Poppy Cat

The animated escapades of a frolicsome feline who loves to explore with her animal friends. Based on a series of books by Lara Jones.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep52 Forgotten Circus
Ep51 Welcome Walrus
Ep50 Case Closed
Ep49 Cousin Alma
Ep48 World Record
Ep47 Rocket Cat Radio
Ep46 Lost Stuff
Ep45 Sunken Ship
Ep44 Special Delivery
Ep43 Waterfall Lane
Ep42 Drippy Rainforest
Ep41 Cloud Song
Ep40 Birthday Treasure
Ep39 Magic Show
Ep38 Big Bubbles
Ep37 Umbrella Dance
Ep36 Rare Bird
Ep35 Bad Robot
Ep34 Ball Games
Ep33 Magic Beetle
Ep32 Bumble Fumble
Ep31 Wise Toad
Ep30 Shooting Star
Ep29 Pearl Hunt
Ep28 Castle Queen
Ep27 Mount Zulu
Ep26 Rose Cave
Ep25 Mystery Gift
Ep24 Starry Night
Ep23 Moon Museum
Ep22 Yodel Mountain
Ep21 Golden Guitar
Ep20 Skateboard Star
Ep19 Space Race
Ep18 Snowman Rescue
Ep17 Jungle Butterfly
Ep16 Marshmallow Mines
Ep15 Chilly Hills
Ep14 Trumpet Trees
Ep13 Tricky Cricket
Ep12 Royal Toad
Ep11 Flower Power
Ep10 Pickle Springs; Flower Power
Ep10 Going Coconuts
Ep9 Missing Keys; Going Coconuts
Ep9 Pickle Springs
Ep8 Castle Queen; Shooting Star
Ep8 Dolphin Dreams
Ep8 Dolphin Dreams
Ep7 Dear Rocket Cat
Ep7 Dear Rocket Cat
Ep7 Rose Cave; Mt. Zuzu
Ep6 Moon Museum; Starry Night
Ep6 Lost Balloon
Ep6 Lost Balloon
Ep5 Golden Guitar; Mystery Gift
Ep5 Runaway Turtle
Ep5 Runaway Turtle
Ep4 Snowman Rescue; Yodel Mountain
Ep4 Missing Keys
Ep4 Missing Keys
Ep3 Runaway Turtle; Dear Rocket Cat
Ep3 Space Monsters
Ep2 Cheese Mountain
Ep1 Buried Treasure
Jungle Butterfly; Space Race

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
World Record
Jungle Paint; Misty Hollow
Cousin Alma
Cousin Alma
Welcome Walrus
Case Closed
Case Closed
Welcome Walrus
World Record
Runaway Turtle; Dear Rocket Cat
Mount Zuzu
Waterfall Lane
Special Delivery
Waterfall Lane
Sunken Ship
Sunken Ship
Special Delivery
Cloud Chicks; Laughing Squirrels
Slippery Planet; Gloopy Ponds
Frog Clock; Puppet Mountain
Underwater Picnic; Dressing Up
Polka Plains; Sunnyside Island
Fantastic Gardens; Choppy Hedges
Wooly Woods; Pillow Valley
Olive Branch; Tiger Bike
Giant Toothbrush; Acorn Time
Chilly Hills; Royal Toad
Cousin Alma; Welcome Walrus
Umbrella Dance; Birthday Treasure
Forgotten Circus; Cloud Song
Ball Games; Big Bubbles
Wise Toad; Rare Bird
Mount Zuzu; Pearl Hunt
Rocket Cat Radio; Case Closed
Waterfall Lane; Special Delivery
Bumble Fumble; Bad Robot
Royal Toad; Tricky Cricket
Cheese Mountain; Space Monsters
Lost Stuff; World Record
Big Bubbles; Drippy Forest
Skateboard Star; Magic Beetle
Trumpet Trees; Marshmallow Mines

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length
S0 |

Case Closed

Fecha al aire:
Owl is upset that his book went missing, so the gang search for clues.

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