Robot and Monster

  • 2012
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The animated adventures of two unlikely best friends.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep51 Monster Lie
Ep50 A Better Marf Trap
Ep49 What J.D. Wants
Ep48 Dirty Money
Ep47 Baconmas Part II
Ep46 Baconmas Part I
Ep45 Monster Hit
Ep44 Misery Date
Ep43 J.D. Loves Gart
Ep42 Boomerang
Ep41 Super Pole
Ep40 Ogo's Cool
Ep39 The Package
Ep38 The Dark Knight
Ep37 The Bacon Tree
Ep36 Family Business
Ep35 Anger Management
Ep34 Bad News Baconeers
Ep33 Game On
Ep32 First Impressions
Ep31 The Party
Ep30 Letterology
Ep29 Li'l Lugnuts
Ep28 Don't Walk!
Ep27 Apartment 3 1/2
Ep26 Spare Robot
Ep25 Grandma's Day Out
Ep24 Model Citizen
Ep23 Litterbug
Ep22 Monster Invention
Ep21 Doctor? No!
Ep20 Ogo's Birthday
Ep19 Security and Risk
Ep18 Speak, Marf, Speak
Ep17 Game On; Bad News Baconeers
Ep17 Pinball Wizard
Ep16 The Party; First Impressions
Ep16 The Prince of Scamtown
Ep15 Biker Girls
Ep14 Li'l Lugnuts; Letterology
Ep14 Ogo's Friends
Ep13 Cheer Up Mr. Wheelie
Ep12 Hornica
Ep11 Speeding Ticket
Ep10 Apartment 3 1/2; Don't Walk!
Ep10 Adventures in Babysitting
Ep9 Litterbug; Model Citizen
Ep9 Nobody Panic!
Ep8 Grandma's Day Out; Spare Robot
Ep8 Biker Girls; The Prince of Scamtown
Ep8 Come On, Get Happy
Ep7 Security and Risk; Ogo's Birthday
Ep7 Pinball Wizard; Speak, Marf, Speak
Ep7 The Blimp
Ep6 Doctor? No!; Monster Invention
Ep6 Blinking Light
Ep5 The Blimp; Come On, Get Happy
Ep5 How to Train Your Marf
Ep4 Nobody Panic!; Adventures in Babysitting
Ep4 Between Brothers
Ep3 Safety First
Ep3 How to Train Your Marf; Blinking Light
Ep2 Safety First; Between Brothers
Ep2 Game Boys
Ep1 Monster's Great Escape
Ep1 Monster's Great Escape; Game Boys
Dirty Money; What J.D. Wants
J.D. Loves Gart; Misery Date
Super Pole; Boomerang
The Package; Ogo's Cool
The Bacon Tree; Dark Knight
Anger Management; Family Business
Speeding Ticket; Hornica
Cheer Up Mr. Wheelie; Ogo's Friends

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
The Bacon Tree; the Dark Knight
A Better Marf Trap; Monster Lie

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