The animated adventures of a somewhat clumsy penguin.


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Pingu and the Abominable Snowman
Ep25 Pingu Makes a Splash
Ep24 Pingu and the Paint
Ep23 Pingu and the New Scooter
Ep22 Pingu's Big Catch
Ep21 Pingu and the Braces
Ep20 Pingu and the Rubberband Plane
Ep19 Pingu and the Daily Igloo
Ep18 Pingu Boogaloo
Ep17 Pingu and the Fish Flute
Ep16 Pingu Wraps Up
Ep15 Green-Eyed Pingu
Ep14 Pampering Pingu
Ep13 Pingu and the School Pet
Ep12 Pingu Gets Carried Away
Ep11 Sore Tummy Pingu
Ep10 Pingu and the Paper Mache
Ep9 Pingu and the Toyshop
Ep8 Pingu and the Present
Ep7 Pinga in a Box
Ep6 Poor Pingu
Ep5 Mother's New Hat
Ep4 Pingu and the Litter
Ep3 Pottery Pingu
Ep2 Pingu and the Hose
Ep1 Pingu's Sledge Academy

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Pingu's Bedtime Shadows
Ep25 Pingu's Pancakes
Ep24 Pingu Plays Tag
Ep23 Pingu and the Doorbell
Ep22 Pingu's Stick Up
Ep21 Pingu and the Snowball
Ep20 Pingu and the Band
Ep19 Stinky Pingu
Ep18 Pingu and Pinga Go Camping
Ep17 Pingu Gets Lost
Ep16 Pingu's Balancing Act
Ep15 Pingu and the Knitting Machine
Ep14 Pinga's Balloon
Ep13 Pingu's Ice Sculpture
Ep12 Like Father Like Pingu
Ep11 Pinga Has Hiccups
Ep10 Robby the Snowboarder
Ep9 Pinga Sleepwalks
Ep8 Pingu's Moon Adventure
Ep7 Pinga's Lost Rabbit
Ep6 Pingu's Windy Day
Ep5 Pingu Wants to Fly
Ep4 Pingi's Valentine Card
Ep3 Pingu Digs a Hole
Ep2 Pingu Finishes the Job
Ep1 Pingu's Bouncy Fun

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Pingu and His Cup
Ep25 Pingu Loses the Bet
Ep24 Pingu Has a Bad Day
Ep23 Pingu Helps Grandfather
Ep22 Pingu and the Doll
Ep21 Pingu the Baker
Ep20 Pingu the King
Ep19 Pingu Builds a Tower
Ep18 Pingu Gets Organized
Ep17 Pingu Is Curious
Ep16 Pingu's Wish
Ep15 Pingu Teases Pinga
Ep14 Pingu the Pilot
Ep13 Pingu's Dangerous Joke
Ep12 Pingu in Paradise
Ep11 Pingu Gets Help
Ep10 Pingu and the Magnet
Ep9 Pingu Gets a Warning
Ep8 Pingu the Archer
Ep7 Pingu Has a Day Off
Ep6 Pingu Clears the Snow
Ep5 Pingu Shows What He Can Do
Ep4 Pingu and the Big Fish
Ep3 Pingu the Mountaineer
Ep2 Refuses to Help
Ep1 Pingu's Disadvantage

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Pingu and the Lost Ball
Ep25 Pingu and the Baker
Ep24 Pingu's Discovery
Ep23 Pingu and the Postcard
Ep22 Pingu and the Ghost
Ep21 Pingu Draws a Winner
Ep20 Pingu Is Not Allowed to Join
Ep19 Pingu Hides a Letter
Ep18 Pingu Has a Fishing Competition
Ep17 Pingu the Superman
Ep16 Pingu and the Toy
Ep15 Pingu and the Mix Up
Ep14 Pingu Takes Revenge
Ep13 Pingu and the Paper Plane
Ep12 Pingu and the Broken Vase
Ep11 Pingu Has an Idea
Ep10 Pingu and the Message in a Bottle
Ep9 Pingu Quarrels with His Mum
Ep8 Pingu and the Mother Bird
Ep7 Pingu's Trick
Ep6 Pingu the Painter
Ep5 Pingu Pretends to Be Ill
Ep4 Pingu's Long Journey
Ep3 Pingu's Grandpa Comes to Stay
Ep2 Pingu at the Museum
Ep1 Pingu Goes Cross Country Skiing

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Pingu Builds a Snowman
Ep25 Pingu Helps His Mother
Ep24 Pingu and the Strangers
Ep23 Pingu Visits the Kindergarten
Ep22 Pingu on the School Trip
Ep21 Pingu's Visit to the Hospital
Ep20 Pingu and the Bicycle
Ep19 Pingu and the Game of Fish
Ep18 Pingu Cannot Lose
Ep17 Pingu the Babysitter
Ep16 Pingu at the Fairground
Ep15 Pingu's Birthday
Ep14 Pingu the Conjurer's Apprentice
Ep13 Pingu and the Packaging Material
Ep13 Pingu and the Many Packages
Ep12 Pingu's New Kite
Ep11 Pingu and the Camera
Ep10 Pingu's Outing
Ep9 Pingu's Family Celebrates Christmas
Ep8 Pingu the Chef
Ep7 Pingu the Icicle Musician
Ep6 Pingu's Curling Game
Ep5 Pingu's First Kiss
Ep4 Pingu Goes Ice Surfing
Ep3 Pingu and the Seagull
Ep2 Pingu's Admirer
Ep1 Pingu at the Doctor

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 Pingu Dreams
Ep25 Pingu's Parents Go to a Concert
Ep24 Noise
Ep23 Pingu and the Organ Grinder
Ep23 Pingu and the Barrel Organ
Ep22 Pingu and Pinga Play Circus
Ep21 Pingu's Grandpa Is Sick
Ep20 Pingu at School
Ep19 Pingu's Lavatory Story
Ep18 Pingu's Tobogganing
Ep17 Pingu's Ice Cave
Ep16 Pingu Has Music Lessons
Ep15 Pingu Builds an Igloo
Ep14 Pingu Runs Away
Ep13 Pingu Goes Skiing
Ep12 Pingu and Pinga Stay Up
Ep11 Slipping & Sliding
Ep11 Pingu
Ep11 Pingu Plays Ice Hockey
Ep10 Super Pingu
Ep10 Barrel of Fun
Ep10 Pingu
Ep9 Pingu
Ep9 Playtime with Pingu
Ep9 Pingu Plays Fish Tennis
Ep8 Pingu
Ep8 Pingu's Igloo Adventures
Ep8 Pinga Is Left Out
Ep7 Pingu to the Rescue
Ep7 Pingu
Ep7 Hide and Seek
Ep6 Pingu
Ep6 Pingu Learns a Lesson
Ep6 Pingu Is Jealous
Ep5 Family Tales
Ep5 Pingu
Ep5 Pingu Delivers the Mail
Ep4 Breaks the Ice
Ep4 Pingu
Ep4 Pingu Goes Fishing
Ep3 The New Arrival
Ep2 Pingu Looks After the Egg
Ep2 Pingu
Ep2 Antarctic Antics
Ep1 Pingu
Ep1 Introducing Pingu
Ep1 Hello, Pingu

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep155 Pingu at the Wedding Party
Ep148 Pingu's Ice Cave
Ep133 Grandfather Is Sick; Pingu's Big Trip; Pingu the Painter
Ep132 Pingu Builds a Snowman; Pingu the Cross Country Skier; Pingu's Museum Visit
Ep129 Pingu's Birthday; Pingu at the Fairground; Pingu as Babysitter
Ep128 Pingu's Sister Is Born
Ep126 Pingu's Admirer; Pingu Surfing on the Ice; Pingu's Curling Party
Ep125 Pingu's Outing; Pingu and the Camera; Pingu and the Packaging Material
Ep124 Pingu on the School Trip; Pingu Visits the Kindergarten; Pingu Helps Around the House
Ep123 Pingu Cannot Lose; Pingu and the Gift; Pingu's Hospital Visit
Ep121 Pingu's Sister Is Left Out; Pingu Plays Fish Tennis; Pingu and the Avalanche
Ep120 Pingu Plays Ice Hockey
Ep119 Pingu's Grandfather Comes to Visit; Pingu's Big Trip; Pingu the Painter
Ep118 Pingu and the Message in the Bottle; Pingu and the Mix Up; Pingu and the Toy
Ep112 Pinga's Moonwalk
Ep100 Pingu Helps With Incubating
Ep81 Pingu Plays Superman
Ep69 Pingu Argues With His Mother
Ep67 Pingu's Prank
Ep63 Pingu's Family Celebrate Christmas
Ep63 Skiing
Ep60 Pingu's Grandpa Comes to Stay
Ep59 Noise
Ep58 Pingu and Pinga at Home
Ep57 Pingu Plays Fish Tennis
Ep56 Hide and Seek
Ep55 Pingu Looks After the Egg
Ep48 New Arrival
Ep46 Pingu the Babysitter
Ep41 Pingu Delivers the Mail
Ep40 Sledging
Ep36 Pingu's Long Journey
Ep35 Pingu at the Museum
Ep32 Pingu and the Message in a Bottle
Ep30 Pingu Helps his Mother
Ep29 Pingu and Papa at the Kindergarten
Ep28 Pingu on the School Excursion
Ep26 Pingu Gets a Bicycle
Ep25 Pingu and the Game of Fish
Ep22 Pingu Goes Ice Surfing
Ep20 Pingu's Female Admirer
Ep19 Lost Baby
Ep18 Pingu's Circus
Ep17 School Time
Ep15 Music Lessons
Ep14 Building Igloos
Ep13 Barrel of Fun
Ep12 Jealousy
Ep11 Pingu Goes Cross-Country Skiing
Ep9 Pingu's New Kite
Ep8 Grandpa Is Ill
Ep7 Pingu the Photographer
Ep6 Pingu Goes Away
Ep5 Pingu the Chef
Ep4 Pingu the Icicle Musician
Ep3 Pingu's Curling Game
Ep1 Pingu and Pinga Stay Up
Pingu's Tobogganing; Pingu at School; Pingu's Grandfather Is Sick
Pingu Helps With Incubating; Pingu's Sister Is Born; Pingu Goes Fishing
Pingu and His Sister Play Circus; Pingu and the Organ Grinder; Pingu and His Friends Play Too Loudly
Pinga Is Born
Pingu and the Broken Vase
Meet Pingu
Pingu Has an Idea
Meet Pingu
On Thin Ice
Pingu's Ice Sculpture
Pingu's Family Celebrates Christmas; Pingu's Wish
Pingu Plays Fish Tennis; Pingu Plays Ice Hockey
Balancing Act
Pingu Helps Deliver Mail; Pingu Is Jealous; Pingu and the Snowball Fight
Pingu Loses the Bet (Losing)
Pingu Helps Grandfather (Success)
On Thin Ice
Pingu Plays Ice Hockey; Pingu and His Sister Don't Want to Go to Bed; Pingu on Makeshift Skis
Pingu Builds an Igloo; Pingu Has Music Lessons; Pingu and the Ice Cave
Pingu Cannot Play
Pingu's Family Celebrates Christmas; Icicle Player; Pingu as a Chef
Pinga Has Hiccups
South Pole Adventures
On Thin Ice
Pingu Shows What He Can Do

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