Scaredy Squirrel

  • 2011
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Cartoon series about a nervous little squirrel who tackles life's daily challenges while exploring the world outside of his treehouse. Based on Mélanie Watt's popular books.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Sinker, Sailor, Squirrel, Spy
Ep23 For a Few S'mores More
Ep22 Actually It Is Rocket Science
Ep21 Double Decker Danger
Ep20 Lost in Donations
Ep19 Udderly Best Friend
Ep18 Encino Squirrel
Ep17 Trophy Castastrophe
Ep16 Misfortune Teller
Ep15 Rockin Richard
Ep14 Fudge Filled Fib
Ep13 Great Dane
Ep12 Driving Miss Davey
Ep11 Three Alarm Flyer
Ep10 Buck Up Buck
Ep9 Ice Cream Headache
Ep8 The Dave 'n' Dave
Ep7 Day of the Strackal
Ep6 28 Daves Later
Ep5 Arachnofriendly
Ep4 Momma Lisa Smile
Ep3 Abracagrandma
Ep2 Straighten Up and Flu Right
Ep1 Adventures in Frogsitting
Scaredy Squirrel
Stash n' Hoarder
Captain Nuts
Scaredy Squirrel
Scaredy Squirrel
Store Trek
The Paddy Party Problem
Scaredy Squirrel
Scaredy Squirrel
Empty Nestor Syndrome
Scaredy Squirrel
Scaredy Squirrel
Scaredy Squirrel
Grand Olde Grocery

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep28 Safety Corner
Ep27 Store Trek
Ep26 Stack to School
Ep25 Double Ooh Oops
Ep24 Mascot in the Act
Ep23 Freaky Fur Day
Ep22 Hamsitcom
Ep21 The Paddy Party Problem
Ep20 Ice Ice Scaredy
Ep19 Stash 'n Hoarder
Ep18 Nobody Loves Hatton
Ep17 Captain Nuts
Ep16 Hip to Be Squirrel
Ep15 Breaking the Mold
Ep14 Stash 'n Hoarder; Ice Ice Scaredy
Ep14 Empty Nestor Syndrome
Ep13 Captain Nuts; Nobody Loves Hatton
Ep13 New Dave
Ep12 Double Double Squirrel in Trouble
Ep12 Breaking the Mold; Hip to Be Squirrel
Ep11 Inskunktion
Ep11 New Dave; Empty Nestor Syndrome
Ep10 To Cat a Thief
Ep10 Inskunktion; Double Double Squirrel in Trouble
Ep9 Extrasquirrestial; To Cat a Thief
Ep9 Extrasquirrestial
Ep8 Soup of a Nova
Ep7 I Think Therefore I Clean
Ep6 Nutters Almanac
Ep5 Lean Green Fighting Machine
Ep4 Hiccup Hicdown in Balsatown
Ep3 Talented Mr Peacock
Ep2 Grounded Hog
Ep1 Grand Olde Grocery
Nothing but the Tooth
Scaredy Squirrel
The Tubtastic Tuo
Scaredy Squirrel
Scaredy Squirrel
Big Mistack
Scaredy Squirrel
Scaredy Squirrel
Scaredy Squirrel
Aisle of the Dead

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep54 Jawhead; Store Wars
Ep53 Perfect Pickle; Goat Police
Ep52 Store Wars
Ep51 Jawhead
Ep50 Goat Police
Ep50 The Great Mistack; A Squirreled Away Treasure
Ep49 Perfect Pickle
Ep48 A Squirreled Away Treasure
Ep47 The Great Mistack
Ep47 Neat Wits; Mall Rats
Ep46 Mr. Nestor's Mother's Momma
Ep45 The Tubtastic Tuo
Ep44 Mall Rats
Ep44 Seth Is a Salesman; Less Nestorman
Ep43 Neat Wits
Ep42 Less Nestorman
Ep41 Seth Is a Salesman
Ep41 Shop Cop; Acting Silly
Ep40 Cowlicked
Ep39 Suggestion Box Blues
Ep38 Lumberjack Day
Ep38 Fancy Some Tea?; Mr. Perfect Balsa
Ep37 A Sticky Situation
Ep36 Acting Silly
Ep36 Paddle Dogs; Looking for Richard
Ep35 Shop Cop
Ep34 Awaken the Stacker
Ep33 Children of the Acorn
Ep32 Mr. Perfect Balsa
Ep32 Nothing But the Tooth; From Rodent With Love
Ep31 Fancy Some Tea?
Ep31 Fist Full of Quarters; Pranks for Nothing
Ep30 Life Saver
Ep29 Water Damage
Ep28 Golden Paddle
Ep28 Not Easy Being Green; The Corgin
Ep27 Way of the Fishlips
Ep26 Looking for Richard
Ep25 How to Succeed in Groceries
Ep25 Rockabye Rock; Hammock Havock
Ep24 Paddle Dogs
Ep24 Paddle Dogs; Chili Con Scaredy
Ep23 From Rodent With Love
Ep22 Nothing But the Tooth
Ep22 Stackinator; Halloweekend
Ep21 Pranks for Nothing
Ep20 Fist Full of Quarters
Ep20 Halloweekend; Aisle of the Dead
Ep19 The Corgin
Ep19 Aisle of the Dead; Where the Stink At?
Ep18 Not Easy Being Green
Ep18 Aisle of the Dead; Camp or Consequences
Ep17 Hammock Havock
Ep16 It's Not Easy Being Green; Hammock Havoc
Ep16 Rockabye Rock
Ep16 Halloweekend; Fairweather Squirrel
Ep15 Rockabye Rock; Beware the Corgin
Ep15 The Stackinator
Ep14 Where the Stink At?
Ep14 Dreamweaver; Chili Con Scaredy
Ep13 There Is No "I" in Groceries; When Thugs Attack
Ep13 Luck Be a Penny
Ep13 There Is No "I" in Groceries; The Coast Is Fear
Ep12 Halloweekend
Ep12 Camp or Consequences; Fairweather Squirrel
Ep11 Aisle of the Dead
Ep11 When Thugs Attack; There's No "I" in Groceries
Ep10 When Thugs Attack
Ep10 The Coast Is Fear; The Madness of King Nutbar
Ep9 Madness of King Nutbar
Ep8 Chili Con Scaredy
Ep8 Who's Your Paddy?; Snerd Envy
Ep7 Water Damage; Life Saver
Ep7 Dream Weaver
Ep6 A Sticky Situation; Cowlicked
Ep6 Fairweather Squirrel
Ep5 The Tubtastic Tuo; Mr. Nestor's Mother's Momma
Ep5 Camp or Consequences
Ep4 Lumberjack Day; Suggestion Box Blues
Ep4 Snerd Envy
Ep3 Luck Be a Penny; How to Succeed in Groceries
Ep3 Who's Your Paddy?
Ep2 Way of the Fishlips; Golden Paddle
Ep2 Coast Is Fear
Ep1 Children of the Acorn; Awaken the Stacker
Ep1 There's No "I" in Groceries
Scaredy Squirrel
Luck Be a Penny
Scaredy Squirrel
The Coast is Fear
The Madness of King Nutbar; Fairweather Squirrel
Scaredy Squirrel
Sticky Situation
Scaredy Squirrel
Way of the Fish Lips
It's Not Easy Being Green; Hammock Havoc
Rockabye Rock; Beware the Corgin
Luck Be a Penny; Dream Weaver
Cowlicked; Who's Your Paddy?
Cowlicked; Snerd Envy
Sticky Situation; The Coast Is Fear
Sticky Situation; Who's Your Paddy?

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Lean Green Fighting Machine
Talented Mr Peacock; Hiccup Hicdown in Balsatown
How to Succeed in Groceries; Luck Be a Penny
Aisle of the Dead
For a Few S'mores More; Sinker, Sailor, Squirrel, Spy
Scaredy Squirrel
Scaredy Squirrel
Camp or Consequences; Fairwather Squirrel
Day of the Strackal; The Dave 'n' Dave
Three Alarm Flyer; Driving Miss Davey
Great Dane; Fudge Filled Fib
Ice Cream Headache; Buck Up Buck
Adventures in Frogsitting; Straighten Up and Flu Right
Scaredy Squirrel
Pranks for Nothing
Safety Corner Conundrum
Arachnofriendly; 28 Daves Later
Abracagrandma; Momma Lisa Smile
The Paddy Party Problem; Hamsitcom
Freaky Fur Day; Mascot in the Act
Double Ooh Oops; Stack to School
Store Trek; Safety Corner
Sticky Situation; Cowlicked
Udderly Best Friend; Lost in Donations
Trophy Castastrophe; Encino Squirrel
Double Decker Danger; Actually It Is Rocket Science
Rockin Richard; Misfortune Teller
I Think Therefore I Clean; Soup of a Nova
Lean Green Fighting Machine; Nutters Almanac
Grand Olde Grocery; Grounded Hog
There is No 'i' in Groceries; When Thugs Attack
Pranks For Nothing; Fist Full Of Quarters

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