Super Bowl Highlights

NFL championship games are recalled.


Season 1

Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Ep48 Super Bowl XLVIII Broncos vs. Seahawks
Ep47 2013: 49ers vs. Ravens
Ep46 2012: Giants vs. Patriots
Ep45 2011: Packers vs. Steelers
Ep44 2010: Colts vs. Saints
Ep43 2009: Cardinals vs. Steelers
Ep42 2008: Giants vs. Patriots
Ep41 2007: Colts vs. Bears
Ep40 2006: Steelers vs. Seahawks
Ep39 2005: Eagles vs. Patriots
Ep38 2004: Patriots vs. Panthers
Ep37 2003: Buccaneers vs. Raiders
Ep36 2002: Rams vs. Patriots
Ep35 2001: Ravens vs. Giants
Ep34 2000: Rams vs. Titans
Ep33 1999: Broncos vs. Falcons
Ep32 1998: Broncos vs. Packers
Ep31 1997: Packers vs. Patriots
Ep30 1996: Steelers vs. Cowboys
Ep29 1995: 49ers vs. Chargers
Ep28 1994: Cowboys vs. Bills
Ep27 1993: Cowboys vs. Bills
Ep26 1992: Redskins vs. Bills
Ep25 1991: Giants vs. Bills
Ep24 1990: 49ers vs. Broncos
Ep23 1989: 49ers vs. Bengals
Ep22 1988: Redskins vs. Broncos
Ep21 1987: Giants vs. Broncos
Ep20 1986: Bears vs. Patriots
Ep19 1985: 49ers vs. Dolphins
Ep18 1984: Raiders vs. Redskins
Ep17 1983: Redskins vs. Dolphins
Ep16 1982: 49ers vs. Bengals
Ep15 1981: Raiders vs. Eagles
Ep14 1980: Steelers vs. Rams
Ep13 1979: Steelers vs. Cowboys
Ep12 1978: Cowboys vs. Broncos
Ep11 1977: Raiders vs. Vikings
Ep10 1976: Steelers vs. Cowboys
Ep9 1975: Steelers vs. Vikings
Ep8 1974: Dolphins vs. Vikings
Ep7 1973: Dolphins vs. Redskins
Ep6 1972: Cowboys vs. Dolphins
Ep5 1971: Colts vs. Cowboys
Ep4 1970: Chiefs vs. Vikings
Ep3 1969: Colts vs. Jets
Ep2 1968: Packers vs. Raiders
Ep1 1967: Packers vs. Chiefs

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Episode Number Episode Name Viewing Progress Airdate
Super Bowl Highlights
Super Bowl Highlights
Super Bowl XLVIII Broncos vs. Seahawks

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