One Night Stand

  • 1989-2005

Performances by stand-up comedians, including Bill Maher, Martin Lawrence, Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Hicks.


Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep58 Bonnie McFarlane
Ep56 Omid Djalili
Ep1 Caroline Rhea
#1 Bonnie McFarlane
Omid Djalili

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 One-Night Stand

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Diane Ford
Ep3 Allan Havey: Command Performance
Ep2 Bill Maher: Command Performance
Ep1 Judy Tenuta
#1 Diane Ford

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep59 Jim Norton
Ep57 Patrice Oneal
Ep55 Bill Burr
Ep54 Flight of the Conchords
Ep53 Kevin Brennan
Ep52 Earthquake
Ep50 Louis C.K.
Ep49 Bill Hicks
Ep48 Jon Hayman
Ep46 Dom Irrera: Command Performance
Ep45 D.L. Hughley
Ep44 Dana Gould
Ep43 Colin Quinn
Ep40 Eddie Griffin
Ep39 John Riggi
Ep37 Mario Joyner
Ep36 Michael Colyar
Ep35 Brian Haley
Ep34 Norm Macdonald
Ep33 George Wallace
Ep32 Cathy Ladman
Ep31 Jimmy Tingle
Ep30 The Higgins Boys and Gruber
Ep29 Martin Lawrence
Ep28 Jeff Marder
Ep27 Allan Havey
Ep26 Mark Curry
Ep25 Rick Aviles
Ep24 Rick Overton
Ep21 Will Durst
Ep20 Bobby Slayton
Ep19 Jake Johannsen
Ep18 Ritch Shydner
Ep16 Mike Binder
Ep15 Robin Harris
Ep14 Ellen DeGeneres
Ep12 Larry Miller
Ep11 Damon Wayans
Ep9 Dom Irrera
Ep7 Bill Maher
Ep6 Rita Rudner
Ep5 Kevin Pollak
Ep4 Blake Clark
Ep2 Joy Behar
Allan Havey: Command Performance
Patrice O'Neal
Margaret Cho
Laura Kightlinger
Damon Wayans and Margaret Cho
Diane Ford: Command Performance
#1 Jim Norton
#1 Patrice O'Neal
#1 Caroline Rhea
#1 Bill Burr
#1 Flight of the Conchords
#1 Kevin Brennan
#1 Earthquake
#1 Louis C.K.
#1 Joe Bolster
Jon Hayman
Gilbert Gottfried: Command Performance
#1 Gilbert Gottfried: Command Performance
#1 Dom Irrera: Command Performance
#1 D.L. Hughley
#1 Dana Gould
#1 Colin Quinn
#1 Susie Essman
Ellen DeGeneres: Command Performance
Ellen DeGeneres
Eddie Griffin
#1 John Riggi
#1 Lew Schneider
Lew Schneider
Mario Joyner
Bill Maher: Command Performance
Michael Colyar
Brian Haley
Norm Macdonald
#1 Bill Hicks
George Wallace
Cathy Ladman
#1 Jimmy Tingle
The Higgins Boys and Gruber
Martin Lawrence
#1 Martin Lawrence
#1 Taylor Negron
#1 Jeff Marder
#1 Allan Havey
Mark Curry
Rick Aviles
Rick Overton
Dennis Wolfberg
Will Durst
Bobby Slayton
#1 Jake Johannsen
Ritch Shydner
Charles Fleischer
Mike Binder
Robin Harris
Tom Parks
Larry Miller
#1 Damon Wayans
Barry Sobel
Dom Irrera
Paula Poundstone
#1 Bill Maher
Rita Rudner
Kevin Pollak
Blake Clark
Bob Nelson
Joy Behar
Kevin Meaney
Judy Tenuta
S5 |

Bonnie McFarlane

Fecha al aire: 10/15/05
Comic Bonnie McFarlane performs. Taped in New York City at the Jack H. Skirball Center for the Performing Arts.

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