Sea Hunt

  • 1958-1961

Underwater tales that made for one of the most popular syndicated series of its time, and, as TV Guide remarked in 1959, `an epic so watery that Lloyd Bridges' colleagues tell him they have to drain... More


Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep38 Round Up
Ep37 Crime at Sea
Ep36 Skipper
Ep35 Starting Signal
Ep34 P.T. Boat
Ep33 Roustabout
Ep32 Superman
Ep31 Imposter
Ep30 The Saint Story
Ep29 Hit and Run
Ep28 Sunken Car
Ep27 Dark Evil
Ep26 The Meet
Ep25 Underwater Pirates
Ep24 Confidential Mission
Ep23 Baby
Ep22 Lost Island
Ep21 Quicksand
Ep20 The Octopus Story
Ep19 Sub Hatch
Ep18 Cougar
Ep17 Niko
Ep16 The Defector
Ep15 Bionics
Ep14 Expedition
Ep13 Survival Kit
Ep12 The Aquanettes
Ep11 Amigo
Ep10 Sonar Story
Ep9 Hot Tracer
Ep8 Mercy Trip
Ep7 Rescue
Ep6 Sperling of Lamatsue
Ep5 The Dancer
Ep4 Vital Error
Ep3 The Destroyers
Ep2 River Treasure
Ep1 Point of No Return

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Man Overboard
Ep38 Diplomatic Pouch
Ep37 Beyond Limits
Ep36 Prima Donna
Ep35 The Sound of Nothing
Ep34 Underwater Narcotics
Ep33 The Missing Link
Ep32 The Catalyst
Ep31 Changing Patterns
Ep30 The Invader
Ep29 Storm Drain
Ep28 Time Fuse
Ep27 Underwater Beacon
Ep26 The Replacement
Ep25 Blind Spot
Ep24 Rebreather
Ep23 Ghost Light
Ep22 Target
Ep21 The Cellini Vase
Ep20 Synthetic Hero
Ep19 Cross Current
Ep18 Cindy
Ep17 Sacred Pool
Ep16 Submarine Explosion
Ep15 The Living Fossil
Ep14 Pirate Gold
Ep13 Revolutionary Spoils
Ep12 The Fearmakers
Ep11 Strong Box
Ep10 Expatriate's Return
Ep9 Jade Cavern
Ep8 Missile Watch
Ep7 Counterfeit
Ep6 Cobalt Bomb
Ep5 Underwater Drop
Ep4 Hot Cargo
Ep3 Mr. Big
Ep2 Water Nymphs
Ep1 Asylum

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 The Raft
Ep38 Kelp Forest
Ep37 Base of Operations
Ep36 Oil Island
Ep35 Ransom
Ep34 Chained
Ep33 Proof of Guilt
Ep32 Underwater Unit
Ep31 Underwater Park
Ep30 Port Security
Ep29 The Female
Ep28 Underwater Ejection
Ep27 The Getaway
Ep26 Sea Serpent
Ep25 Treasure Hunt
Ep24 Chain of Evidence
Ep23 Underwater Shrine
Ep22 Water Ski Show
Ep21 Cave Diving
Ep20 The Briefcase
Ep19 Hermes
Ep18 Underwater Curtain
Ep17 Underwater Survey
Ep16 Strange Salvage
Ep15 Nerve Gas
Ep14 The Persuaders
Ep13 Dock Fire
Ep12 The Dam
Ep11 Air Pockets
Ep10 Murder at 60 Feet
Ep9 Jettisoned
Ep8 The Search
Ep7 Diving for the Moon
Ep6 The Stunt
Ep5 Monte Cristo
Ep4 Underwater Labyrinth
Ep3 Underwater Security
Ep2 Operation Greenback
Ep1 The Alcatraz Story

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 The Manganese Story
Ep38 The Sea Has Ears
Ep37 Decoy
Ep36 Lord Christobal
Ep35 The Amphibian
Ep34 Killer Rock
Ep33 Dead Man's Cove
Ep32 The Birthday Present
Ep31 The Big Dive
Ep30 The Shipwreck
Ep29 Capture of the Santa Rosa
Ep28 The Lost Ones
Ep27 Underwater Station
Ep26 The Hero
Ep25 The Prospectors
Ep24 Pressure Suit
Ep23 Legend of the Mermaid
Ep22 Underwater Patrol
Ep21 Magnetic Mine
Ep20 Alligator Story
Ep19 Diamond River
Ep18 The Sponge Divers
Ep17 Girl in the Trunk
Ep16 The Poacher
Ep15 Marvelous Treasure Machine
Ep14 Hard Hat
Ep13 The Shark Cage
Ep12 Midget Submarine
Ep11 Killer Whale
Ep10 Recovery
Ep9 Gold Below
Ep8 Sonar Queen
Ep7 Mr. Guinea Pig
Ep6 Female of the Species
Ep5 The Sea Sled
Ep4 Mark of the Octopus
Ep3 Rapture of the Deep
Ep2 Flooded Mine
Ep1 Sixty Feet Below

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