School of Golf

  • 2011

Instructional tips on improving different facets of your golf game, with input from various guests.


Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep24 Chapter 24: Range Work
Ep23 Chapter 23: Battle Your Nerves
Ep22 Chapter 22: Sharpen Your Skills
Ep21 Chapter 21: Playing Under Pressure
Ep20 Chapter 20: Saving Par
Ep19 Chapter 19: FedExCup Special
Ep18 Chapter 18: Play Like an Olympian
Ep17 200th Episode Special
Ep16 Chapter 16: Major Drills
Ep15 Chapter 15: Timeless Truth
Ep14 Chapter 14: Summer School
Ep13 Chapter 13: Short Game Special
Ep12 Chapter 12: Better Ball Striking
Ep11 Chapter 11: Majority Rules
Ep10 Chapter 10: Stick Your Approach
Ep9 Chapter 9: Drive, Chip & Putt
Ep8 Chapter 8: Hall Of Fame Instruction
Ep7 Chapter 7: Practice with a Purpose
Ep6 Chapter 6: Golf's Swing Myths
Ep5 Chapter 5: Drive for Show
Ep4 Chapter 4: Putt for Dough
Ep3 Chapter 3: Full Swing Special
Ep2 Chapter 2: Swing Basics
Ep1 Chapter 1: Start the Year Strong

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 School of Golf
Ep35 School of Golf
Ep34 School of Golf
Ep33 School of Golf
Ep32 Chapter 32: Scary Shots
Ep31 Chapter 31: Long Drive Special
Ep30 Chapter 30: Find Your Putting Stroke
Ep29 Chapter 29: The Legend of Bobby Jones
Ep28 Chapter 28: Get in the Zone
Ep27 Chapter 27: Playing Under Pressure
Ep26 Chapter 26: FedExCup Special
Ep25 Chapter 25: Scrambling Secrets
Ep24 Chapter 24: Uneven Lies
Ep23 Chapter 23: Improve Your Accuracy
Ep22 Chapter 22: Summer School
Ep21 Chapter 21: Become a Champion Golfer
Ep20 Chapter 20: Bring Your "A" Game
Ep19 Chapter 19: Birdie Barrage
Ep18 Chapter 18: Shot Shaping
Ep17 Chapter 17: Geometry of a Swing
Ep16 Chapter 16: Putt for Dough
Ep15 Chapter 15: Power Pointers
Ep14 Chapter 14: The Mis-hit Manual
Ep13 Chapter 13: Around the Green
Ep12 Chapter 12: Drive, Chip & Putt
Ep11 Chapter 11: Setup for Success
Ep10 Chapter 10: Hall of Fame Lessons
Ep9 Chapter 9: Stop the Slice
Ep8 Chapter 8: Master Your Wedges
Ep7 Chapter 7: Unique Swings
Ep6 Chapter 6: Taming Pebble Beach
Ep5 Chapter 5: Find the Fairway
Ep4 Chapter 4: Make More Putts
Ep3 Chapter 3: Mickelson Magic
Ep2 Chapter 2: Swing Fundamentals
Ep1 Chapter 1: Best Year Ever

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Chapter 39: Year End Special
Ep38 Chapter 38: Right or Rubbish
Ep37 Chapter 37: Indoor Practice
Ep36 Chapter 36 - Great Escapes
Ep35 Chapter 35: Stick It Close
Ep34 Chapter 34: Scary Shots
Ep33 Chapter 33: Hitting the Range
Ep32 Chapter 32: From Tee to Green
Ep31 Chapter 31: Long Drive Special
Ep30 Chapter 30: Personal Pearls
Ep29 Chapter 29: Best of the PGA Tour
Ep28 Chapter 28: Path to Greatness
Ep27 Chapter 27: Playing Under Pressure
Ep26 Chapter 26: Putting Pointers
Ep25 Chapter 25: Better Wedge Play
Ep24 Chapter 24: Trouble Shots
Ep23 Chapter 23: Perfect Practice
Ep22 Chapter 22: The Ultimate Golfer
Ep21 Chapter 21: Keys Off the Tee
Ep20 Chapter 20: Golfing in the Elements
Ep19 Chapter 19: Timing is Everything
Ep18 Chapter 18: Play Like a Champion
Ep17 Chapter 17: Around the Green
Ep16 Chapter 16: Ball Striking Secrets
Ep15 Chapter 15: Go the Distance
Ep14 Chapter 14: Slice & Hook Cures
Ep13 Chapter 13: Putt for Dough
Ep12 Chapter 12: Drive, Chip & Putt
Ep11 Chapter 11: Lone Star Sessions
Ep10 Chapter 10: Learn From the King
Ep9 Chapter 9: It's a Numbers Game
Ep8 Chapter 8: Hit It Straight
Ep7 Chapter 7: Stick Your Approach
Ep6 Chapter 6: Getting Up & Down
Ep5 Chapter 5: Swing Fundamentals
Ep4 How to Go Low
Ep3 Chapter 3: Taking on Tiger
Ep2 Drive Time
Ep1 Get Ready, Go Golf!

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep36 Year End Special
Ep35 Chapter 35: Putt for Dough
Ep34 Chapter 34: Short Game Secrets
Ep33 Chapter 33: From the Fairway
Ep32 Chapter 32: Long Game Lessons
Ep31 Chapter 13: Simplify Your Swing
Ep30 Chapter 30: Advanced Short Game
Ep29 Chapter 29: Long Drive Special
Ep28 Chapter 28: Putt Like a Pro
Ep27 Chapter 27: Better Ball Striking
Ep26 Chapter 26: Playing Under Pressure
Ep25 Chapter 25: Golf's Important Angles
Ep24 Chapter 24: FedExCup Special
Ep23 Chapter 23: Trouble Shots
Ep22 Chapter 22: Chasing the Grand Slam
Ep21 Chapter 21: Golf's Swing Myths
Ep20 Chapter 20: Playing Links Golf
Ep19 Chapter 19: Around the Green
Ep18 Chapter 18: Fairway Woods & Hybrids
Ep17 Chapter 17: Pushes & Pulls
Ep16 Chapter 16: Driving School
Ep15 Chapter 15: Golden Lessons
Ep14 Chapter 14: Simple Stroke Savers
Ep13 Chapter 13: The Art & Science of Putting
Ep12 Chapter 12: Stick It Close
Ep11 Chapter 11: Golf's Invisible Secret
Ep10 Going the Distance
Ep9 Chapter 9: Houdini Shots
Ep9 Arnold Palmer Invitational Special
Ep8 Chapter 8: Laser-Like Short Irons
Ep7 Get Ready, Go Golf
Ep6 Chapter 6: Helping the Hook
Ep5 Chapter 5: Stopping the Slice
Ep4 Chapter 4: Chip It Like a Champ
Ep3 Chapter 3: The Putting Stroke
Ep2 Crushing the Driver
Ep1 Start the Year Strong

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep34 Year End Special
Ep33 Long Game Special
Ep32 Short Game Special
Ep31 Chapter 31: Develop a Go-To Shot
Ep30 Chapter 30: Drive for Show
Ep29 Dial in Your Wedges
Ep28 Releasing the Club
Ep27 Fatal Flaws
Ep26 Chapter 26: Control Your Tempo
Ep25 School of Golf
Ep25 Chapter 25: Getting Up and Down
Ep24 Chapter 24: Fairways and Greens
Ep23 Chapter 23: Putting Under Pressure
Ep22 Chapter 22: Adding More Distance
Ep21 Chapter 21: How to Handle the Wind
Ep20 Chapter 20: Guide to Proper Practice
Ep19 Chapter 19: Hitting It Pure
Ep18 Chapter 18: Short Game Secrets
Ep17 Chapter 17: Eliminating the Hook
Ep16 Chapter 16: Eliminating the Slice
Ep15 Chapter 15: Get Your Timing Right
Ep14 Chapter 14: Pitching Pearls
Ep13 Chapter 13: Hitting It Straighter
Ep12 Chapter 12: Understanding the Pivot
Ep11 Chapter 11: Keys on the Greens
Ep10 Chapter 10: Stick Your Approach
Ep9 Chapter 9: Grip It Like a Pro
Ep8 Chapter 8: Becoming a Better Driver
Ep7 Chapter 7: Chipping it Close
Ep6 Chapter 6: Hybrids vs. Long Irons
Ep5 Chapter 5: Setup for Success
Ep4 Chapter 4: Putt for Dough
Ep3 Chapter 3: Bombing the Driver
Ep2 Chapter 2: 100 Yards & In
Ep1 Chapter 1: Dead Solid Contact

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep37 Year End Review
Ep36 Year End Review
Ep35 Chapter 34: Better Balance
Ep34 Chapter 33: Pushes & Pulls
Ep33 Chapter 32: Spine Angle
Ep32 Chapter 31: Bunker Special
Ep31 Chapter 30: Speed Up the Swing
Ep30 Chapter 29: Pre-Round Warm-Up
Ep29 Chapter 28: Specialty Shots
Ep28 Chapter 27: Keeping it Low
Ep27 Chapter 26: Spinning the Ball
Ep26 Chapter 25: Ball Striking
Ep25 Chapter 24: The Putting Stroke
Ep24 Chapter 23: Releasing the Club
Ep23 Chapter 22: Fairway Woods & Hybrids
Ep22 Chapter 21: Uneven Lies
Ep21 Chapter 20: Playing the Wind
Ep20 Chapter 19: Around the Green
Ep19 Chapter 18: Fixing Your Hook
Ep18 Midterm Review
Ep17 Chapter 17: Hitting Out of Rough
Ep16 Chapter 16: Setup & Alignment
Ep15 Chapter 15: Hitting it High
Ep14 Chapter 14: Pitching
Ep13 Chapter 13: Swing Plane
Ep12 Chapter 12: Pre-Shot Routine
Ep11 Chapter 11: Putting Practice
Ep10 Chapter 10: Long Irons
Ep9 Chapter 9: Hitting More Fairways
Ep8 Chapter 8: Improving Your Tempo
Ep7 Chapter 7: Better Wedge Play
Ep6 Chapter 6: Working the Ball
Ep5 Chapter 5: Making More Putts
Ep4 Chapter 4: Fixing Your Slice
Ep3 Chapter 3: Chipping
Ep2 Chapter 2: The Grip
Ep1 Chapter 1: Driving It Longer

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Shot Shaping
Uneven Lies
Under Pressure
Under Pressure
FedEx Cup Special
Chapter 19
Shot Shaping
Birdie Barrage
Birdie Barrage
Chapter 22
Chapter 21
Chapter 20
Be a Champion
Be a Champion
Improve Accuracy
Improve Accuracy
Summer School
Summer School
Chapter 23
Uneven Lies
FedEx Cup Special
Get Up & Down
Get Up & Down
Chapter 30
Chapter 30
100th Episode Special

All Full Length Videos

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Chapter 23

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Nerves affect golfers of all skill levels from tour professionals to weekend hackers. Martin Hall is joined by Sara Brown to teach how to battle these nerves on the course.

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