Rob the Robot

The title character and his space crew help teach preschoolers to solve problems and to work together in this animated show.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep56 Funny Mummy
Ep55 The Big Robowski
Ep54 Team Power
Ep53 Galaxy Golf
Ep52 Space Virus Blues
Ep51 Help Giving
Ep50 Found Unwound
Ep49 Cosmic Day
Ep48 Lord of the Robots
Ep47 Game Show
Ep46 Go Fly a Kite
Ep45 Show and Share
Ep44 Making the Grade
Ep43 Be Careful What You Wish For
Ep42 Dinosaur Lost
Ep41 Team Power; The Big Robowski
Ep40 Up, Up and Away; Galaxy Golf
Ep38 Be a Sport
Ep37 Squeakercise!
Ep36 Knight For a Day
Ep35 Shivers in Space
Ep34 Tree House Trouble
Ep33 Tall Tale
Ep32 Sleepy Heads
Ep31 Lost and Found
Ep30 Mud Trouble
Ep29 Smallest Show in the Universe
Ep28 Imagination Day
Ep27 Picnic Panic; Lost & Found
Ep26 Picnic Panic
Ep25 Sports Day
Ep24 Chee-Easiest Mission Ever
Ep23 Sure Sign
Ep22 Origami Whammy
Ep21 Space Cat Pet Sitters
Ep20 Sports Day; Bone to Pick
Ep19 Space Camp
Ep18 Invisibot
Ep17 Mouse House
Ep16 Puzzled
Ep15 Green Thumb; The Ugly Space Duckling
Ep14 Colour Confusion
Ep13 The Ugly Space Duckling
Ep12 Can You Dance?
Ep11 Green Thumb
Ep10 Space Race
Ep9 Arr Marks the Spot; Can You Dance?
Ep8 Arr Marks the Spot
Ep7 Chill Out
Ep6 Too Much Fun
Ep5 Splish Splash
Ep4 Bone to Pick
Ep3 Rocket Band
Ep2 Chill Out; Space Race
Ep1 Rocket Band; Colour Confusion
The Foggiest Idea; Flunking Spelunking
Easy Peasy Rider; Raiders of Lost Treasure
Up, Up and Away!
The Chee-easiest Mission Ever; Imagination Day
Space Cat Pet Sitters; Origami Whammy
Ema's Got the Blues
Mud Trouble
You Can't Handle the Tooth; Night Light
The Plane Truth; Fun Run
Bend It Like Graham; Rob the Writer
Tall Tale; Get Cracking
Music Makers
2 Fast 2 Curious
Smallest Show in the Universe; Mud Trouble
Home for Harold; Found Unwound
Help Giving; Splish Splash
Too Much Fun; Space Virus Blues
Shivers in Space; Tree House Trouble
Mysterious Mea Mystery; Game Show
Music Makers; Memory Mix-Up
Hocus Pocus; Hare-Raising Event
Perfect Pumpkin
Tk's Toy
Food-O-Matic; Sheriff in Town
Perfect Pumpkin; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Wagon
Hero at Heart; Fair Play
What's Mined Is Mine; Powering Down
Super Friends; Copy Cat
Honk If You're Happy; Grape Expectations
Star Struck; Riddle of the Ruins
Tk's Toy; Dinosaur Roar
2 Fast 2 Curious; Finding Rob
Squeakersize; Be a Sport
Knight for a Day; Invisibot
Up, Up and Away; Galaxy Golf
Funky Monkey; Hold Your Horses
Memory Mix-Up
Egged On; Balancing Act
Medieval Manners; The Green Swan
Egged On
Balancing Act
The Green Swan
Sure Sign; Tricked
Orbit's Small Power; Tower of Power
How Sweet It Is; Ah Mazed
Ups and Downs; The Big Cheese
Home for Harold
Shell Shock; Ema's Got the Blues
Mouse House; Sleepy Heads
Sheriff in Town
Dinosaur Lost; Be Careful What You Wish For
Puzzled; Space Camp
Ema's Got the Blues; Shell Shock
Cosmic Day; Lord of the Rings
Robot Run; Time for Fun
Telescope Tale; Build Off
What Goes Up; Pirate Day
Hold Your Horses
Robot Run
Build Off
Shell Shock
Time for Fun
Honk If You're Happy
Grape Expectations
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Wagon
Fair Play
Star Struck
Finding Rob
Copy Cat
Dinosaur Roar
Super Friends
Hero at Heart
Hare-Raising Event
Hocus Pocus
What's Mined Is Mine
Powering Down
Riddle of the Ruins
Funky Monkey
What Goes Up
Pirate Day
Telescope Tale
Show the Share; Go Fly a Kite
Funny Mummy; Making the Grade
Mysterious Mea Mystery
Get Crackin'

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