Small Space, Big Style

A panel of design experts tours small homes and offers advice on living in cramped quarters.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep65 Small Simplistic Living
Ep64 Small Recycled Style
Ep61 Super Small Storage
Ep58 Clever Spaces
Ep55 Living Small
Ep54 Flowing With Style
Ep53 Do-It-Yourself Charm
Ep51 Small but Bold Spaces
Ep48 Tiny Treasured Spaces
Ep44 First Class Style
Ep43 Unique and Untraditional Small Spaces
Ep40 Imaginative Designs
Ep36 Uncluttered Chic in Small Spaces
Ep35 International Inspiration in Small Spaces
Ep31 Ordinary to Extraordinary
Ep30 Small Wonders
Ep26 Big Ideas, Tiny Spaces
Ep23 Infinitesimal Utopia
Ep22 Small but Spacious
Ep18 Tricks of the Trade
Ep14 Inspiration in Close Quarters
Ep7 Style in the City
Ep6 Small, Smaller, Smallest
Ep5 Diminutive Yet Dramatic

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep67 Boutique-Inspired Home
Ep66 Small Jewel Box Home
Ep63 A Chelsea Apartment Creation
Ep62 Car Port Chic
Ep60 Big Drama
Ep59 Urban Style
Ep57 Small Space Design
Ep56 Mini Spaces
Ep52 Making Space for Serious Style
Ep50 Good Things Come in Small Places
Ep49 Mini and Marvelous Places
Ep47 Half the Space, Double the Style
Ep46 Magnificently Minute Spaces
Ep45 Perfect Petite Spaces
Ep42 Tiny Spaces With Style
Ep41 Style With Color
Ep39 The Space Fits Like a Glove
Ep38 Free-Spirited Style
Ep37 Tiny, Yet Trendy Places
Ep34 Sculpting a Small Space
Ep33 Small but Spectacular
Ep32 Fantastic Small Spaces
Ep29 Stylish Abodes
Ep28 Maximum Style, Minimal Space
Ep27 Downsized Design
Ep25 Perfect Petite Places
Ep24 Compact Compartments
Ep21 Pint-Sized Palaces
Ep20 Space Savers
Ep19 Dreams in Miniature
Ep17 Magic in Small Spaces
Ep16 Urban Legends
Ep15 Little Home, Huge Results
Ep13 Tiny Treasures
Ep12 Diamonds in the Rough
Ep11 Small-Scale Luxury
Ep10 Small...The New Big!
Ep9 Good Things, Small Packages
Ep8 Living Large
Ep4 Less Is More
Ep3 Big Style, Big City
Ep2 Big Style, Big City
Ep1 Small Space, Big Style

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