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The adventures of four musical puppets (Sweetpea Sue, Squacky, Cow Bella and Apollo) help teach important skills to preschoolers.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep50 Home Sweet Home
Ep49 The Not-So-Great Outdoors
Ep49 The Not-So-Great Outdoors
Ep48 No Bath for Me
Ep47 Try and Try Again
Ep46 I'm Sorry, Really Sorry
Ep45 Super Squacky
Ep44 Queen for a Night
Ep43 A Present for Mom
Ep42 Blankie in the Laundry
Ep41 Happy Birthday Sweet Pea Sue
Ep40 Missing Mom and Dad
Ep39 House of Pancakes
Ep38 Special Things
Ep37 The Cow's Meow
Ep36 Snow Business
Ep35 Joy to the World
Ep34 No More Bullies
Ep33 A Laugh a Minute
Ep32 The Wonderfully Different Squacky
Ep31 One Teacup Two Friends
Ep30 Oops
Ep29 I Can Do it Better
Ep28 Mountains of Messiness
Ep27 Ouch
Ep26 Off to Work They Go
Ep25 The Dentist Jitters
Ep24 Mind Your Manners
Ep23 Off to My School Adventure
Ep22 Spooky Costumes
Ep21 Pajanimal Dance Party
Ep20 Team Fort
Ep19 Let's Play Together
Ep18 Time Out for Two
Ep17 Sing a Pajanimal Song
Ep16 Accidents Can Happen
Ep15 Mom Is Amazing
Ep14 Under the Bed
Ep13 Puppy Love
Ep12 Tomorrow Is Brand New
Ep11 Share Day
Ep10 Dream a Happy Dream
Ep9 The Rocket Ride
Ep8 A Super Sweet Night
Ep7 Game Day
Ep4 Night Will Sing Us All to Sleep
Ep3 Apollo's Special Day
Ep2 An Octopus Hug
Ep1 Winning Isn't Everything
We're Going Camping!
I Was a Baby?
Light in the Night Sky
A Colorful Problem

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep12 Sing a Pajanimal Song; Time Out for Two
Ep11 Mom Is Amazing; Accidents Can Happen
Ep10 Puppy Love; Under the Bed
Ep9 Share Day; Tomorrow Is Brand New
Ep8 The Rocket Ride; Dream a Happy Dream
Ep7 Game Day; A Super Sweet Night
Ep6 Apollo's Special Day; Night Will Sing Us All to Sleep
Ep3 A Colorful Problem; Light in the Night Sky
Ep2 Winning Isn't Everything; An Octopus Hug
Ep1 I Love to Love My Lovie; How Do I Know It's Morning Time
Winning Isn't Everything
Under the Bed
Apollo's Special Day
The Cow's Meow
Missing Mom and Dad
Pajanimals: Sleeping Makes Me
Tomorrow is Brand New
La La Lullabye
Winning Isn't Everything
Queen for a Night
Blankie in the Laundry
Dream a Happy Dream
House of Pancakes
Snow Business
Night Will Sing Us All to Sleep
Tomorrow is New
Tomorrow is New
Off to My School Adventure
Spooky Costumes
An Octopus Hug
A Not-So-Great Outdoors
Sweet Night
Home Sweet Home
Game Day
Mountains of Messiness
Mountains of Messiness
Pajanimals: Bodies Tired/Dream
I Love my Lovie/ Morning Time
Pajanimals: Goodnight/Sleeping
A Super Sweet Night
Super Squacky
Blankie in the Laundry
I'm Sorry, Really Sorry
Light in the Sky
Queen for a Night
Missing Mom and Dad
Sing a Pajanimal Song
The Not-So-Great Outdoors; Home Sweet Home
Try and Try Again; No Bath for Me
Super Squacky; I'm Sorry, Really Sorry
A Present for Mom; Queen for a Night
Happy Birthday Sweet Pea Sue; Blankie in the Laundry
House of Pancakes; Missing Mom and Dad
The Cow's Meow; Special Things
Joy to the World; Snow Business
A Laugh a Minute; No More Bullies
One Teacup Two Friends; The Wonderfully Different Squacky
I Can Do it Better; Oops
Ouch; Mountains of Messiness
The Dentist Jitters; Off to Work They Go
Off to My School Adventure; Mind Your Manners
Pajanimal Dance Party; Spooky Costumes
Let's Play Together; Team Fort

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
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A Not-So-Great Outdoors

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The Pajanimals are surprised to learn that Squacky didn't have a good time.

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