Not Your Average Travel Guide

  • 2006

Travel guides take viewers off the beaten path in locations around the world to better experience local culture.


Not Your Average Travel Guide

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep37 Costa Rica
Ep36 San Diego
Ep35 Austin
Ep34 Greek Islands
Ep33 Mexico City
Ep32 Bastille Day
Ep31 Memphis
Ep30 DC---The Mall
Ep29 Wimbledon
Ep28 Germany
Ep27 China
Ep26 Los Angeles
Ep25 Athens
Ep24 Turkey
Ep23 St. Patricks' Day
Ep22 Beijing
Ep21 Sedona
Ep20 Berlin
Ep19 Washington, D.C.
Ep18 Las Vegas
Ep17 Santa Fe
Ep16 Paris
Ep15 Montreal
Ep14 Shanghai
Ep13 Dublin
Ep12 Munich
Ep11 California
Ep10 Napa
Ep9 Rt 1
Ep8 Vancouver
Ep7 Prague
Ep6 Barcelona
Ep5 Philadelphia
Ep4 London
Ep3 Rome
Ep2 Amsterdam
Ep1 Amsterdam
Niagara Falls

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