Sonic X

  • 2003-2006
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Animated tales of Sonic and his pal Christopher as they search for stones that hold great power.


Season 3

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 #1 So Long Sonic
Ep25 #1 A Fearless Friend
Ep24 #1 The Light in the Darkness
Ep23 #1 Agent of Mischief
Ep22 #1 Eye Spy
Ep21 #1 The Cosmo Conspiracy
Ep20 #1 Zelkova Strikes Back
Ep19 #1 Hedgehog Hunt
Ep18 #1 Terror on the Typhoon
Ep17 #1 The Planet of Misfortune
Ep16 #1 A Revolutionary Tale
Ep15 #1 Testing Time
Ep14 #1 Clash in the Cloister
Ep13 #1 Mission: Match-Up
Ep12 #1 A Metarex Melee
Ep11 #1 Station Break-In
Ep10 #1 An Underground Odyssey
Ep9 #1 Ship of Doom
Ep8 #1 Trick Sand
Ep7 #1 Galactic Gumshoes
Ep6 #1 Desperately Seeking Sonic
Ep5 #1 A Chilling Discovery
Ep4 #1 An Enemy in Need
Ep3 #1 H2 Whoa
Ep2 #1 Cosmic Crisis
Ep1 #1 A Cosmic Call

Season 2

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 #1 A New Start
Ep25 #2 Friends 'til the End
Ep24 Running out of Time
Ep23 #1 The Beginning of the End
Ep22 #1 The Volcanic Venture
Ep21 Map of Mayhem
Ep20 #1 A Wild Win
Ep19 #1 Prize Fight
Ep18 #1 The Sewer Search
Ep17 #1 Mean Machines
Ep16 #2 A Date to Forget
Ep15 #2 Eggman for President
Ep14 #1 Sunblock Solution
Ep13 Defective Detectives
Ep12 #1 Showdown in Space
Ep11 #1 Robotnik's Revenge
Ep10 #2 Shadow World
Ep9 #1 Sonic's Big Break
Ep8 #1 Shadow Knows
Ep7 #1 Project: Shadow
Ep6 #1 Flood Fight
Ep5 #1 Revenge of the Robot
Ep4 #1 Heads Up, Tails!
Ep3 #1 A Robot Rebels
Ep2 #1 A Chaotic Day
Ep1 #1 Pure Chaos

Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep26 #2 Countdown to Chaos
Ep25 #2 A Dastardly Deed
Ep24 #2 How to Catch a Hedgehog
Ep23 #3 Emerald Anniversary
Ep22 #3 Little Chao Lost
Ep21 #3 Fast Friends
Ep20 #3 Cruise Blues
Ep19 #3 Sonic's Scream Test
Ep18 #2 The Dam Scam
Ep17 #3 The Adventures of Knuckles and Hawk
Ep16 #2 Depths of Danger
Ep15 #2 Skirmish in the Sky
Ep14 #2 That's What Friends Are For
Ep13 #1 Beating Eggman
Ep13 Beating Eggman, Part 2
Ep12 #2 Beating Eggman
Ep11 #2 Fly Spy
Ep10 #2 Unfair Ball
Ep9 #2 The Last Resort
Ep8 #2 Satellite Swindle
Ep7 #2 Party Hardly
Ep6 #1 Techno-Teacher
Ep5 #1 Cracking Knuckles
Ep4 #1 Chaos Emerald Chaos
Ep3 #1 Missile Wrist Rampage
Ep2 #2 Sonic to the Rescue
Ep1 #2 Chaos Control Freaks

More to Watch

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep2 Dr. Eggman's Ambition
Ep1 Chaos Control Freaks
Escape from Area 99!
Head's up, Tails!
A Messenger from a Meteor Shower
Fort in Space: Metal Planet
Amy the Captive
The Scream of Perfect Chaos
The Water Planet Hydo
Sonic Battle: Opening!!
Gamma the Wanderer
Chaotix' Electric Shock Love Tactics
The Beginning of the Disaster
The True Form of the Metarex!?
The Lost Planet
Café Chaotix
The Eggman Armada Appears!
The Black Trap
What I Can Do For You
Above a Destroyed Planet
Clash! Sonic Vs. Shadow
Crossing the Galaxy Corridor!
The Day of the Plantations
Please, Marmolin!
The Mysterious Liquid Life Form, Chaos
Shadow the Assassin!
Sonic the Fugitive
Egg Carrier Battle
The Place where Planets are Born
Battle! Dark Oak
Eggman Inc.
Sonic Battle: Final!!
The Day the Earth Stood Still
The Spaceship Blue Typhoon
Sonic Vs. A Monster from Underground
Decisive Battle On the Equator
The Ridiculous Epic Spy Battle
Dr. Eggman Appears!
The Girls' Jungle Trap
The Metarex Battleship Invades!
The Battle of Ice Palace
Shadow's Rebirth
Chaotix Go Into Space
Secret of the Underground Canyon
Chaotix Detective Agency
Morning of Farewells
A Threat from Outer Space
The Light Is Ours!!
Memories of the Wind
The Battle of the Space Colony, ARK
Maria's Wishes, Everyone's Wishes
Amy, Love's Escape Journey!?
Escape from Prison Island
Chris' Long Journey
Huge Home Electronics Panic!!

All Full Length Videos

Episode NameViewing ProgressRun Length

Clips & More

Clip TypeClip NameViewing ProgressRun Length
Preview Sonic X
38 sec
S3 | Ep26

So Long Sonic

Fecha al aire: 5/6/06
Series finale. Cosmo stands up to the Metarex.

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