One Day at a Time

  • 1975-1984
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Middle-aged Indianapolis divorcée Ann Romano raised two strong-willed teenage daughters in this long-running Norman Lear-developed sitcom, a consistent Top 20 series that tackled topical family issues... More


One Day at a Time

Season 9

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Another Man's Shoes
Ep21 Off We Go
Ep20 The Nearness of You
Ep19 The Meaning of Life
Ep18 Up in Smoke
Ep17 Bring in the Clowns
Ep16 Ave Romano
Ep15 Parting Company
Ep14 Woman of the House
Ep13 Fifty
Ep12 Never Hire a Relative
Ep11 Dear Max
Ep10 Sam's Apartment
Ep9 Not a Creature Was Staying
Ep8 The Travel Agent
Ep7 Baby Love
Ep6 Baby Love
Ep5 A Worried Heart
Ep4 The Bedtime Story
Ep3 The Dentist
Ep2 Take My Ex
Ep1 Shakedown

Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Honeymoon II
Ep25 Second Time Around
Ep24 Sisters
Ep23 Panzini
Ep22 Sonny Boy
Ep21 Buyer's Remorse
Ep20 The Letter
Ep19 A Young Man's Fancy
Ep18 Social Insecurity
Ep17 The Good Life
Ep16 The Hero
Ep15 Spare the Child
Ep14 The Cruise
Ep13 Pride and Privacy
Ep12 Pride and Privacy
Ep11 Pride and Privacy
Ep10 First Things First
Ep9 The Miracle of Birth
Ep8 The Miracle of Birth
Ep7 Lovers and Other Parents
Ep6 Auntie Francine
Ep5 Last Time I Saw Paris
Ep4 Catcher in the Mud
Ep3 The Honeymoon Is Over
Ep2 A Perfect Wedding
Ep1 A Perfect Wedding

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 It's in the Cards
Ep24 Hear Today, Gone Tomorrow
Ep23 Orville and Emily Strike Back
Ep22 Vegas
Ep21 Vegas
Ep20 Hardball
Ep19 Meow, Meow
Ep18 The Defector
Ep17 Diamonds Are Forever
Ep16 Mrs. Oleary's Kid
Ep15 Barbara's Crisis
Ep14 Grandma's Nest Egg
Ep13 Ann, the Failure
Ep12 Stick 'Em Up
Ep11 Gift Horses
Ep10 The Not So Silent Partner
Ep9 Alex's First Love
Ep8 Plain Favorite
Ep7 Dinner at 7
Ep6 Dinner at 7
Ep5 Julie Shows Up
Ep4 Julie Shows Up
Ep3 Shake Hands at the Bell
Ep2 Airport
Ep1 Alex Moves In

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep21 The Indianapolis Story
Ep20 Wicked Ann
Ep19 Small Wonder Returns
Ep18 Caveat Emptor
Ep17 Alex's Project
Ep16 Once a Mom
Ep15 Out of Bounds
Ep14 A Tiny Romance
Ep13 I Do, I Do
Ep12 Five-Finger Discount
Ep11 A November Song
Ep10 A November Song
Ep9 Sunday Father
Ep8 A Shot in the Dark
Ep7 The Drop Out
Ep6 The Merry Widow
Ep5 Farewell, My Suite
Ep4 Ann Meets Nick
Ep3 Ann Meets Nick
Ep2 The Amarillo Connection
Ep1 Teacher's Pet

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 The Spirit Is Willing
Ep25 Pen Pals
Ep24 Grecian Yearn
Ep23 Connor's Crisis
Ep22 No Laughing Matter
Ep21 The Perils of Plastic
Ep20 Girl with a Past
Ep19 Retrospective
Ep18 Retrospective
Ep17 Endless Elliot
Ep16 Old Horizons
Ep15 So Long, Mom
Ep14 Triple Play
Ep13 Schneider the Model
Ep12 Happy New Year II
Ep11 Male Jealousy
Ep10 The Heart Attack
Ep9 A Little Larceny
Ep8 Et Tu, Ann
Ep7 Small Wonder
Ep6 Between Mother and Daughter
Ep5 Home Again, Home Again
Ep4 Julie's Wedding
Ep3 Julie's Wedding
Ep2 Pressure
Ep1 Back to School

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Schneider Gets Fired
Ep25 Grandma Leaves Grandpa
Ep24 Fear of Success
Ep23 The Graduation
Ep22 Mad for Each Other
Ep21 The Broken Nose
Ep20 The Piano Teacher
Ep19 The Dental Hygienist
Ep18 Francine Strikes Again
Ep17 Going Nowhere
Ep16 The Married Man
Ep15 The Married Man
Ep14 The Married Man
Ep13 Girl Talk
Ep12 Hold the Mustard
Ep11 The Arab Connection
Ep10 Jealousy
Ep9 Jealousy
Ep8 Peabody's War
Ep7 Ann's Dating Game
Ep6 Yes Sir, That's My Baby
Ep5 Schneider's Helper
Ep4 Bob's New Girl
Ep3 Ann's Friend
Ep2 Father, Dear Father
Ep1 Father, Dear Father

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Ann, the Father
Ep23 Julie's Big Move
Ep22 Julie's Big Move
Ep21 Barbara the Fink
Ep20 Take the Money
Ep19 The Dress Designer
Ep18 Ann's Competitor
Ep17 The New Owner
Ep16 Barbara's Rebellion
Ep15 Ann's Secretary
Ep14 The Race Driver
Ep13 The Race Driver
Ep12 Ann's Crisis
Ep11 Schneider's Kid
Ep10 Barbara's Friend
Ep9 Barbara's Friend
Ep8 The Ghost Writer
Ep7 The Second Mrs. Cooper
Ep6 Bob Loves Barbara
Ep5 Ann's Out-of-Town Client
Ep4 The Older Man
Ep3 The Older Man
Ep2 The Older Man
Ep1 The Older Man

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Where's Mama?
Ep23 The College Question
Ep22 The Singles Bar
Ep21 Barbara Plus Two
Ep20 The Butterfields
Ep19 The Traveling Salesperson
Ep18 Julie's Operation
Ep17 Ginny's Child
Ep16 Schneider Loves Ginny
Ep15 The New Car
Ep14 Julie's Decision
Ep13 Julie's Decision
Ep12 Happy New Year
Ep11 The Maestro
Ep10 A Visit from Dad
Ep9 Schneider's Pride and Joy
Ep8 The Upholstery Rip Off
Ep7 David's New Job
Ep6 David's New Job
Ep5 Barbara's Emergence
Ep4 The Runaways
Ep3 The Runaways
Ep2 The Runaways
Ep1 The Runaways

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep15 Dad Comes Back
Ep14 Dad Comes Back
Ep13 Father David
Ep12 The College Man
Ep11 Julie's Job
Ep10 David Plus Two
Ep9 Fighting City Hall
Ep8 All the Way
Ep7 Super Blues
Ep6 Julie's Best Friend
Ep5 David Loves Ann
Ep4 How to Succeed Without Trying
Ep3 Jealousy
Ep2 Chicago Rendezvous
Ep1 Ann's Decision

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep187 One Day at a Time Reunion
Married Man
November Song
Baby Love

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