• 1985
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An animated science-fiction series about robotic weapons defending Earth from alien attacks.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep25 Symphony of Light
Ep24 Dark Finale
Ep23 Reflex Point
Ep22 The Big Apple
Ep21 Hired Gun
Ep20 Birthday Blues
Ep19 Frostbite
Ep18 Ghost Town
Ep17 The Midnight Sun
Ep16 Metamorphosis
Ep15 Separate Ways
Ep14 Annie's Wedding
Ep13 Sandstorm
Ep12 The Fortress
Ep11 The Secret Route
Ep10 Enter Marlene
Ep9 The Genesis Pit
Ep8 Eulogy
Ep7 Paper Hero
Ep6 Hard Times
Ep5 Curtain Call
Ep4 Survival
Ep3 Lonely Soldier Boy
Ep2 The Lost City
Ep1 The Invid Invasion

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Catastrophe
Ep23 The Invid Connection
Ep22 Final Nightmare
Ep21 Daydreamer
Ep20 Crisis Point
Ep19 Dana in Wonderland
Ep18 Mind Games
Ep17 The Hunters
Ep16 Love Song
Ep15 Clone Chamber
Ep14 Triumvirate
Ep13 A New Recruit
Ep12 Deja Vu
Ep11 Outsiders
Ep10 Stardust
Ep9 Metal Fire
Ep8 The Trap
Ep7 Prelude to Battle
Ep6 Danger Zone
Ep5 Half Moon
Ep4 Volunteers
Ep2 False Start
Ep1 Dana's Story

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 To the Stars
Ep35 Season's Greetings
Ep34 Private Time
Ep33 A Rainy Night
Ep32 Broken Heart
Ep31 Khyron's Revenge
Ep30 Viva Miriya
Ep29 Robotech Masters
Ep28 Reconstruction Blues
Ep27 Force of Arms
Ep26 The Messenger
Ep25 Wedding Bells
Ep24 Showdown
Ep23 Reckless
Ep22 Battle Hymn
Ep21 A New Dawn
Ep20 Paradise Lost
Ep19 Bursting Point
Ep18 Farewell Big Brother
Ep17 Phantasm
Ep16 Battle Cry
Ep15 Homecoming
Ep14 Gloval's Report
Ep13 Blue Wind
Ep12 The Big Escape
Ep11 First Contact
Ep10 Blind Game
Ep9 Miss Macross
Ep8 Sweet Sixteen
Ep7 Bye-Bye Mars
Ep6 Blitzkrieg
Ep5 Transformation
Ep4 The Long Wait
Ep3 Space Fold
Ep2 Countdown TV
Ep1 Boobytrap
Prelude to Battle
Season's Greetings
Day Dreamer
Danger Zone
The Trap
Battle Hymn
Crisis Point
Space Fold
Clone Chamber
Half Moon
Farewell, Big Brother
Bye-Bye Mars
Miss Macross
Mind Game
A Rainy Night
Khyron's Revenge
The Messenger
Gloval's Report
Paradise Lost
The Hunters
Metal Fire
Bursting Point
Sweet Sixteen
The Invid Connection
A New Recruit
Viva Miriya
The Robotech Masters
To the Stars
Force of Arms
Booby Trap
Battle Cry
Dana's Story
Reconstruction Blues
The Long Wait
The Big Escape
Dana in Wonderland
False Start
Blue Wind
A New Dawn
Final Nightmare
The Southern Cross
First Contact
Blind Game
Love Song
Wedding Bells
Broken Heart
Private Time

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep1 Robotech

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