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This animated series teaches preschoolers about wildlife as it follows a 6-year-old with a big imagination and his best friend, Dennis---who happens to be a talking goldfish.


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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep185 The Curse of the Angry Coral; A Little Bird Told Me
Ep184 No News Like Snow Shoes; Ladybug, Ladybug
Ep183 A Little Bird Told Me
Ep182 Ladybug, Ladybug
Ep181 No News Like Snow Shoes
Ep180 Sheep and a Haircut
Ep179 Shell Game
Ep178 Follow That Falcon!
Ep177 The Way of the Buffalo
Ep176 Pearls of Wisdom
Ep175 To Catch a Hamster
Ep174 At the Zoo!
Ep173 Me and My Pal Fish
Ep172 Speedy Does It
Ep171 #1 Doing like Ducks
Ep170 The Ugly Griffling
Ep169 Sea Otter Safety
Ep168 Double-Duty Dad
Ep167 Time for Toolfish
Ep166 Proud as a Peacock
Ep165 It Pays to Be a Pelican
Ep164 Sea Lion Slip Up
Ep163 Little Dog Lost
Ep162 Prairie Dog Life
Ep161 There's Snow Place Like Home
Ep160 Camel Commotion
Ep159 The Pond Couple; Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf
Ep158 Tiger Hunt; Whooo's Afraid of the Dark
Ep157 Growing Pains
Ep156 Show and Tell Shark
Ep155 The Way of the Buffalo; Follow That Falcon!
Ep154 Great Big Book Adventure
Ep153 Great Big Book of Everything Adventure
Ep152 Great Big Book of Everything Adventure
Ep151 Great Big Book of Everything Adventure
Ep150 A Turkey of a Thanksgiving
Ep149 Living with Leopards; A Happy Chinese New Year
Ep148 Zebra Jigsaw
Ep147 Where's Stanley
Ep145 Sunburn Stanley
Ep144 Daddy Pride
Ep143 Horsepower
Ep142 Hippo Helpers
Ep141 The Really Real Dragon
Ep140 Dolphin Talk
Ep139 A Little Nightingale Music
Ep138 Mysterious Moe
Ep137 Spelling Bee Situation
Ep136 The Robbing Raven
Ep135 Flashlight Fireflies
Ep134 Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
Ep133 Savanna-Speeders!
Ep132 Platypus Problems
Ep131 Rabbit Habit
Ep130 To Catch a Hamster; Pearls of Wisdom
Ep129 A Happy Chinese New Year
Ep128 Searching for Spring
Ep127 Living with Leopards!
Ep126 Outfoxing Lionel
Ep125 Living with Leopards!; A Happy Chinese New Year
Ep124 Shell Game; Sheep and a Hair Cut
Ep123 Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up
Ep122 Doing Like Ducks; Speedy Does It
Ep121 Snack Savers
Ep120 Time to Climb!
Ep119 Jackrabbit Hide-and-Seek
Ep118 Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?
Ep117 Tasmanian Tantrum
Ep116 The Pond Couple
Ep115 Clock-A-Doodle Do!
Ep114 Penguin Party
Ep113 Follow the Lemur
Ep112 Koala Cuddle
Ep111 Dances with Flamingos
Ep110 The Eagle Has Landed
Ep109 Stanley's Super Spectacles; The Ugly Griffling
Ep108 Stanley's Super Spectacles
Ep107 I Scream for Ice Cream!; Snack Savers
Ep106 I Scream for Ice Cream!
Ep105 Leave It to Beavers
Ep104 Watch Out for Lionels
Ep103 Bearly Awake
Ep102 P.U. Pup
Ep101 Woodpecker Woes
Ep100 Remembering with Elephants
Ep99 Roller Rhino
Ep98 Honest Ostrich
Ep97 Up the Apple Tree
Ep96 Tiger Hunt
Ep95 Peekaboo Parrot
Ep94 Look Who's Helping
Ep93 The Color of Stanley
Ep92 Guess What's Coming for Dinner
Ep91 Sloth for a Day
Ep90 Gorilla Sleepover
Ep89 Monkey Bar Business
Ep88 Web Weavers
Ep87 You've Got Pigeon Mail
Ep86 A Little Squirrel Music
Ep85 Frog Legs
Ep84 Hummingbird Humdinger
Ep83 Whooo's Afraid of the Dark
Ep82 Save the Blue Bird!
Ep81 Mockingbird Scat
Ep80 Worms at Work
Ep79 Caterpillar Countdown
Ep78 Proud as a Peacock; Mistaken Mermaid
Ep77 Woodpecker Woes; It Pays to Be a Pelican
Ep76 X-Ray X-tra!
Ep75 Under the Umbrella Bird
Ep74 X-Ray X-tra!; Under the Umbrella Bird
Ep73 X-Ray X-tra!; The Umbrella Bird
Ep72 Me and My Pal Fish; At the Zoo!
Ep71 Double-Duty Dad; Look Who's Helping
Ep70 Outfoxing Lionel; Jackrabbit Hide-and-Seek
Ep69 Super Squirrel
Ep68 A Little Nightingale Music; Super Squirrel
Ep67 Going-Away Goose
Ep66 Going-Away Goose; Time to Climb!
Ep65 Tasmanian Tantrum; Sea Otter Safety
Ep64 Hummingbird Humdinger; Koala Cuddle
Ep63 The Really Real Dragon; It Pays to Be a Pelican
Ep62 Follow the Lemur; Zebra Jigsaw
Ep61 The Robbing Raven; Flashlight Fireflies
Ep60 Muddy Buddies
Ep59 Web Weavers; Muddy Buddies
Ep58 Sunburn Stanley; Time for Toolfish
Ep57 Proud as a Peacock; Dances with Flamingos
Ep56 Mockingbird Scat; Horsepower
Ep55 Woodpecker Woes; P.U. Pup
Ep54 The Tooth About Teeth
Ep53 Mistaken Mermaid
Ep52 Bloodhound Blues
Ep51 Keep 'Em Flying
Ep50 The Big Spill
Ep49 Sick Day Stanley
Ep48 Baby Pictures
Ep47 The Joker
Ep46 A Whale of a Song
Ep45 Busy Busy Octopus
Ep44 Grandma Griff's Mystery
Ep43 Mistaken Mermaid; It Pays to Be a Pelican
Ep42 Bloodhound Blues: Clock-A-Doodle-Do!
Ep41 A Billy Goat for Dad
Ep40 The Really Real Dragon; A Billy Goat for Dad
Ep39 Keep 'Em Flying; Guess What's Coming for Dinner
Ep38 Eel-ectricity
Ep37 Eel-ectricity; Roller Rhino
Ep36 Ant Picnic; The Tooth About Teeth
Ep35 Ant Picnic
Ep34 A Boy's Best Friend Is His Fish
Ep33 A Little Squirrel Music; A Boy's Best Friend Is His Fish
Ep32 Who's Afraid of Walter Wolf?; The Pond Couple
Ep31 Searching for Spring; Save the Blue Bird!
Ep30 Mysterious Moe; Spelling Bee Situation
Ep29 In a While Crocodile
Ep28 In a While Crocodile; The Color of Stanley
Ep27 Worms at Work; Caterpillar Countdown
Ep26 Gorilla Sleepover; Sea Lion Slip-Up
Ep25 The Big Spill; Peekaboo Parrot
Ep24 Little Dog Lost
Ep23 Snow Monkey See, Snow Monkey Do
Ep22 Snow Monkey See, Snow Monkey Do; Sick Day Stanley
Ep21 Garbage Can Bandit
Ep20 Remembering with Elephants; Garbage Can Bandit
Ep19 You've Got Pigeon Mail; It's a Prairie Dog's Life?
Ep18 The Joker; Baby Pictures
Ep17 Penguin Party; Leave It to Beavers
Ep16 Hippo Helpers; Where's Stanley
Ep15 Savanna-Speeders!; Tyrannosaurus Wrecks
Ep14 Platypus Problems; Rabbit Habit
Ep13 Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On
Ep12 Dolphin Talk; Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On
Ep11 Busy Busy Octopus; Honest Ostrich
Ep10 A Whale of a Song; Sloth for a Day
Ep9 Camel Commotion; There's Snow Place Like Home
Ep8 Tiger Hunt; Monkey Bar Business
Ep7 Frog Legs; Whoo's Afraid of the Dark?
Ep6 Watch Out for Lionels; Growing Pains
Ep5 Bearly Awake; The Eagle Has Landed
Ep4 Kangaroo Clean-Up
Ep3 Up the Apple Tree; Kangaroo Cleanup
Ep2 Daddy Pride; Show and Tell Shark
Ep1 Up the Apple Tree; Kangaroo Cleanup
Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up
Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up
Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up
Stanley's Dinosaur Round-Up
Stanley's Dinosaur Round-up
Stanley's Dinosaur Round-up
S-1 | Ep171

Doing like Ducks

Fecha al aire: 7/11/05
On a farm, Stanley and his friends observe and learn the flocking behavior of ducks.

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