Police Woman

  • 1974-1978

A popular `Police Story' spin-off about sexy but tough undercover agent `Pepper' Anderson, who works for the criminal-conspiracy investigating team of the LAPD, requiring her to pose in any number of... More


Police Woman

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 Good Old Uncle Ben
Ep21 Flip of a Coin
Ep20 Sweet Kathleen
Ep19 A Shadow on the Sea
Ep18 Battered Teachers
Ep17 Murder With Pretty People
Ep16 Sons
Ep15 The 6th Sense
Ep14 The Human Rights of Tiki Kim
Ep13 The Young and the Fair
Ep12 Sunset
Ep11 Tigress
Ep10 Blind Terror
Ep9 Ambition
Ep8 Death Game
Ep7 Merry Christmas, Waldo
Ep6 The Buttercup Killer
Ep5 Screams
Ep4 The Inside Connection
Ep3 Means to an End
Ep2 Guns
Ep1 Do You Still Beat Your Wife?

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Deadline: Death
Ep23 Silky Chamberlain
Ep22 Bondage
Ep21 Solitaire
Ep20 Shark
Ep19 The Killer Cowboys
Ep18 Shadow of Doubt
Ep17 The Disco Killers
Ep16 Banker's Hours
Ep15 Barney
Ep14 Once a Snitch
Ep13 Night of the Full Moon
Ep12 Father to the Man
Ep11 Death of a Dream
Ep10 Bait
Ep9 Tennis Bum
Ep8 The Lifeline Agency
Ep7 Brainwash
Ep6 Broken Angels
Ep5 Sara Who?
Ep4 Trial by Prejudice
Ep3 Tender Soldier
Ep2 Trick Book
Ep1 Trick Book

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Task Force
Ep23 Task Force
Ep22 Mother Love
Ep21 Double Image
Ep20 Generation of Evil
Ep19 Wednesday's Child
Ep18 Angela
Ep17 The Pawn Shop
Ep16 The Melting Point of Ice
Ep15 Incident Near a Black and White
Ep14 Silence
Ep13 The Hit
Ep12 Don't Feed the Pigeons
Ep11 The Purge
Ep10 Glitter With a Bullet
Ep9 Blaze of Glory
Ep8 Farewell, Mary Jane
Ep7 Above and Beyond
Ep6 Cold Wind
Ep5 The Chasers
Ep4 Pattern for Evil
Ep3 Paradise Mall
Ep2 The Score
Ep1 Pawns of Power

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep22 The Loner
Ep21 Bloody Nose
Ep20 Ice
Ep19 The Company
Ep18 Nothing Left to Lose
Ep17 No Place to Hide
Ep16 Blast
Ep15 Sidewinder
Ep14 Target Black
Ep13 Shoefly
Ep12 The Cradle Robbers
Ep11 Smack
Ep10 Requiem for Bored Wives
Ep9 The Stalking of Joey Marr
Ep8 Flowers of Evil
Ep7 Fish
Ep6 It's Only a Game
Ep5 Anatomy of Two Rapes
Ep4 Seven Eleven
Ep3 Warning: All Wives
Ep2 The Beautiful Die Young
Ep1 The End Game

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Up from Nowhere
Trick Book

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