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That\'s a wrap! The first season of Royal Pains is coming to an end and in celebration of the finale next Thursday at 10/9c the cast and crew produced a music video. We proudly present: THE ROYAL PAINS WRAP RAP.\n\nLyrics to the Royal Pains \"Wrap Rap\":\n\nSpoken: Yeah girl... I\'m gonna examine you good. This Divya and this my opthalmascope...\n\nAhhh!\nNo signs of papilledema,\nNo increased intracranial pressure. \nSay AHH stick your tongue out. \nAHH!\nNo abnormality of the soft palate muscles,\nThe uvula is midline. Midline!\nGlossopharyngeal nerve is intact,\nNo masses in the neck or thyroid,\nLungs, heart, abdomen are normal,\nRepeat the words: ball, flag, tree!\nCat box cup...\nBall, flag, tree!\nCar bell juice...\nBall, flag, tree!\nPen shoe jar...\nBall, flag, tree!\nCount backwards from 100 by 7\'s. \n93, 54, 62, 63...\nNo neurological abnormality,\nNo explanation for her hallucinating. \nLet\'s take it up a notch!\nRepeat the words: ball, flag, tree. \nBall, flag, tree!\nCar bell juice.\nBall, flag, tree!\nPen shoe jar.\nBall, flag, tree! x 15\nLet\'s take it up a notch!

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