• 2012
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Anime series following a group of space racers from Earth as they hone their skills and compete in an intergalactic-racing circuit.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep49 Challengers to the Future
Ep47 Snow of Love Falls Upon the Desert
Ep46 Start of the Final Grand Prix
Ep45 Eve of the Final Grand Prix
Ep44 Repatriation! Rescue! Withdrawal!
Ep43 Get Past the 100% Mark
Ep42 The Eternally Passionate Guys
Ep41 Brothers, Torn Apart
Ep40 Last Chance? Putting It All on the Line!
Ep39 A New World
Ep38 The Enemy Is Jet
Ep37 Wild Cats
Ep36 The Tricolor Guys
Ep35 Revival, Antares
Ep34 Race Kingdom
Ep33 Wolver, the Flash
Ep32 Ghost Racer
Ep31 The Ugly Peachick
Ep30 Magic! Witchcraft! Major Melee!
Ep29 The Evolution of Team Jet
Ep28 Falgor Breaks Through
Ep27 The Path to the Grand Prix
Ep26 Soar Out to Space!
Ep25 Fire and Ice
Ep24 Show Race
Ep23 The Graduation Race Begins
Ep22 The End of Team Jet?!
Ep21 The Howling Golden Wolf
Ep20 Scout! Scout! Scout!
Ep19 Zero and Taiga
Ep18 Dragon-Tiger Clash!
Ep17 The Dragon of Destruction Arrives
Ep16 Horror! The Mysterious Desert Island
Ep15 Demon Instructor Dile
Ep14 Gurao's Tiger
Ep13 Diego's Awakening
Ep12 Repeat Clash! A Kaz Vs. Shiro
Ep11 Tracker Jack
Ep10 Hipopo Defeated! The Secret of the 7-Colored Treasure
Ep9 Machine Guru Hipopo
Ep8 The Young Scarlet Hero, Antares
Ep7 The Masked Racer, Zero
Ep6 The Squid King
Ep5 Diego's Tree
Ep4 Every Cute Girl Has Her Fangs
Ep3 The Mystery Racer, Shiro Appears
Ep2 Race to Space!
Ep1 Going for Number 1!

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