Night Stand with Dick Dietrick

  • 1995-1997

A talk-show parody with actors playing guests, audience members and the pompous host, all focusing on outlandish fake themes such as one-night-stand reunions and people wanting to change their race.... More


Night Stand with Dick Dietrick

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Sexaholics Dating Show
Illegal Alien Star Search/Hooked on Hookers
Urban Renewal/American Addiction
I'm Divorcing My Parents
Sex in Hollywood
Supernatural Sex/The Confession Show
Dick's Homecoming
Getting Even
One Night Stands
My Kid's a Race Traitor/Myth America
Trailer Park Reunion
Salute to Getting Off Easy
Salute to Getting Off Easy/Unwed Mothers Show
Live from Death Row
Blonde like Me
The Clip Show
Athletes as Role Models
Affirmative Action Show/Staff Talent Show
What I Did for Love/My Three Wives
Dick Saves Vegas
Who's Killing at the Tickle Bin
Sexaholics Problem Cure and Where to Meet Them
Obsession/Live from Death Row
Is MVT Good for America?
Strippers Are Ruining My Marriage/Athletes as Role Models
Fashion Victims
Urban Renewal
My Three Wives
Self-Improvement Show/Staff Talent Show
Post Office Show/I'm Sorry
So You Think You're a Lesbian
The Expert Show
The Fame Show
American Addiction
Leave Your Job or I'll Leave You
Soiled Cloth
Secret Lives
Are Talk Shows Out of Control?
Arctic Heat/Frivolous Lawsuits
Race Traitors and Parents
Are Talk Shows Out of Control? Sex in Washington
Secret Crush Show/The Making of a President
Fashion Victims/Secret Lives
Secret Crush Show
Sex Education/Swallow Reunion
Pilot Episode
Dating: Will I Ever Find My True Love
The Baywatch Show and Uniting Loved Ones
Uniting Loved Ones
The Swingers 96th Show
Infomercial Addicts
Dream a Little Dream of Me
What I Did for Love
It's My Body and I'll Cry if I Want To
Green Dick/Citadel
Dick Saves Vegas and the Lottery Show
Follow Up Show/Gold Diggers of 1996
Blow-up in a Brothel/Hatred Is Not a Four Letter Word
Royal Dick
UFO Mother Show
Hooked on Hookers
Night Stand Romances
That's My Baby
Really Real World
Follow Up Show
American Probe/Staff Talent Show
Love on the Internet
Take My Knife, Please
Transvestite Wedding Show/Cults
Are Talk Shows Out of Control?
Pushy Parents
The Confession Show
Green Dick
I'm Sorry
Militia Babes/Who's Killing at the Tickle Bin
Leave Your Job or I'll Leave You/How to Make it Big
Militia Babes
Hate Is a Four Letter Word
Hate Thy Neighbor
Dick Saves Vegas
Sex in Washington D.C.
The Lighter Show
Death in a Trailer Park
Getting Even/Sex in Hollywood
Post Office Show
Gays in the Military
My Kid's a Race Traitor
Transvestite Wedding Show
The Fame Show/Soiled Cloth
Affirmative Action Show
Foxy News Babes/It's My Body and I'll Cry if I Want To
One Night Stands/Mama's Boy
Spiritual Healing
Affirmative Action Show/Infomercial Addicts
Love on the Internet/Dream a Little Dream of Me
Mercy Killing Show
Spiritual Healing/Blonde like Me
Is Bigger Better?
The Baywatch Show
Hate Thy Neighbor/Self-Improvement Show
Night Stand with Dick Dietrick
Frivolous Lawsuits
Foxy News Babes Show
Strippers Are Ruining My Marriage
Pushy Parents/Take My Knife, Please
Staff Talent Show
Stress/Night Stand Romances
Arctic Heat
Prison Babes/Trailer Park Reunion
The Lighter Show/Paranormal
The Unwed Mother's Show
Rap Wars/That's My Baby
Gold Diggers of 1996
Mistrial of the Century
Royal Dick/Really Real World
Myth America
Supernatural Sex
Sex Education
Swallow Reunion
Rap Wars
Blow-up in a Brothel
Illegal Alien Star Search
Death in a Trailer Park/Mistrial of the Century
UFO Mother Show/Is MVT Good for America?
Pilot Episode
Gays in the Military/I'm Divorcing My Parents
Mail Order Brides
Moral Cleanup
The Making of a President
The Lottery Show
Moral Cleanup/Dick's Homecoming
American Probe
The Crime Show
So You Think You're a Lesbian/The Crime Show
Mama's Boys
How to Make It Big
Mail Order Brides/The Expert Show
Mercy Killing Show/Eurotrash
Prison Babes
Dick's High School Reunion
Dick's High School Reunion
Greek Dreams/Is Bigger Better?
Greek Dreams

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