Rescue Heroes

An international team of emergency-response professionals aids victims of man-made and natural disasters.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Up Up and Uh-Oh
Newest Rescue Hero
Rescue Heroes
Going With The Wind
Rescue Heroes
Rescue Heroes
Rescue Heroes
Rescue Heroes
Cruise Into Danger

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
High Anxiety
Rescue Heroes
Edge Of Disaster
Shake Up In The Jungle
Trapped Beneath The Sea
Rescue Heroes
Rescue Heroes
A Tidal Wave of Pride
Rescue Heroes
Rescue Heroes
Underwater Nightmare
Rescue Heroes

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Going With the Wind; A Bridge Too Frail
Ep37 Not on This Planet; Tunnel Vision
Ep36 Up, Up and Uh-Oh; Fiery Differences
Ep35 Blackout; Fire Down Under
Ep34 The Newest Rescue Hero; Ultimate Ride
Ep33 Shake Up in the Jungle; Lights, Camera, Destruction
Ep32 Last Stop Disaster; Rock Star on the Rocks
Ep31 Summertime Twister; the Chilling Championship
Ep30 Storm of the Century
Ep29 Storm of the Century
Ep28 Terror in the Tower; Canyon Catastrophe
Ep27 Trapped Beneath the Sea; Houston, We Have a Problem
Ep26 The Fire of Field 13
Ep25 The Royal Rescue Hero; Foul Weather Friends
Ep24 On Thin Ice; Peril in Peru
Ep23 Cruise Into Danger; Rock and a Hard Place
Ep22 Edge of Disaster; Flood of Fear
Ep21 Quake Me When It's Over
Ep20 For Better or Curse; Bat's Life
Ep19 Alone for the Holidays
Ep18 In the Driver's Seat
Ep17 Heroes
Ep16 Meteor
Ep15 Flashback to Danger
Ep14 Smokejumpers
Ep13 Cave In
Ep12 El Nino
Ep11 Four Alarm Fire and Brimstone
Ep10 When It Rains, It Pours
Ep9 Electrical Storm
Ep8 Twister
Ep7 Tidal Wave
Ep6 Peril on the Peaks
Ep5 Rescue Robots; Race to the Finish
Ep4 Sibling Blow Out; Mayhem in the Mist
Ep3 Underwater Nightmare; Eye of the Storm
Ep2 Wildfire; White Wall of Terror
Ep1 Arctic Spill
Tidal Wave of Pride; A Whale of an Adventure
Freedom & Monsters
Rock and a Hard Place
Not on this Planet
Cruise Into Danger
The Royal Rescue Hero
On Thin Ice
Going with the Wind
Up, Up and Uh-Oh
Return of the Clogg
New Friends and Old Enemies
The Play's the Thing
Escape From Marshank
From Marsh to Mountain Heights
Heroes and Fools
The Great Escapes
Not on This Planet
Not on This Planet

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