emergency
5 min 19 sec
Preview State of Emergency Issued in Ferguson
4 min 53 sec
Preview Animas River Spill Worse Than First Thought
3 min 32 sec
Preview Trump Won’t Back Down
8 min 35 sec
Preview Peaceful Protests Disrupted in Ferguson
4 min 10 sec
Preview Violence Erupts in Ferguson One Year Later
6 min 37 sec
Preview Farewell Jon Stewart
5 min 15 sec
Preview First GOP Debate: Who Will Come Out On Top?
13 min
Preview Who to Watch at First GOP Debate
4 min 44 sec
Preview FBI Investigating Clinton’s Email Server
101 sec
Preview Countdown ‘til the First GOP Debate
9 min 9 sec
Preview Young Survivors of a Taliban Attack Visit the US
5 min 26 sec
Preview Heat Index Tops 165 Degrees in Iran
3 min 54 sec
Preview NBC/WSJ Poll: Trump Surges, Clinton Drops
3 min 50 sec
Preview Bishop T.D. Jakes On New Talk Show and Book
4 min 31 sec
Preview New Outrage Over Big-Game Hunting
2 min 11 sec
Preview Pres. Obama’s Huge Climate Change Plan
3 min 42 sec
Preview GOP Debate Countdown
12 min
Preview Rio's Water Causing Sickness: Report
3 min 44 sec
Preview Questions Surround Release of US Spy
3 min 51 sec
Preview Attorney Panel to Review Sandra Bland Case
6 min 31 sec
Preview Artificial Intelligence 'Arms Race' Warning
5 min 13 sec
Preview Aurora Shooting Victims' Parents Face Fees
6 min 3 sec
Preview Remembering Bobbi Kristina Brown
4 min 58 sec
Preview Lafayette Shooting Witness: 'It Was a Crazy Scene'
3 min 4 sec
Preview US, Cuba Restore Diplomatic Relations
3 min 49 sec
Preview Republicans Vow to Derail Iran Deal
4 min 34 sec
Preview Historic Deal Reached With Iran
12 min
Preview Pres. Obama Unveils Criminal Justice Reform
4 min 25 sec
Preview New Harper Lee Book Faces Backlash
5 min 17 sec
Preview CA and or Expand Access to Birth Control
4 min 27 sec
Preview Who Is the Notorious Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’?
5 min 3 sec
Preview KY Governor: Issue Marriage Licenses or Resign
5 min 46 sec
Preview Confederate Flag Comes Down in South Carolina
5 min 0 sec
Preview ‘Amy’ the Movie
5 min 12 sec
Preview FBI Looking for ‘Sextortion’ Victims
5 min 40 sec
Preview Announcing the Global Citizen Festival
43 sec
Preview Police Commissioner Replaced in Baltimore
4 min 13 sec
Preview RNC Chair Reportedly to Trump: ‘Tone It Down’
8 min 23 sec
Preview FSU QB Suspended for Allegedly Punching Woman
8 min 4 sec
Preview NY Bakeshop’s Successful Re-branding
3 min 44 sec
Preview Donald Trump Feuds With Jeb Bush
6 min 13 sec
Preview Daily Table Supermarket Cuts Grocery Bills
3 min 59 sec
Preview Activists Vow to Fight CA Vaccination Law
6 min 10 sec
Preview Hillary Clinton’s Emails and Jeb Bush’s Taxes
4 min 26 sec
Preview Is There a Pattern of Hate in South Carolina?
3 min 11 sec
Preview AME Church, Once Torched by KKK, Burns Again
3 min 39 sec
Preview Macy's Cuts Ties With Donald Trump
6 min 47 sec
Preview The Challenges Ahead for Christie
7 min 39 sec
Preview Gov. Chris Christie Announces 2016 Plans
28 min
Preview Texas Men Marry After 54 Years Together
5 min 32 sec
Preview Greek Crisis Rocks Markets
5 min 11 sec
Preview Terror Warning Issued by Officials for July 4th
5 min 3 sec
Preview Obama: Affordable Care Act Is Here to Stay
12 min
Preview Second Major Victory for White House Over ACA
3 min 55 sec
Preview Rep. Van Hollen: 16 Million Americans Have Health Insurance Today
2 min 19 sec
Preview ACA: 'This Argument Is Over, This Law Is Clear'
4 min 46 sec
Preview Did NSA Spy On French President Hollande?
2 min 55 sec
Preview Freddie Gray's Death Ruled a Homicide
2 min 37 sec
Preview The Evolution of the Confederate Flag
7 min 8 sec
Preview Hillary Clinton Addresses Charleston Massacre
2 min 30 sec
Preview Tom Brady Appeals 'DeflateGate' Suspension
5 min 32 sec
Preview What's the Real History of the Confederate Flag?
4 min 50 sec
Preview Will Lawmakers Remove the Confederate Flag?
4 min 16 sec
Preview Microchips Under Skin Creating Real-life ‘Cyborgs’
2 min 49 sec
Preview Hawaii Raises Smoking Age to 21
3 min 32 sec
Preview Pres. Obama: ‘Racism, We Are Not Cured of It’
5 min 20 sec
Preview Charleston Comes Together in Unity
9 min 21 sec
Preview Former SC State Rep: ‘I’m Still Crying’
3 min 28 sec
Preview Is Charleston Shooting Domestic Terrorism?
4 min 11 sec
Preview Shooting Renews Confederate Flag Controversy
7 min 11 sec
Preview Tips from Public, Family Led to SC Arrest
4 min 27 sec
Preview SC Gov.: Heart of South Carolina Is Broken
3 min 38 sec
Preview Charleston Police Chief Confirms Arrest
3 min 34 sec
Preview Officials: Suspected Gunman Arrested
72 sec
Preview NAACP Responds to Charleston Shooting
4 min 33 sec
Preview STL Cardinals Investigated for Hacking Rivals
3 min 58 sec
Preview Did Dry Rot Play a Part in Balcony Collapse?
2 min 37 sec
Preview New Calls to Make Lebron James MVP
3 min 40 sec
Preview Court Blocks Release of 'Angola 3' Inmate
6 min 2 sec
Preview Rachel Dolezal Addresses Racial Identity Crisis
12 min
Preview Spoiler Alert! No Mercy On ‘Game of Thrones’
3 min 10 sec
Preview What’s Next for Rachel Dolezal?
5 min 46 sec
Preview Archbishop Resigns Amid Abuse Claims
4 min 21 sec
Preview Last of ‘Angola 3’ Expected to Be Released
8 min 41 sec
Preview Judge Backs Murder Charge for Cleveland Cop
5 min 34 sec
Preview Falling for a Convicted Murderer
6 min 7 sec
Preview OITNB’s Lorraine Toussaint On New TV Movie Role
5 min 7 sec
Preview Sunken Slave Ship Artifacts to Be Displayed
5 min 31 sec
Preview First Read: More Tough Headlines for Jeb Bush
3 min 59 sec
Preview Born in the USA: Eu’Genia Shea
4 min 24 sec
Preview Are Hospitals Price-Gouging Some Patients?
4 min 21 sec
Preview More US Troops May Be Headed to Iraq
3 min 25 sec
Preview Dennis Hastert to Be Arraigned
3 min 7 sec
Preview Obama Defends Healthcare Law Amid SCOTUS Case
3 min 22 sec
Preview Anthony Scott On Michael Slager’s Indictment
4 min 21 sec
Preview Drinking Water: Facts vs. Myths
3 min 30 sec
Preview The ‘Hidden History’ of SEAL Team Six
4 min 56 sec
Preview Fmr. Officer Indicted in Death of Walter Scott
2 min 17 sec
Preview Scientists Are Growing Mini Brains in Labs
2 min 23 sec
Preview American Pharoah Runs for the Triple Crown
4 min 25 sec
Preview Broadcasting Game Changer
2 min 58 sec
Preview The Retail Racial Divide
4 min 38 sec
Preview Duggars Break Silence On Molestation Scandal
7 min 22 sec
Preview Cancer Fight Turns Mission to Help Others
4 min 15 sec
Preview Report: FBI Behind Surveillance Flights
5 min 41 sec
Preview New Details Emerge On Boston Terror Suspects
3 min 12 sec
Preview Who Are the ‘Medal of Honor’ Recipients?
4 min 27 sec
Preview TSA Failed 95% of Airport Breach Tests
6 min 12 sec
Preview Did Nazi War Criminals Collect Millions in Social Security?
4 min 10 sec
Preview Remembering Beau Biden
3 min 8 sec
Preview Key Patriot Act Provisions Expire. What Now?
4 min 18 sec
Preview Miniluxe Is Reshaping the Nail Industry
5 min 16 sec
Preview Former House Speaker Dennis Hastert Indicted
3 min 31 sec
Preview Hysterectomy Device Possibly Spreading Uterine Cancer
6 min 56 sec
Preview Fmr. Gov. George Pataki Jumps Into 2016 Race
4 min 48 sec
Preview Military Mistakenly Ships Live Anthrax
3 min 46 sec
Preview Teen Invents System to Wipe Out Germs On Planes
4 min 3 sec
Preview Cleveland Announces Broad Set of Police Reforms
6 min 9 sec
Preview Top FIFA Officials Arrested On Corruption Charges
6 min 40 sec
Preview From Flower Shop to Edible Arrangements
3 min 34 sec
Preview 2016 Field Continues Its Expansion
3 min 7 sec
Preview SCOTUS Hears Same-sex Marriage Arguments
5 min 41 sec
Preview ‘300 Men’ Protecting Citizens in Baltimore
4 min 28 sec
Preview Attempting to Restore Peace in Baltimore
4 min 2 sec
Preview Prancing Elites: Shattering Gender Norms
5 min 23 sec
Preview Transgender Community: A Deeper Conversation
4 min 36 sec
Preview Nepal Earthquake Survivor Shares Story
4 min 16 sec
Preview Controversy Over Adam Sandler Movie
4 min 8 sec
Preview Actor Raymond Cruz On New Lifetime Role
5 min 15 sec
Preview New Questions Over the Dangers of US Drones
5 min 50 sec
Preview Michael Brown's Family Files Lawsuit
102 sec
Preview Baltimore Mayor Focused On Community
8 min 2 sec
Preview Salt-N-Pepa’s Here and They’re in Effect
6 min 30 sec
Preview DEA Chief Resigns Amid Prostitution Scandal
2 min 52 sec
Preview Terror Plot Against Churches in Paris Thwarted
2 min 28 sec
Preview Ohio Man Charged With Joining ISIS in Court
85 sec
Preview Scathing Review of Rolling Stone Rape Story
4 min 44 sec
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Chef Besh Drives Recovery in NOLA

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Chef John Besh is helping to drive the restaurant industry in New Orleans by opening ten restaurants in and around the city. As an unofficial ambassador, he is working to address recovery efforts through his foundation 'Chefs Move.'

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