No Ordinary Family

  • 2010
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A sci-fi drama about a family that develops superpowers after a plane crash in the Amazon. The patriarch, Jim, discovers he has immense strength, and his wife, Stephanie, is blessed with amazing... Más


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep20 #1 No Ordinary Beginning
Ep19 #1 No Ordinary Future
Ep18 #1 No Ordinary Animal
Ep17 #1 No Ordinary Love
Ep16 #1 No Ordinary Proposal
Ep15 #1 No Ordinary Powell
Ep14 #1 No Ordinary Double Standard
Ep13 #1 No Ordinary Detention
Ep12 #1 No Ordinary Brother
Ep11 #1 No Ordinary Friends
Ep10 #1 No Ordinary Sidekick
Ep9 #1 No Ordinary Anniversary
Ep8 #1 No Ordinary Accident
Ep7 #1 No Ordinary Mobster
Ep6 #1 No Ordinary Visitors
Ep5 #1 No Ordinary Earthquake
Ep4 #1 No Ordinary Vigilante
Ep3 #1 No Ordinary Ring
Ep2 #1 No Ordinary Marriage
Ep1 #1 Pilot

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
No Ordinary Quake
No Ordinary Double
No Ordinary Double

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Clip I'm buying
73 sec
Clip What are you saying?
70 sec
Clip NOF111 CL1.DV25
65 sec
Clip NOF110 CL1.DV25
76 sec
Clip NOF110 CL3.DV25
67 sec
Clip You've been working out.
56 sec
Clip My parents, my rules.
53 sec
Clip NOF105 CL3.DV25
63 sec
Clip NOF105 CL1.DV25
89 sec
Clip It's making us special
58 sec
Clip You shot him!
51 sec
Clip NOF Hulk SP.DV25
36 sec
Clip New Powers
119 sec
Clip Psychic
2 min 31 sec
Interview 100803 tca chiklis benz noordinaryfamily interview 16x9 Fancast FLV
3 min 53 sec
Clip Julie Benz talks about her character
2 min 4 sec
Clip No Ordinary Family Sneak Peek - Crash
2 min 6 sec
Clip No Ordinary Family Sneak Peek - Jump
112 sec
Clip Comic-con
118 sec
Clip Go behind the scenes with ABC's shows
118 sec
Clip No Ordinary Family: 'Trailer'
3 min 3 sec
Preview NOF100 TR.DV25
3 min 3 sec
S1 | Ep20

No Ordinary Beginning

Fecha al aire: 4/5/11
In the first-season finale, Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) strikes again when JJ is kidnapped and coerced into using his powers to solve a riddle that could facilitate trilsettum's permanent effects. Meanwhile, Joshua learns he's going to be a father; and George's life is in danger due to an impending airborne disaster.

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