Selling New York

  • 2010

Cameras follow Manhattan real-estate brokers dealing in high-dollar luxury properties.


Season 8

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Warburg Agents Sell a Home in CT and Michele Kleier Helps a Client Find a Home in Her Own Building
Ep12 Deborah Lupard and "Crockett & Tubbs" Both Have to Sell Their Client's Dumbo Apartments
Ep11 One Family Loves in Order to Pursue Their Daughter's Dreams, and Need to Sell Their Home Fast
Ep10 In the Up-and-Coming Neighborhood of Williamsburg, One Agent Strives to Sell for a High Profiit
Ep9 Expensive Maintenance Fees Prove Difficult in Selling One Triplex
Ep8 Clients Seek to Run Away From and Escape to Homes in the Country
Ep7 Will a Terrible Location Compromise the Sell of a Home That Once Belonged to Frank Sinatra?
Ep6 With a Baby on the Way, One Agent Is Rushed to Find a New Home Before Time Is Up
Ep5 Clients Seek to Gain a Fresh Start From Moving to New Homes
Ep4 As a New Agent Tries to Impress, Another Tries to Help a Client Who Is New to the Real Estate World
Ep3 Will Combining a Triplex and a Duplex Prove the Right Decision for the Kleier's?
Ep2 As a Family Continues to Grow, One Agent Has to Find a Bigger Home Fast
Ep1 Brokers Use Documentary Films to Sell 2 Homes

Season 7

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Agents Constantly Have to Prove Themselves Whether They're Just Beginning, or Seasoned Professionals
Ep12 A Fabulous Party Could Open Many Doors for One Broker
Ep11 Sometimes the Hardest Part About Selling a Place Is Cutting Emotional Ties
Ep10 Emotions Run High as a Mother and Daughter Try to Sell Real Estate to One Another
Ep9 Can Brokers Convince Their Clients to Step Outside of Their Comfort Zone?
Ep8 2 Brokers Seek to Put a Positive Spin on Difficult Aspects of Their Listings
Ep7 Brokers Look for Homes That Will Please All Family Members
Ep6 Brokers Try to Sell 2 Apartments in Order to Move on to Bigger and Better Things
Ep5 Incredibly Particular Clients Stunt an Already Difficult Home Search
Ep4 Empty Nesters Try to Sell Their Loft While One Family Looks to Save Money by Downsizing
Ep3 Can Brokers Find Middle Ground Between Polar Opposites?
Ep2 The Pressure's On When a Celebrity Client Needs a Home Sold Fast
Ep1 Big Obstacles Force Brokers to Get Creative in Order to Sell 2 Homes

Season 6

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Family Pressures Cause Buyers to Put Their Agents Under Strict Time Crunches
Ep12 Drive and Pride Are Key in Making Big Deals in Hot Properties
Ep11 Buyers Get Inspired by Artsy Spaces and Modern-Classic Country Homes
Ep10 Brokers Attempt to Put Their Clients on a Different Track in Order to Make a Sale
Ep9 To Keep Their Client's Full Attention, Ambitious Agents Come Up With Unique Marketing Strategy
Ep8 A Chef Client Knows That the Right Ingredients Are Crucial to Good Food and to Good Real Estate
Ep7 Brokers Work to Cater to Their Clients' Quirky Preferences in Order to Make Deals Happen
Ep6 New York Brokers Teach Their Clients to Compromise and Learn a Few New Tricks Along the Way
Ep5 Brokers Dress Up Fabulous Apartments by Highlighting Classic City Views and Original Works of Art
Ep4 Brokers Know That Giving Up Is Not an Option in the Fast Moving Real Estate Business
Ep3 For Some Clients, the Answer to Their Real Estate Woes Is Written in the Stars
Ep2 One Agent Wants to Use Time-Tested Methods While Another Looks Outside the Box to Make the Deal
Ep1 Sometimes a Broker's Biggest Challenge Is Getting Their Clients to Commit to the Search

Season 5

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Top Agents Persuade Their Clients to Alter Their Approach in Order to Maximize Profits
Ep12 Finding the Perfect Apartment Is Hard, but Finding Two in the Same Building Is Almost Impossible
Ep11 Agents Persuade Their Clients to Adjust Their Expectations in Order to Find the Perfect Fit
Ep10 Prior Disappointments and Famous Clients Push Agents to Perform Miracles Under Pressure
Ep9 Strategic Marketing
Ep8 Deal or No Deal
Ep7 Creative Tactics
Ep6 Moving On
Ep5 High Expectations
Ep4 NYC Newbies
Ep3 Accommodations, NY Agents Try to Make the Most of the Unexpected
Ep2 Old Listings Get Some New Life
Ep1 House of Lords: Princely Properties for Unique Clients

Season 4

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Press Worthy Properties
Ep12 Satisfaction Guaranteed
Ep11 Leaving Home
Ep11 One Family Prepares to Move Cross-Country While Another Looks to Expand Their Nest
Ep10 Details Make All the Difference for Two High-End Properties
Ep9 Big Decisions and Fast Deadlines
Ep8 New Beginnings, New Homes
Ep7 Lucky Dogs and New York Newbies
Ep6 Center Stage - Transforming Stale Places for Stellar Showings
Ep5 Youth Movement: Young Agents Search for Innovative Sales Tactics
Ep4 The Big Stage
Ep3 Trophy Property
Ep2 The Right Moves
Ep1 Making It Personal

Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Moving Deadlines
Ep12 Seeing Is Believing
Ep11 Growing Pains
Ep10 Sales Partners
Ep9 Property Virgin
Ep8 Hard Sell
Ep7 All Eyes
Ep6 Above and Beyond
Ep5 Top N.Y. Brokers Help Clients Meet Some Unique Requirements
Ep4 Property Values
Ep3 Teaming With Sales
Ep2 Market the Place
Ep1 Deal or No Deal

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Demanding Attention
Ep12 Starter Homes
Ep11 Home Improvements
Ep10 Positive Change
Ep9 Hot Property!
Ep8 Big City Dreams
Ep7 Launch Pad
Ep7 Launch Pad
Ep6 Dream Homes!
Ep6 Dream Homes!
Ep5 Real Estate, Friends & Neighbors
Ep4 The Price Is Right
Ep4 The Price Is Right
Ep3 Getting the Buy In!
Ep2 Smells Like a Deal!
Ep1 Developing a Deal!

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep13 Glamour and High Business
Ep12 Eye of the Beholder
Ep11 The Push
Ep10 Property Hunters
Ep9 Managing Expectations
Ep8 Location, Location, Location
Ep7 Extra Special Spaces
Ep6 All in the Family
Ep5 Educated Decisions
Ep5 Educated Decisions
Ep4 Cooking Up a Real Estate Deal
Ep3 Setting the Stage
Ep2 Time Is Money!
Ep1 The Big Event

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