• 2012
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A boy living in a subterranean world battles an evil ruler.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep39 Light as Day
Ep38 Dark as Night
Ep37 Bandoleer of Brothers
Ep36 Back to Blakk
Ep35 Upgrade
Ep34 It Comes by Night
Ep33 Lightwell
Ep32 The Thrill of the Game
Ep31 Keys to the Kingdom
Ep30 Mission Improbable
Ep29 King of Sling
Ep28 Slugball
Ep27 The Return
Ep26 What Lies Beneath
Ep25 The Hard Part
Ep24 No Exit
Ep23 The Gentleman and the Thief
Ep22 Dark Water, Deep Water
Ep21 The Unbeatable Master
Ep20 Technoslugs
Ep19 The Journey Home
Ep18 A Distant Shore
Ep17 Inheritance
Ep16 Snowdance
Ep15 The New Kid
Ep14 The New Kid
Ep13 Mario Bravado
Ep12 Undertow
Ep11 Endangered Species
Ep10 Dawn of the Slug
Ep9 Deadweed
Ep8 Mecha Mutiny
Ep7 The Slug Run
Ep6 Club Slug
Ep5 Shadows and Light
Ep4 The Slugout
Ep3 The Trade
Ep2 The World Beneath Our Feet
Ep1 The World Beneath Our Feet

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
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Slug Fu Showdown
Ghoul From Beyond Part 2
The World Beneath Our Feet Part Two
Ghoul From Beyond
Deep Water
The New Kid

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