Scariest Places on Earth

A series on the paranormal includes eyewitness accounts of supernatural events.


Scariest Places on Earth

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep33 Scariest Places on Earth
Ep32 Scariest Places on Earth
Ep31 Castle of the Blood Countess
Ep30 Legendary Haunts
Ep29 Urban Legends II
Ep28 Fear Force: Thunderbird
Ep27 Monahans
Ep26 Best of Scariest Places 1
Ep25 Return to Magnolia Lane
Ep24 Return to Transylvania
Ep23 Woodchester Mansion Dare
Ep22 A Night in Dracula's Castle: The Transylvania Dare
Ep21 Goldfield Ghost Hunt
Ep20 Return to Charleville: The Haunted Irish Castle Dare
Ep19 Contagion of Fear: Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Ep18 Return to Lucedio: The Cursed Italian Monastery Dare
Ep17 The Untold Stories
Ep16 Island of No Return: The Venice Dare
Ep15 A House Possessed
Ep14 Return to Chillingham
Ep13 Rituals of Evil
Ep12 Urban Legends
Ep11 Haunting the Heartland
Ep10 Chillingham
Ep9 Curse of the Roman Gladiators
Ep8 Exorcism
Ep7 Cursed Italian Monastery Dare
Ep6 Scariest Places on Earth
Ep5 Scariest Places on Earth
Ep4 Voodoo Cursed Plantation
Ep3 Scariest Places on Earth
Ep2 Scariest Places on Earth
Ep1 Scariest Places on Earth
Scariest Places on Earth
Ep 3
Satan's Dormitory; Chillingham Castle; Axe Murder House; Hayden Bridge Exorcism
Scariest Places on Earth
Ep 5
Ep 4
Ep 7
Ep 6
Charleville Castle Dare
Secret Dungeons of Alcatraz; Dare:Chillingham Castle; Satan's Underground; Queen Mary; Savannah Frankenstein
Contagion of Fear; Curse of Lonely Lighthouse; Scottish Castle Dare
Return to Romania Dare
Lair of Wickedest Man in the World; La Purisima; In the Belly of the Beast; Cursed Italian Monastery
Italy's Fortress of Blood; The Dare: Chillingham Castle; Blood Red Lighthouse; Death Valley; New England Mental Hospital
Eastern State Penitentiary; The Dare: Chillingham Castle; The Jersey Devil; Paris Catacombs: City of Death
Secret Mummies of Italy; Village of the Damned; Fort Doom; Plantation Dare, Conclusion
Family; Ancient Chant Begins; Fear Unites the Family; 3:47 AM; Closing the Portal
Poltergeist House; White Witch of Rose Hall; Ohio's Prison of Lost Souls; Voodoo Cursed Plantation Dare
Haunted Voodoo Cursed Plantation Dare
Cemetery of the Angry Undead; Senator's House of Sin; Living with the Dead; Magnolia Lane Intro
A House Possessed; Haunted Irish Castle Dare Intro; Nevermore in Baltimore; The Devils of Derby
Scariest Places on Earth
Satan's Dormitory; Chillingham Castle; Axe Murder House; Hayden Bridge Exorcism
Scariest Places on Earth

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