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An incisive late-night news series that analyzes the day's top stories with interviews and reports. It occasionally features program-length documentaries, weeklong series and town-hall forums.


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Ep877 Barbara Walters in Syria: Assad Speaks
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Ep848 Does God Have a Future?
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Ep846 Face-Off: Is it Okay to Be Fat?
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Ep822 Addicted to Love: Modern Sex in America
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Ep815 Face Off: Does Satan Exist?
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Ep704 Is America Addicted to Porn?
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Ep397 A Year in Power
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Ep395 The Year in Love
Ep394 Year of the Maverick
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Ep363 Echoes of Autism: Paul in Love
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Ep320 Journalistic Black Eye
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Ep298 The Fight for Life
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Ep269 Homes of the Brave
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Ep258 Nightline
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Ep254 War on the U.S. Border
Ep253 Nightline
Ep252 Nightline
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Ep249 Nightline
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Ep247 Nightline
Ep246 Nightline
Ep245 Echoes of Autism: My Brother's Keeper
Ep244 Echoes of Autism: Paul in Love
Ep243 Nightline
Ep242 Nightline
Ep241 Nightline
Ep240 Making Babies: The Truth About Fertility
Ep239 Making Babies: The Truth About Fertility
Ep238 Nightline
Ep237 Nightline
Ep236 Nightline
Ep235 Nightline
Ep234 Nightline
Ep233 Nightline
Ep232 Nightline
Ep231 Nightline
Ep230 Condo Craze; Romanian Orphans
Ep229 Nightline
Ep228 Nightline
Ep227 Child's Play: Privilege, Power and Preschool
Ep226 Child's Play: Privilege, Power and Preschool
Ep225 Child's Play: Privilege, Power and Preschool
Ep224 Nightline
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Ep172 Nightline
Ep171 Born Too Soon: Inside the Neo-Natal Unit
Ep170 Born Too Soon: Inside the Neo-Natal Unit
Ep169 Born Too Soon: Inside the Neo-Natal Unit
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Ep165 Nightline
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Ep123 The Mothers of the Fallen
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Ep98 A Killer in Town
Ep97 A Killer in Town
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Ep94 Town Meeting Ready or Not: Lessons from the Storms
Ep93 Tough Love: A Cosby Call-Out
Ep92 The Fallen
Ep91 Nightline
Ep90 Mother, Daughter: Confronting a Genetic Legacy
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Ep81 Why Stay?
Ep80 Coming Home: The Invisible Casualties of War
Ep79 Coming Home: The Invisible Casualties of War
Ep78 Coming Home: The Invisible Casualties of War
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Ep65 The Fallen
Ep64 On the Edge: America's Working Poor
Ep63 2004 March 02 Super Tuesay Coverage
Ep62 Nightline
Ep61 2004 February 24
Ep60 01222004
Ep59 Nightline
Ep58 Nightline
Ep57 Nightline
Ep56 Nightline
Ep55 America in the Red
Ep54 2003 March 04 Town Meeting
Ep53 America in Black and White: Two Towns of Jasper
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Ep51 Viewpoint: Patriotism, Journalism and War
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Ep43 A Matter of Choice?
Ep42 A Matter of Choice?
Ep41 A Matter of Choice?
Ep40 A Matter of Choice?
Ep39 A Matter of Choice?
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Ep31 Homeland Security: At Any Cost
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Ep28 Ground Zero
Ep27 Heart of Darkness
Ep26 Heart of Darkness
Ep25 Heart of Darkness
Ep24 Heart of Darkness
Ep23 Nightline
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Ep21 Clear and Present Danger: America Fights Back
Ep20 Heart of Darkness
Ep19 Surviving High School
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Ep11 Goldrush dot-com
Ep10 Goldrush dot-com
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Ep5 The Clinton Years
Ep4 The Clinton Years
Ep3 The Clinton Years
Ep2 The Clinton Years
Ep1 The Clinton Years
03/14/16: Founders of Say Dating Site Isn't Racist
Nightline 06/24/16: 'Missing Dial' Parents Open Up on Desperate Search for Vanished Son
Nightline 06/21/16: PA Attorney General Exposed Illicit Gov't Emails, Faces Own Scandal
Nightline 06/22/16: Authorities Crack Down on Alleged Counterfeit Laundry Detergent
Nightline 07/07/16: Dallas Shooting: Panic and Chaos in Texas
Nightline 07/11/16: After Dallas, What It Means to Be a Black Police Officer in a Diverse Community
Nightline 07/12/16: After Dallas Shootings, Pro-Open Carry Crusaders Draw New Criticism
Nightline 7/15/16: Shots Fired: 11 Deadly Days of Shootings
Nightline 7/25/16: Michelle Obama, Bernie Sanders Speak at DNC After Rocky Start
Nightline 06/09/16: New Insights Revealed into OJ Simpson and Trial of the Century
Nightline 05/25/16: 'Daughters For Sale.'
Nightline 05/17/16: In El Salvador, Gang Violence is a Part of Everyday Life
Nightline 11/12/15: Jihadi John Targeted by US Drone Airstrike, Believed to Have Been Killed
Nightline 11/18/15: Inside the Paris Raid Authorities Say Thwarted a New Terrorist Attack
12/04/15: San Bernardino Shooting: New Details on Killer Couple
Nightline 03/08/16: 'Making a Murderer': Breaking Down Brendan Dassey's Confession
Nightline 07/03/15: The Fight Over Los Angeles's Giga-Mansions
Nightline 05/27/16: Johnny Depp Ordered to Temporarily Stay Away from Estranged Wife Amber Heard
Nightline 11/20/15: Studies Aim to Reduce Risk of Concussions from Hard Hits in Football
Nightline 07/12/16: After Dallas Shootings, Pro-Open Carry Crusaders Draw New Criticism
Nightline 06/02/16: Some Airbnb Users Claim Hosts Rejected Them Over Race
Nightline 06/30/16: These Moms Became Social Stars with Intense Workouts, Even While Pregnant
1994 March 04
1994 March 03
12/01/15: Porn Star Rape Allegations Raise Consent Issues
Nightline 05/11/16: 'Sextortion' Becomes Growing Online Global Threat
Nightline 06/07/16: Bobby Brown on Whitney Houston, the Woman He Loved and Lost
Nightline 05/10/16: Severe Turbulence Injures People on JetBlue Flight to Orlando
Nightline 05/23/16: Meet the Couple Behind the Viral Snapchat Soap Opera
1994 March 18
George W. Bush and John McCain
2000 October 10
03/23/16: Brussels Attack: What We Know About Suspected Terrorists
Nightline 08/22/16: Children of Witness Protection Struggle to Reclaim Identities
Nightline 08/23/16: Clinton Goes on Defense After Trump Attacks Clinton Foundation, Her Health
Nightline 08/25/16: Police Practice Active Shooting Drill at Colorado High School
Nightline 08/24/16: 16-Year-Old Becomes Fourth Known Person to Survive Brain Amoeba in 50 Years
Nightline 08/26/16: ISIS Hostage Kayla Mueller's Courage in Captivity
Nightline 08/19/16: Woman Volunteers for '60 Days In' Jail to See What Life Could Have Been
Nightline 06/08/15: How Two Convicted Killers Escaped an Upstate NY Max Security Prison
Nightline 06/04/15: 'Hot Girls Wanted': A Shocking Look at How Teen Girls End Up in Amateur Porn
Nightline 04/29/15: One Woman's Journey to Find Her Birth Mother
Nightline 12/25: At Hillsong Church, Come for the Rock Concert, Stay for the Sermon
Nightline 12/26: The Underground World of Colombia's Child Sex Trafficking Trade
Nightline 12/30: AirAsia Flight Investigators Piece Together Crash Theories
Nightline 1/2: The Elkhart 4: A Burglary Gone Wrong
Nightline 12/19: 'Interview' Controversy: Did Sony Make The Right Move?
Nightline 12/23: Aspiring Chefs, Home Cooks Test Skills on Buy-A-Meal Apps
Nightline 08/25/15: The Secrets to Ending 'Mommy Guilt' Suffering
Nightline 08/24/15: How Four Americans Stopped French Train Gunman
Nightline 08/26/15: Virginia On-Air Shooting: New Details on What Happened
Nightline 08/28/15: What Virginia On-Air Shooting Survivor Remembers About the Incident
Nightline 08/31/15: Meet the Judge Who Went Viral For His Creative Punishments
Nightline 07/31/15: Why House Fires Spread So Quickly
Nightline 06/03/15: New Details About Bombshell Josh Duggar Sexual Abuse Allegations
Nightline 06/11/15: Manhunt For Escaped Convicted Murderers Expands Across State Lines
Nightline 06/02/15: Inside the Lion Park Where American Was Mauled to Death
Nightline 06/05/15: Duggar Sisters Defend Brother Josh in Sexual Abuse Allegations
Nightline 05/11/15: Mom Claims She, Daughter With Autism Were Kicked Off United Flight
Nightline 05/06/15: Mommy Blogger Fires Back Against 'Dad Bod' Physique
Nightline 04/07/15: Shocking Video Leads to South Carolina Cop Facing Murder Charges
Nightline 02/24/15: 'American Sniper Trial': Eddie Ray Routh Found Guilty of Capital Murder
Nightline 12/12: How Milwaukee Police Chief Reacted to Own 'Ferguson'
Nightline 09/11/15: New York Kayak Murder: New Details in the Case
Nightline 09/09/15: On a Mission to Rescue Circus Animals in Peru
Nightline 02/03/15: Revenge Porn Site Owner Convicted of Extortion
Nightline 02/02/15: Bobbi Kristina Brown Is 'Fighting for Her Life'
03/11/16: Chaos in Chicago as Donald Trump Postpones Rally
03/17/16: Hulk Hogan and Gawker's Civil Trial Over Sex Tape Continues
03/10/16: The Very Real Consequences of Social Shaming
Nightline 04/08/16: How Two Missing Minnesota Sisters Hid in Plain Sight for 2 Years
Nightline 04/06/16: Political 'Subway Series': Candidates Stump in N.Y. Ahead of Primary
Nightline 04/07/16: Why Some People Want to Re-Define the 'Plus-Size' Model Label
Nightline 04/20/16: Lindsay Ess' Story: Quadruple Amputee Undergoes Double Hand Transplant Surgery
Nightline 04/18/16: '5 Days': The Hunt for the Boston Marathon Bombers
Nightline 04/13/16: Transgender Man Shares Struggle After Leaving North Carolina Home
Nightline 04/14/16: You, Me and the Donald: Couples Spar Over Controversial GOP Candidate
Nightline 05/05/16: Why Some Women Change the Color of Their Skin
Nightline 04/29/16: Scientology Leader David Miscavige's Father on Their Relationship
Nightline 05/04/16: 'Biggest Loser' Contestants Open Up About Continuing Weight Battles
Nightline 05/02/16: Teens Plan Elaborate Prom-posal Stunts for Social Media Likes
Nightline 04/22/16: Prince's Last Days Before His Death, His Private Life
Nightline 04/27/16: Women Held Captive by Boko Haram Share Their Stories of Survival
Nightline 05/03/16: Cruz Out, What Indiana Primary Results Mean for Election 2016
Nightline 04/26/16: Clinton, Trump Projected to Win Big in Northeastern Primaries
Nightline 04/15/16: Missouri Mother, Daughter Killed Family Members with Anti-Freeze
Nightline 04/21/16: 'Prince - Death of a Legend'
Nightline 04/25/16: Johnny Manziel, Once Top NFL Prospect Turned Party Boy
04/19/16: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Projected to Win NY Primaries
Nightline 04/13/16: Transgender Man Shares Struggle After Leaving North Carolina Home
Nightline 04/12/16: Why Chip Credit Cards Are Still Not Safe From Fraud
Nightline 05/06/16: Mom Reveals She Abandoned Three Newborns At Separate Times
Nightline 04/28/16: Meet the Plastic Surgeon Who Films His Surgeries Live on Snapchat
Nightline 06/23/16: Ex-Marine Turned Baker Indicted in Alleged Murder-For-Hire Plot
Nightline 06/20/16: Excerpts of Orlando Nightclub Shooter's Calls with Police Released
Nightline 05/09/16: Storm Chasers Follow Massive Tornados Ripping Through Midwest
Nightline 07/13/16: For Black and White Families, the Race Conversation is Worlds Apart
Nightline 07/05/16: Before the US Border, Migrants Face Harrowing Journey in Mexico
Nightline 07/06/16: Scandal in the Hospital: Hundreds of Doctors Accused of Sexual Assault
Nightline 07/01/16: Man Who Faced 55 Years in Prison for Nonviolent Drug Bust Gets Early Release
Nightline 06/29/16: Details Emerge on Istanbul Airport Suicide Attackers
Nightline 06/28/16: Celebrating Pat Summitt, a Pioneer in Women's Sports
Nightline 06/27/16: Shark Attack Survivors Jump Back Into Ocean With Sharks
Nightline 5/28/15: Generic Drugs, Once a Cheaper Option, Now Causing Sticker Shock
Nightline 5/26/15: Massive Texas Flooding Leads to Widespread Death and Destruction
Nightline 05/21/15: DC Mansion Murder Suspect Taken Into Custody
Nightline 04/30/15: How Andrew Keegan Went from '90s Heartthrob to Spiritual Guide
Nightline 05/01/15: Six Officers Connected to Freddie Gray's Death Face Criminal Charges
Nightline 04/08/15: New Details on South Carolina Shooting Cop's Past
Nightline 04/10/15: Inside One of the Safest Houses in America
Nightline 03/03/15: Pitcher Curt Schilling Goes After Internet Trolls
Nightline 02/06/15: Dating Site Votes on Who's Worthy
Nightline 09/02/15: Kentucky Clerk Continues to Refuse Marriage Licenses to Couples
Nightline 06/25/15: After Charleston Shooting, Signs of Change in Race Conversation
Nightline 06/29/15: How Escaped Killers Richard Matt, David Sweat Were Caught
Nightline 06/30/15: Ex-VA Swim Team Member Alleges Violent Hazing
Nightline 06/23/15: Millionaire Funds Rescue Missions to Save Migrants
Nightline 06/24/15: Ex-Vanderbilt Football Players Walk Free After Rape Case Mistrial
Nightline 06/26/15: Escaped Convicted Murderers: 1 Dead, 1 Still on the Run
Nightline 06/22/15: Charleston Shooting Raises Fresh Controversy Over Confederate Flag
Nightline 06/23/15: Millionaire Funds Rescue Missions to Save Migrants
Nightline 06/15/15: Shark Search Continues Following Violent Attacks on Teens
Nightline 05/12/15: Amtrak Train Derails Near Philadelphia
Nightline 05/18/15: Biker Gang Brawl in Texas Leaves 9 Dead
Nightline 04/24/15: Bruce Jenner, In His Own Words
Nightline 04/9/15: New SC Cop Dash Cam Video Shows Moments Before Shooting
Nightline 04/07/15: Shocking Video Leads to South Carolina Cop Facing Murder Charges
Nightline 04/06/15: Ellen Pao Talks About Gender Bias in Silicon Valley
Nightline 03/30/15: A Couple's Decision to Undergo Risky Prenatal Surgery
Nightline 03/11/15: Pregnant Model With Abs Responds to Social Media Backlash
Nightline 02/04/15: Deadly NYC Commuter Train-SUV Collision Investigation Underway
Nightline 1/8: Suspects in Charlie Hebdo Attack on the Run
Nightline 1/5: Two US Ski Team Hopefuls Killed in Avalanche
Nightline 09/03/15: Migrant Crisis: The Harrowing Plight of Refugee Families
Nightline 06/09/15: Texas Cop Resigns After Pool Party Confrontation Video Goes Viral
Nightline 06/16/15: Rachel Dolezal's Parents React to Daughter's Race Identity Comments
Nightline 06/19/15: Charleston Church Massacre Victims' Families Confront Alleged Killer
Nightline 06/17/15: Deadly Shooting at South Carolina Church
Nightline 06/18/15: Charleston Shooting Suspect: What We Know About Dylann Roof
Nightline 05/22/15: Josh Duggar: '19 Kids and Counting' Star Responds to Sexual Abuse Claims
Nightline 05/27/15: How 'Free Range' Parents Charged With Child Neglect Launched New Parenting Debate
Nightline 03/26/15: Germanwings Plane Crash's Terrifying Final Moments
Nightline 03/24/15: Germanwings Plane Crash Investigators Piece Together What Happened
Nightline 03/04/15: Intersex Children: A Journey Between Genders
Nightline 1/7: The Manhunt for Terrorists After Charlie Hebdo Massacre
Nightline 12/16: Sony Hackers Make New Threats Ahead of 'Interview' Release
Nightline 09/01/15: Pope Francis Allows Priests to Forgive Women Who Had Abortions
Nightline 06/05/15: Duggar Sisters Defend Brother Josh in Sexual Abuse Allegations
Nightline 05/20/15: Strange New Developments in DC Mansion Fire
Nightline 05/13/15: Amtrak Train Derailment: New Crash Details Emerge
Nightline 05/15/15: Bill Cosby Breaks Silence After Sexual Assault Allegations
Nightline 05/14/15: California Teen Accuses Hollywood Acting Coach of Sexual Assault
Nightline 05/19/15: Deadly DC Mansion Fire Leaves Questions
Nightline 04/03/15: The Pitfalls of Booking Hotel Rooms Online
Nightline 04/02/15: How US, Allies Reached 'Historic' Iran Nuclear Deal
Nightline 03/18/15: Suspended Penn State Frat Under Criminal Investigation
Nightline 03/19/15: The Swingers Next Door: Ohio Couple Share Lifestyle With Neighbors
Nightline 03/25/15: Germanwings Pilot Locked Out of Cockpit Before Crash, Report Says
Nightline 12/24: Risking It All to Capture One of World's Fiercest Volcanoes
Nightline 12/11: Supermodel Beverly Johnson Brings Shocking New Allegations Against Bill Cosby
Nightline 12/15: Inside the Terrifying Sydney Hostage Crisis
Nightline 08/13/15: Teens Making the Adult Decision to Have Breast Reduction Surgery
Nightline 08/27/15: Prep School Rape Trial Goes to the Jury
Nightline 09/01/15: Pope Francis Allows Priests to Forgive Women Who Had Abortions
Nightline 08/21/15: Josh Duggar Admits Being 'Unfaithful'
Nightline 06/10/15: Investigation into Hillandale Farms, One of US's Largest Egg Producers
Nightline 06/12/15: NAACP Chapter President Faces Backlash, Questions Over Her Race
Nightline 07/23/15: Gunman Among Dead in Lafayette Movie Theater Shooting
Nightline 07/17/15: Chattanooga Shooting Dead Were Decorated Veterans
Nightline 05/04/15: The Men Behind the Failed Garland Attack
Nightline 05/05/15: SC College Student Accused of Poisoning Roommates' Food
Nightline 02/17/15: 'American Sniper' Trial: Prosecutors Show New Video Evidence
Nightline 02/16/15: Grieving Mom Pushes to Change Lack of Seatbelts in School Buses
Nightline 07/15/15: Inside Texas Conjoined Twins' Harrowing Separation Surgery
Nightline 1/1: Designing Natural Breasts From Stomach Fat
Nightline 03/12/15: Former Jehovah's Witness Takes on Church Over Sex Abuse Allegations
Nightline 03/09/15: Controversial New Dating App Is for Singles with High Standards
Nightline 02/20/15: NASCAR Suspends Driver Kurt Busch Indefinitely
Nightline 02/05/15: Contestants For This Reality Show Compete for Porn Stardom
Nightline 02/23/15: Conjoined Twins Undergo Complicated Separation Surgery
Nightline 1/30: Why Aaron Hernandez Trial Is Poor Timing for NFL
Nightline 07/16/15: Chattanooga Shooting Spree Suspect Identified
03/22/16: 'Brussels Under Attack'
Nightline 04/27/15: Freddie Grey Protests Turn Violent in Baltimore
Nightline 02/26/15: Aaron Hernandez Murder Trial: Explosive New Evidence
Nightline 02/13/15: The Fight Over Los Angeles's Giga-Mansions
Nightline 02/19/15: How Alleged 'Road Rage' Incident in Vegas Turned Deadly
Nightline 02/10/15: Kayla Mueller: New Details Emerge About Slain ISIS Hostage
Nightline 02/18/15: Locked Up for Life on a Nonviolent Drug Bust
Nightline 07/20/15: Bill Cosby Talks About Extramarital Affairs, Drugs in Deposition
Nightline 03/06/15: Harrison Ford Injured in California Small Plane Crash
Nightline 3/2/15: 'Zombie' Homes, When Good Houses Go Bad
Nightline 02/12/15: Confessions from a Sexless Marriage
Nightline 02/09/15: Bruce Jenner Responds to Fatal Crash
Nightline 1/15: Vanderbilt Football Trial: Alleged Rape Details Emerge
Nightline 1/27: Vanderbilt Rape Trial: Ex-Football Players Found Guilty
Nightline 1/26: Massive Blizzard Shuts Down Northeast
Nightline 1/23: Hidden America: Chilling New Look at Sex Trafficking in the US
Nightline 1/28: Kristin Cavallari Sharing Husband Texts Launches Mr. Mom Discussion
Nightline 1/21: How to Prevent and Survive a Carjacking
Nightline 1/29: Free Range Parents Believe in Letting Kids Roam Alone
Nightline 1/20: State of the Union: What You Didn't See
03/24/16: Hulk Hogan Trial Jurors, Gawker's Nick Denton Respond to Verdict
Nightline 07/08/15: Shark Attack Surge in Carolinas: What Could Be Causing It
Nightline 07/07/15: San Francisco Shooting Suspect Raises Immigration Questions
Nightline 07/10/15: Convicted Cancer Doctor Case Whistleblower, Victims Speak Out
Nightline 07/13/15: Manhunt for Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo After 2nd Prison Escape
Nightline 07/03/15: The Fight Over Los Angeles's Giga-Mansions
Nightline 7/6/15: Legal Motion: Bill Cosby Said in 2005 Deposition He Got Quaaludes to Give to Women
Nightline 04/23/15: 30-Year Death Row Inmate Celebrates First Days of Freedom
Nightline 1/14: What It Feels Like to Be a Gamergate Target
Nightline 07/09/15: The New Young Faces of the Anti-Abortion Movement
Nightline 07/02/15: 11-Year-Old Girl 'Allergic' to Sunlight
Nightline 04/22/15: 'Missoula' Victim Secretly Records Her Rapist
Nightline 04/21/15: Inside Special Ops Program That Sent Women Soldiers to Afghanistan Warzones
Nightline 04/17/15: Exonerated Death Row Inmate Meets Prosecutors Who Put Him There
Nightline 03/31/15: Former Police Chief Claims He Lived in Fear of FLDS Church Leaders
Nightline 03/23/15: The Pain of Cyberbullying Still Lingers Years Later
Nightline 02/11/15: 'American Sniper' Trial Takes Emotional Turn
Nightline 1/16: Teen Pretended to be Florida Doctor for a Month, Police Say
Nightline 1/12: When YouTube Stars Fall in Love
Nightline 1/13: Man Overboard Rescued by Passing Disney Cruise
Nightline 1/6: Slain Hedge Fund Founder's Son Charged with Murder
Nightline 12/22: Seeking Answers in Shooting Death of Two NYPD Officers
Nightline 03/20/15: How This NYC Socialite Hacks the Travel Industry
Nightline 1/9: How the Two Hostage Standoffs in France Unfolded
Nightline 09/08/15: Refugee Crisis Leaves Thousands Stranded on Greek Island
Nightline 09/04/15: Missouri Police Task Force Battles Heroin Epidemic
Nightline 07/01/15: Prison of Passion: Relationships Between Female Officers, Inmates
Nightline 05/29/15: Twin Sisters, Ex-Children of God Members, Describe Lives Inside Religious Sect
Nightline 05/25/15: 'I Want That House'
02/19/16: PTA President Framed by Parents Speaks Out After Winning Civil Suit
03/03/16: Donald Trump Taking Fire On and Off Debate Stage
03/01/16: Super Tuesday 2016: Clinton, Trump Projected to Win Big
02/25/16: Consent on Campus: A 'Nightline' Event
02/29/16: Activists From Lady Gaga's Oscars Performance Share Their Stories
02/23/16: Combating Rhino Poaching in Africa with Drones
02/22/16: Florida Woman Hospitalized After Alleged Craigslist Roommate Attack
02/16/16: Former Pro-Wrestler Latest to Retire Amidst Concussion Concerns
02/15/16: Trump Threatens to Sue Cruz, Jeb Bush Brings Out Brother on Campaign Trail
02/17/16: 'Elkhart 4' Arrested For Murder in Burglary Gone Wrong
02/10/16: Cruise Ship Passengers Describe What Happened During Weather Troubles
02/09/16: Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders Projected to Win NH Primary
03/04/16: Las Vegas 'Road Rage' Shooting Suspects Plead Guilty
Nightline 03/09/16: 7 People Volunteer to Go to Jail for '60 Days In'
03/02/16: Why the Major Abortion Case in Front of US Supreme Court Matters
03/21/16: Former Colorado Deputy on Trial for Wife's Shooting Death
04/04/16: Why Sisters 'Diamond and Silk' Stump for Trump
04/05/16: California City Pays Young Men For Good Behavior in Exchange for Not Pulling the Trigger
03/29/16: Jill Kelley on Her Role in the Scandal that Took Down Petraeus
03/31/16: Former Colo. Deputy Found Not Guilty in Wife's Shooting Death
Nightline 04/01/16: YouTube Star Opens Up About Her Revenge Porn Legal Battle
03/30/16: Terrorists in Belgium: Former Altar Boy Turned ISIS Supporter Shares His Story
Nightline 07/04/16: Quadruple Amputee Undergoes Double Hand Transplant Surgery
03/18/16: What Happened When Kate del Castillo, Sean Penn Met 'El Chapo'
03/25/16: Explosive New Evidence in Ex-Deputy's Trial for Wife's Shooting Death
Nightline 08/18/15: In Baltimore, Hometown Heroes Quietly Try to Turn Things Around
Nightline 08/11/15: Big Decision in Kelly Rutherford's Custody Battle
Nightline 08/20/15: Alleged Prep School Rape Victim Breaks Down on the Stand
Nightline 08/12/15: Locked Up for Life on a Nonviolent Drug Bust
Nightline 08/07/15: Car Chases, One of the Deadliest Things Police Officers Can Do
Nightline 08/10/15: Grizzly Bear Attack: Man Mauled to Death in Yellowstone
Nightline 07/30/15: This 19-Year-Old Will Spend 25 Years on Sex Offender Registry
Nightline 07/24/15: Lafayette Theater Shooting Survivor Describes What Happened
Nightline 07/27/15: This Travel Hacker Flies Around the World for Almost Nothing
Nightline 06/01/15: 'Meet Caitlyn Jenner'
Nightline 05/08/15: The Tricky Ways Burglars Can Break into Your Home
Nightline 05/07/15: How US Officials Say ISIS Uses Social Media to Recruit
Nightline 04/15/15: Former Honor Student on Trial for Fatally Shooting Boyfriend
Nightline 04/28/15: Tensions Between Police, Protestors Boil in Baltimore
Nightline 04/20/15: How Cal Harris Can Be Tried for Murder Again
Nightline 04/16/15: Sofia Vergara's Ex Sues Over Their Frozen Embryos
Nightline 03/31/15: Former Police Chief Claims He Lived in Fear of FLDS Church Leaders
Nightline 02/25/15: 'American Sniper' Trial Jurors Explain Guilty Verdict
Nightline 02/24/15: 'American Sniper Trial': Eddie Ray Routh Found Guilty of Capital Murder
Nightline 09/15/15: Father Fights to Win Back Baby Girl Put Up for Adoption
Nightline 09/07/15: Married Couple 'Uncouples' in Special Ceremony Instead of Divorce
Nightline 8/19/15: Jared Fogle Agrees to Plead Guilty to Child Porn Charges
Nightline 08/17/15: Synthetic Identity Fraud: Undercover Investigation into Alleged ID Fraud
Nightline 8/14/15: Cecil the Lion: What Happened When Beloved Lion Was Killed
Nightline 08/13/15: Teens Making the Adult Decision to Have Breast Reduction Surgery
Nightline 07/28/15: Minnesota Dentist Acknowledges Killing Beloved Lion Cecil
Nightline 03/10/15: Oklahoma SAE Frat Condemned Over Racist Chants
Nightline 03/13/15: California Valet Allegedly Gives Car Away to Wrong Driver
Nightline 04/01/15: A Transgender Teen's Transformative Journey
Nightline 09/14/15: California Fires Leave Behind Apocalyptic-Like Destruction
Nightline 09/10/15: Syrian Refugees' Harrowing Journey Across Europe to Freedom
Nightline 08/03/15: Crowdfunding Medical Expenses: A Tale of Two Families
Nightline 08/05/15: The 'Hicks Babies': Adoptee Sold by Doctor 50 Years Ago Meets Birth Family
Nightline 08/06/15: First GOP Debate: Donald Trump, and Other Memorable Moments
Nightline 08/03/15: Big Game Hunters Facing Backlash Over 'Kill Photos'
Nightline 08/04/15: Dealing with Airbnb Home Rental Nightmares
Nightline 07/29/15: Cincinnati Traffic Stop Results in Death, Officer Indicted
Nightline 07/22/15: Questions Linger After Texas Police Release Sandra Bland Arrest Video
Nightline 07/21/15: The Dangers of Being Locked in a Hot Car
Nightline 08/07/15: Car Chases, One of the Deadliest Things Police Officers Can Do
Nightline 08/05/15: The 'Hicks Babies': Adoptee Sold by Doctor 50 Years Ago Meets Birth Family
Nightline 08/10/15: Grizzly Bear Attack: Man Mauled to Death in Yellowstone
Nightline 08/13/15: Teens Making the Adult Decision to Have Breast Reduction Surgery
Nightline 08/11/15: Big Decision in Kelly Rutherford's Custody Battle
Nightline 8/14/15: Cecil the Lion: What Happened When Beloved Lion Was Killed
12/14/15: GOP Debate: Showdown in Vegas as Candidates Clash Over National Security
Nightline 10/28/15: Third GOP Debate: Zingers and Surprising Twists
Nightline 08/18/15: In Baltimore, Hometown Heroes Quietly Try to Turn Things Around
Nightline 08/13/15: Teens Making the Adult Decision to Have Breast Reduction Surgery
Nightline 08/17/15: Synthetic Identity Fraud: Undercover Investigation into Alleged ID Fraud
Nightline 08/21/15: Josh Duggar Admits Being 'Unfaithful'
Nightline 08/20/15: Alleged Prep School Rape Victim Breaks Down on the Stand
02/26/16: Bernie Sanders: Behind the Scenes on the Campaign Trail
Nightline 08/25/15: The Secrets to Ending 'Mommy Guilt' Suffering
Nightline 08/27/15: Prep School Rape Trial Goes to the Jury
Nightline 09/01/15: Pope Francis Allows Priests to Forgive Women Who Had Abortions
Nightline 07/30/15: This 19-Year-Old Will Spend 25 Years on Sex Offender Registry
12/18/15: Michael Dunn Murder Victim's Parents Continues to Fight for Son
Nightline 09/22/15: Kim Davis on Her Time in Jail, Her Newfound Notoriety
01/06/15: Ted Cruz: Behind the Scenes on the Campaign Trail
Nightline 09/25/15: Inside the Infamous O.J. Simpson White Bronco Chase
Nightline 09/29/15: Oklahoma Man Fights Death Sentence Day Before Execution Date
Nightline 10/01/15: Multiple Causalities Reported in Oregon Community College Shooting
Nightline 10/07/15: Why a Police Program Wants to Keep Drug Offenders Out of Jail
Nightline 10/27/15: SC Classroom Confrontation: Student Who Videotaped Incident Speaks Out
Nightline 10/15/15: Lamar Odom: Kardashians, Jenners, Pro-Athletes Offer Support
Nightline 10/02/15: Oregon College Shooting: More Details Emerge on Gunman
Nightline 10/06/15: The Risks of Leaving Your Keyless Ignition Car Running
Nightline 10/08/15: Woman Found Guilty For Second-Degree Murder of Husband
Nightline 10/14/15: What Milwaukie Gun Store Verdict Could Mean for Gun Regulations
Nightline 10/29/15: Prep School Sexual Assault Case: New Details Revealed
Nightline 10/12/15: 19-Year-Old Fights to Be Taken Off Sex Offender Registry
Nightline 10/13/15: Democratic Showdown: Memorable Moments from 2016 Dem Debate
12/22/15: Trump Faces Backlash Over Sexually Derogatory Remark About Hillary
Nightline 10/16/15: The Dangers of Taking Photos on Train Tracks
Nightline 10/16/15: 'Miracle Baby' Born Without Most of His Brain Defying Odds
Nightline 11/19/15: 'GMA 40 for 40' Livestream Event Behind the Scenes
Nightline 11/27/15: Escape Artist Describes Water Stunt Gone Wrong
Nightline 11/26/15: How This Pastor Wants to Make Going to Church Cool
Nightline 11/25/15: U.S. Customs and Border Patrol Test Body Cams After Complaints
Nightline 11/23/15: Face Transplant Surgery Gives Former Firefighter a New Face
Nightline 11/24/15: Inside a Miami Pick-Up Artist's 'Seduction Bootcamp'
02/05/16: How Virginia Tech Students Allegedly Plotted 13-Year-Old Girl's Murder
01/07/15: In Missouri, Relaxed Gun Laws, More Gun Deaths
12/30/15: Bill Cosby Charged With Assault, Accusers React
01/04/16: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton: A Tale of Two Campaigns
Nightline 06/13/16: Authorities Comb Through Orlando Nightclub Shooter's Troubled Past
Nightline 11/30/15: Donald Trump Has Closed Meeting With African-American Pastors
01/27/16: Oregon Standoff: What Happened Between Armed Militia, Authorities
Nightline 06/10/16: The Severe Dangers of Opioid Painkiller Fentanyl
12/29/15: 'Affluenza' Teen Had Going Away Party Before Fleeing, Says Sheriff
Nightline 04/11/16: Ex-New Orleans Saints Star Will Smith Killed in Shooting
Nightline 06/14/16: Injured Orlando Nightclub Survivors Recall Facing the Gunman
Nightline 11/16/15: France Declares War on ISIS Targets
Nightline 11/17/15: Where Paris Attackers Might Have Been Before Massacre
Nightline 06/15/16: Boy's Body Recovered after Gator Attack at Disney World, Officials Say
01/05/16: President Obama Tears Up Recalling Mass Shooting Victims
12/23/15: Young Vermont Father Torn Between Family and Heroin
01/08/16: Powerball Jackpot: The Fantasy of Winning Big
01/01/15: One Woman's Journey to Find Her Birth Mother
02/18/16: Teen Arrested for Allegedly Running a Fake Medical Practice
02/12/16: Why Columbine Killer's Mother Sue Klebold Came Forward
Nightline 06/17/16: After Orlando Massacre, Interest in Guns in LGBT Community Rises
Nightline 08/10/16: Trump Faces Questions After 2nd Amendment Comment
Nightline 08/16/16: PA Attorney General Found Guilty in Perjury Case, Resigns
Nightline 08/15/16: After Ryan Lochte, Other US Swimmers Robbed, A Look at Security in Rio
Nightline 08/18/16: Bizarre Twists in US Swimmers Alleged Robbery Case in Rio
Nightline 08/08/16: Tragedy at the World's Tallest Water Slide
Nightline 07/27/16: President Obama Makes the Case for Hillary Clinton
Nightline 07/28/16: Hillary Clinton Accepts the Democratic Nomination
12/02/15: San Bernardino Shooting: At least 14 Dead, 17 Injured
Nightline 06/26/15: Escaped Convicted Murderers: 1 Dead, 1 Still on the Run