Sell This House!

  • 2003

House-selling reorganization.


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Ep201 Summerville, SC
Ep200 Miami, FL
Ep199 Charleston, S.C.
Ep198 Maui, HI
Ep197 La Mesa, CA
Ep196 San Diego, CA
Ep195 Maui, HI
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Ep181 Jersey City, NJ
Ep180 East Boston, MA
Ep179 Woburn, MA
Ep178 Clearwater, FL
Ep177 San Diego, CA
Ep176 San Diego, CA
Ep175 Seattle, WA
Ep174 Seattle, WA
Ep173 Little Falls, NJ
Ep172 Prospect Park, NJ
Ep171 Chicago, IL
Ep170 Kirkland, WA
Ep169 New Orleans, LA
Ep168 Round Rock, TX
Ep167 Austin, TX
Ep166 Chicago, IL
Ep165 Yonkers, N.Y.
Ep164 Keaau, HI
Ep163 Gretna, LA
Ep162 Yonkers, NY
Ep161 Captain Cook, HI
Ep160 Santa Monica, Cal.
Ep159 Culver City, Cal.
Ep158 Lawson, MO
Ep157 Liberty, Mo.
Ep156 Seattle, Wash.
Ep155 Vashon, WA
Ep154 Amityville, NY
Ep153 Port Washington, NY
Ep152 Broomfield, CO
Ep151 Boulder, CO
Ep150 Derry, NH
Ep149 Manchester, NH
Ep148 Charlotte, NC
Ep147 Saco, ME
Ep146 Ocean Park, ME
Ep145 Cheyenne, WY
Ep144 Pine Bluffs, WY
Ep143 Tucson, AZ
Ep142 Tucson, AZ
Ep141 Wilmington, NC
Ep140 Wrightsville Beach, NC
Ep139 Miami Beach, FL
Ep138 Miami, FL
Ep137 Orange County, CA
Ep136 Long Beach, CA
Ep135 Palm Springs, CA
Ep134 Palm Springs, CA
Ep133 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ep132 Fort Lauderdale, FL
Ep131 Philadelphia, PA
Ep130 Philadelphia, PA
Ep129 Nashville, TN
Ep128 Nashville, TN
Ep127 Atlanta, GA
Ep126 Marietta, GA
Ep125 San Diego, CA
Ep124 San Diego, CA
Ep123 Pasadena, CA
Ep122 Altadena, CA
Ep121 Bridgeport, CT
Ep120 Stratford, CT
Ep119 Sacramento, CA
Ep118 Sacramento, CA
Ep117 Renton, WA
Ep116 Lynwood, WA
Ep115 Burbank, CA
Ep114 Burbank, CA
Ep113 Las Vegas, NV
Ep112 Las Vegas, NV
Ep111 Honolulu, HI
Ep110 San Francisco, CA
Ep109 San Francisco, CA
Ep108 Honolulu, HI
Ep107 Los Angeles, CA
Ep106 Everett, WA
Ep105 Phoenix, AZ
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Ep95 Sell This House!
Ep94 Louisville, KY
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Ep91 Charlotte, NC: Nancy and Wayland
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Ep87 Salt Lake City, Utah: Todd and Heidi
Ep86 Savannah, Georgia: Phoebe Miller and Margaret Leach
Ep85 San Diego, CA: Michelle and Josh Mason
Ep84 Savannah, GA: Billie Hall
Ep83 Sell This House!
Ep82 San Diego, CA
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Ep80 Los Angeles, CA
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Ep78 Santa Monica, CA: Greg Heller
Ep77 Elverta, California: Frank & Kimberly Blackburn
Ep76 Sell This House!
Ep75 Amersbury, Mass., Chris Fleuriel and Merril Kaitz
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Ep73 Seattle, Washington--Christopher & Jennifer Taylor
Ep72 Sarah and Jeff Martin
Ep71 Donald and Jenny McGregor: Oregon City, Oregon
Ep70 Virginia City, Montana: Rose Mason
Ep69 Belgrade, MT
Ep68 Todd and Tracy Archambault
Ep67 New York City
Ep66 Gerry Campbell
Ep65 Sallie Ramos
Ep64 Katie Heiser and Doug Sowers
Ep63 Manhattan, N.Y.---Nicole and Dan Robinson
Ep62 Manhattan, N.Y.---Derrick Hussey and Anastasia Daniel
Ep61 Teresa & Reed Collingwood
Ep60 Austin, TX -- Kate Joly & Sam Jones
Ep59 Los Gatos, Cal.
Ep58 Austin, TX -- Nancy Anderson
Ep57 Key West, Florida - Ron Menezes & Frank Notarianni
Ep56 Key West, FL---Mimi and Ernie Oskey
Ep55 Palm Springs, Cal.---Michael Trefun and Tom Mendel
Ep54 Seattle---Juan and Mary Hernandez
Ep53 Cathedral City, California -- Reina Delgadillo and Deborah Deechan
Ep52 Los Angeles---Arnauld & Marie-Laure Filancia
Ep51 Los Angeles, California
Ep50 Haiku, Maui, Hawaii
Ep49 Kihei, Maui---Vicki Lynn Vallis
Ep48 Memphis, Tennessee---Lionel & Latrice
Ep47 Memphis, Tenn.---Geri Maxwell
Ep46 Tulsa, OK---Nicki Unertl
Ep45 Tulsa, OK---Bob & Donna Hohulski
Ep44 Hoboken, NJ, Joe and Helen Bergstein
Ep43 Hoboken, NJ---William & Nancy Harkins
Ep42 Boston, MA
Ep41 Madison, Wisconsin---Kit McCaffrey & Sprencer Wood
Ep40 Boston, Mass., Rob Downing
Ep39 Seattle, Wash., Jonathan Franklin
Ep38 Seattle, Wash., Juan and Mary Hernandez
Ep37 Arvada, Colorado: Cindy Tomasi & Daughter Darcy
Ep36 Denver, Colorado---Peggy & Dave Upton
Ep35 Columbia, Md.---Tammi McLeain
Ep34 Madison, Wisconsin---Janet and Steve Buechner
Ep33 Severn, Maryland---Phyllis Travis Doggett & Daughter Ashley
Ep32 Baltimore, Maryland---Jeff & Mollie Molner
Ep31 Santa Fe, New Mexico
Ep30 Auburn, Washington
Ep29 Lamy, New Mexico
Ep28 Gretna, Louisiana
Ep27 Conway, Arkansas
Ep26 New Orleans, Louisiana
Ep25 Sherwood, Arkansas
Ep24 Tacoma, Wash.
Ep23 Coconut Grove, Florida--Lisa & Cesar Verde
Ep22 Coral Gables, Florida--Pam Gonzalez & Daughter Marcela
Ep21 Gig Harbor, Washington
Ep20 Granada Hills, California
Ep19 Kaneohe, Oahu, Hawaii
Ep18 Van Nuys, Cal.--Laura Nelson & Collene Swanson
Ep17 Scottsdale, Arizona
Ep16 Honolulu, Hawaii--Sean & Kyong Chang
Ep15 Scottsdale, Ariz.
Ep14 Manhattan
Ep13 Bellevue
Ep12 Saratoga, California
Ep11 North Barrington, Ill.
Ep10 Chicago, Ill.
Ep9 Alpharetta
Ep8 Atlanta, Georgia
Ep7 Sugar Land, Texas
Ep6 Yorktown Heights, New York
Ep5 Houston, Texas
Ep4 New York City
Ep3 Kirkland, Washington
Ep2 Seattle, Washington: Candace and Mark Ives
Ep1 Seattle
Santa Fe, NM
Wilmington, NC
Lutz, FL
Watauga, TX
Miami Lakes, FL
Dallas, TX
Santa Fe, NM

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Clip Sell This House Extreme: Charlie Frattini
112 sec
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Sell This House Extreme: Charlie Frattini

Air Date:
"Meet Charlie Frattini, the new builder on Sell This House: Extreme!"

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