Packages From Planet X

  • 2013
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Three friends receive mysterious packages from aliens.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep43 The Game
Ep42 The Dan Who Would Be King
Ep41 Last Dan Standing
Ep40 Dan TV
Ep39 True North Strong & Freezing
Ep38 Christmas Evil
Ep37 Dooley Noted
Ep36 Dan Phone
Ep35 Dan and the Volcano
Ep34 Big Dan on Campus
Ep33 Fitness Crazed
Ep32 Off Road Rage
Ep31 Dream On
Ep30 Return to Sender -Pt. 2
Ep29 Return to Sender -Pt. 1
Ep28 For Whom the Bell Tolls
Ep27 Shadow Boxers
Ep26 Bubble Trouble
Ep25 Birthday Bounty
Ep24 Working for Peanuts
Ep23 Truth or Scare
Ep22 Troll's BFF
Ep21 Tummy Trouble
Ep20 Bad Hair Day
Ep19 Spring Loaded
Ep18 Party Out of Bounds
Ep17 Brain Freeze
Ep16 Sunset Towers
Ep15 The Iron Crown Affair
Ep14 Mind Licorice
Ep13 CuRT Meets BuRT
Ep12 A Night at West Iron High
Ep11 Crash Course
Ep10 Mask and Ye Shall Receive
Ep9 Copy Cat
Ep8 One for the Ages
Ep7 Squid Pro Quo
Ep6 Somewhere-Elser
Ep5 Sticker Shock
Ep4 Astro-Blasters
Ep3 Monkey Business
Ep2 Brain Briefs
Ep1 Feast Beast
Dream On; Squirrely Dan
Spring Loaded; Bad Hair Day
Mission to Planet X -Pt. 1; Mission to Planet X -Pt. 2
The Song of the Mermoo; Dr. Strangegloves
Bug Spray; Aqua Dan
Do Over Dan; What Goes Down Must Come Up
Squirrely Dan
The Dan Who Would Be King; The Game
Dan TV; Last Dan Standing
Dan Phone; Dooley Noted
Big Dan on Campus; Dan and the Volcano
Off Road Rage; Fitness Crazed
Birthday Bounty; Bubble Trouble
Truth or Scare; Working for Peanuts
Troll's BFF; Sunset Towers
Tummy Trouble; CuRT Meets BuRT
Brain Freeze; Party Out of Bounds
Mind Licorice; The Iron Crown Affair
Crash Course; A Night at West Iron High
One for the Ages; Copy Cat
Somewhere-Elser; Squid Pro Quo
Sticker Shock; Mask and Ye Shall Receive
Monkey Business; Astro-Blasters
Feast Beast; Brain Briefs

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Sticker Shock / Mask and Ye Shall Receive
Episode 14
Episode 20
Episode 19
Episode 15
Dream On; Squirrely Dan
Christmas Evil; True North Strong & Freezing
Return to Sender -Pt. 1; Return to Sender -Pt. 2
Shadow Boxers; For Whom the Bell Tolls

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