Pokémon the Series: XY

  • 2013

Ash and Pikachu make new friends, catch new Pokemon and make new rivals while traveling to the Kalos region.


Season 18

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 #1 Fairy-Type Trickery
Ep25 #1 A Fashionable Battle
Ep24 #1 Scary Hospitality
Ep23 #1 So You're Having a Bad Day!
Ep22 #2 Beyond the Rainbow!
Ep21 Defending the Homeland!
Ep20 #1 Garchomp's Mega Bond!
Ep19 #1 The Moment of Lumiose Truth!
Ep18 #1 Confronting the Darkness
Ep17 #1 Good Friends, Great Training!
Ep16 #1 Battling With Elegance and a Big Smile!
Ep15 #1 A Fork in the Road! A Parting of the Ways!
Ep14 #1 The Future Is Now, Thanks to Determination!
Ep13 #1 An Oasis of Hope!
Ep12 #1 A Showcase Debut!
Ep11 #1 Under the Pledging Tree!
Ep10 #1 The Green, Green Grass Types of Home!
Ep9 #1 Thawing an Icy Panic!
Ep8 #1 One for the Goomy!
Ep7 #1 A Slippery Encounter!
Ep6 #1 Facing the Grand Design
Ep5 #1 A Race for Home!
Ep4 #1 A Stealthy Challenge!
Ep3 #1 An Undersea Place to Call Home!
Ep2 #1 When Light and Dark Collide!
Ep1 Pathways to Performance Partnering!

Season 17

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep47 Bonnie for the Defense!
Ep46 A Campus Reunion!
Ep45 Dreaming a Performer's Dream!
Ep44 The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos!
Ep43 Splitting Heirs!
Ep42 Showdown at the Shalour Gym!
Ep41 Origins of Mega Evolution!
Ep40 Battling Into the Hall of Fame!
Ep39 Foggy Pokemon Orienteering!
Ep39 Foggy Pokemon Orienteering!
Ep38 Day Three Blockbusters!
Ep37 Summer Of Discovery!
Ep36 Forging Forest Friendships!
Ep35 The Cave of Mirrors!
Ep34 Battles in the Sky!
Ep33 The Forest Champion!
Ep32 The Bonds of Mega Evolution!
Ep31 Calling From Beyond the Aura!
Ep30 The Aura Storm!
Ep29 The Cave of Trials!
Ep28 Mega Revelations!
Ep27 To Find a Fairy Flower!
Ep27 Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!
Ep26 The Bonds of Evolution!
Ep25 A Battle by Any Other Name!
Ep25 Climbing the Walls!
Ep24 Coming Back For the Gold!
Ep23 Going for the Gold!
Ep22 A Pokevision of Things to Come!
Ep21 Mega Evolution I
Ep20 Breaking Titles at the Chateau!
Ep19 A Conspiracy to Conquer!
Ep18 Awakening the Sleeping Giant!
Ep17 A Rush of Ninja Wisdom!
Ep16 A Jolting Switcheroo!
Ep15 An Appetite for Battle!
Ep14 Seeking Shelter From the Storm!
Ep13 Kindergarten Chaos!
Ep13 Nymphia vs. Keromatsu! Kindergarten Chaos!!
Ep12 To Catch a Pokemon Smuggler!
Ep11 The Bamboozling Forest!
Ep10 Mega-mega Meowth Madness!
Ep9 Clemont's Got a Secret!
Ep8 Grooming Furfrou!
Ep7 Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!
Ep7 Giving Chase at the Rhyhorn Race!
Ep6 Battling on Thin Ice!
Ep5 A Blustery Santalune Gym Battle!
Ep4 A Shockingly Cheeky Friendship!
Ep3 A Battle of Aerial Mobility!
Ep2 Lumiose City Pursuit!
Ep1 Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!

Season 16

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep9 Strong Strategy Steals the Show!

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
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Future is Now, Thanks to Determination!, The
Scary Hospitality!
Future is Now, Thanks to Determination!, The
Future is Now, Thanks to Determination!, The
Coming Back into the Cold!
Oasis of Hope!, An
Oasis of Hope!, An
Episode 3
Challenge Battle Chateau! Viola vs. Zakuro!!
S18 | Ep26

Fairy-Type Trickery New

Air Date: 8/1/15
Ash learns that one can't judge a book by its cover when he squares off with the Laverre City gym leader.

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